Farrah Morris’s staff was loyal

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Farrah Morris’s staff was loyal. It was obvious they adored her. Rightly so. Although an incredible businesswoman, she was also a humanitarian and her people came first, before everything else.

It was apparent in the way she greeted her entire staff, by name, often stopping to ask about family and friends, especially when she knew there were difficulties. And if there were, she was quick to provide covered time off so they could deal with whatever situation they were facing.

She’d worked hard to make her company a success, but never at the cost of her employees. She’d long since learned and determined that a staff treated with respect, consideration and care, were far more productive than any ruled with an iron fist.

Not only for their sake though, for hers. She loved interacting with her ‘extended family’ as she liked to think of them. It was wonderful to give, and they gave back in turn, which made everyone feel uplifted, positive and happy.

Unfortunately, there was a fly in the ointment. One of her latest hires seemed bent on causing problems. He never had a kind word for anyone and continually put his fellow employees down. It was only recently brought to her attention and she’d quietly observed the young man in question and noted for herself that all she’d been told was true, and then some.

Time for a meet and greet, she decided asking that Mr. Westwood join her in her office in fifteen minutes. He arrived promptly, that was good, she thought.

“Jeremy Westwood, she said, as she rose to greet him and shake hands. He seemed surprised. “Yes, yes that’s me.”

“Please sit.” He did so, but on the edge of the seat as if prepared to take off into flight at a moments notice.

“Do you drink pop, coffee, tea?”

“Coffee would be great!” Again he seemed bewildered.

“Mam, may I ask what this is about? Am I in trouble, did I do something wrong?”

Handing him a coffee she remarked, “Quite the contrary. Your work is exceptional. You arrive on time, and you never rush out the door in a hurry to leave us behind.”

Looking uncomfortable and searching for a response he finally said, “Ah, thanks.”

“Your quite welcome. Heartfelt compliments are always welcome, aren’t they?”

“I guess.” Again he seemed at a loss.

“Mam, did I do something wrong?”

“No. Indeed, as I said, your work is exemplary. You are a quick learner and you picked up what you didn’t know in admirable fashion.”

“No, not really.”

Sitting back in her chair, she asked,”Tell me a little about the working conditions and your supervisor or boss, will you?”

“Like what, what do you want to know?”

“Well for starters, did you like him or her, how did they treat you? Were you respected?”

“Not for me to say. Jerard was my boss.”

“Did you look up to him? Want to emulate his behaviour?”

“No, not really. He was rough around the edges and snapped if you didn’t get it right.”

“So abrasive. Any words of encouragement? Pointers on how to do the job correctly if he wasn’t happy?”

“No. He expected you to know and get it right.”

“We do things differently here, Jeremy (I hope you don’t mind, we’re pretty much all on a first name bases here.” He nodded and she continued, “We give praise when it’s due, point out the positive aspects of our and others work, and if guidance is needed or required, it is given with the greatest of respect.”

This idea seemed totally far-fetched and in another universe as far as he was concerned. “I’m going to have Lisa Marsden shadow you for a few days, show you how we handle things. Then you’ll shadow her for a few days and watch her at work.”

“Sure but it’s not necessary I know the work.”

“Yes, you do, Jeremy. Your very good at it, and that’s why we are embarking on this line of introduction. We want you to enjoy yourself and those around you as you work.”

“Is that all mam?”

Rising as well, ‘mam’ said, “See you bright and early then Jeremy. Lisa will come and introduce herself to you. Enjoy your evening.”

He still looked perplexed as he headed out the door. “What a weird lot,” quietly mumbled. “Whatever floats your boat!”

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