It wasn’t unusual for people to have an idiosyncrasy or two.

It wasn’t unusual for people to have an idiosyncrasy or two. Often times it related to a past event that impacted them in some way. Ashley Frakes looked about the room and couldn’t help but notice a few. Jane straightened her chair before she sat down, Mark brushed at his desk regularly looking for a spec of dust while Jewels tossed her head before starting a particularly tedious task. Her own mother used to organize the utensils in the dishwasher before turning it on.

For the most part, idiosyncrasy’s could be amusing or adorable such as a mother’s need to tuck the blankets around her child after they were asleep.

When did an idiosyncrasy become a problem? Harold Jones idiosyncrasy was overthinking every situation, every conversation every look exchanged with another employee. He was incredibly intelligent, very reliable and aware.

He’d applied for the upcoming position as a supervisor but her concern was whether his idiosyncrasies would impact his interaction with other employees and whether he would expect more of others than they were capable and or that he might become frustrated and harsh with them since they couldn’t in most cases, keep up with him and his abilities.

She wanted to believe he’d be good at the job, he was but one of the possibile applicants. She sighed. She’d have to address this concern during their interview. No time like the present, she thought as she headed out to invite him into her office.

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They could turn any situation influx into a doable mode and quickly adapted. Others, well it through them into a tailspin.

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