Although it might seem intrusive to some, she had to pry on occasion to determine the truth of her client’s statements.

Jessica Farrel was doing her job. Although it might seem intrusive to some, she had to pry on occasion to determine the truth of her client’s statements. In that, she was like a doctor, so many held back, didn’t tell the entire truth. People could be evasive, and if they wanted her service to work, then she had to know the true depth of their character.

She’d run a matchmaking service for two years and so far, she had reason to be proud. Algorithms notwithstanding, her own intuition regarding her clients made a huge difference.

That was until Matthew Anderson. He’d thrown her for a loop. Algorithms were a logical part of the business and they were very accurate when fed correct information. So if they were failing, why? The results suggested he was fabricating his information but she had no idea why. What could he gain, what did he hope to learn or prove through such a stunt was beyond her for the moment.

She was going to meet him at 5:15 during which time she hoped to shed light on the situation by asking some rather pointed questions. Why he was being less than honest, whether he really wanted to find a match and whether he enjoyed wasting her time. When he’d filled out the questionnaire, he’d seemed eager enough. However, as time passed and all the arranged candidates had met, he’d found fault with each one of them for a variety of reasons.

Jessica had never met Matthew but learned of the situation through Amanda Goodhead, who was assigned to him. Having mentioned he was good looking, personable, friendly, she’d also questioned where the fault lay and whether it was with her, or him.

When Amanda showed him into Jessica’s office and he’d been surprised, initially. “Is this part of the service or something extra?”

“A little of column A and B.” She smiled gesturing toward the seat before continuing, “First I should introduce myself. Jessica Ferra, owner and proprietor. ” Then she continued, “Amanda expressed some concerns regarding whether or not we were possibly failing you since we haven’t managed to find you a match, so I decided to take this opportunity to go over the situation with you, get your feedback on how we’re doing and whether we’re meeting your expectations and whether we can change anything to do better.”

“I’m sure your assistant is more than capable. I just haven’t clicked with anyone so far. I’m in no rush. I’m sure everything will fall into place when it’s meant to.”

“I am wondering if we should go over the information you provided. If doctored your data, it could skew the results and that could skew the results.”

Throughout the questioning he remained evasive. It was well done, but after the hundreds if not thousands of clients, she knew his answers were off.

As he left, she again wondered what was going on. As a result, she sat down at her computer and started plunking information in, to see what she could find. She came up blank.

Then a couple of weeks later, she spotted an article that caught her eye about an elusive man no one had met personally that ran a major corporation. The picture was foggy at best, but it was without a doubt, Matthew Anderson. A little younger, less muscled, but undoubtedly the same man. She called her assistant in to get her take and she agreed.

Well, that certainly explained a lot. The data was definitely skewed because there was a large chunk of information missing. On a whim, she looked up the number he’d provided and called asking if they could meet.

He was willing and they met at a kiosk by the train station known for it’s hot dogs and all the fixings. As they sat side by side, conversation flowed easily. Before long, they were sharing anecdotes about life, people, everything imaginable. She was so involved she’d forgotten why she’d arranged the meeting until something he said triggered a quote in the

“I asked if we could meet because, by accident, fluke if you will, I saw an article with a blurry picture of you.” He dropped his head for a moment.

“So my secret is out, is it.”

“No, not entirely, only my assistant and I are aware of your true identity.”

“Now you know what I was up to. I wanted to meet someone interested in me, not my money. I thought this might be the way to go about accomplishing that goal.”

“Your secret is safe with me.”

“Well, it was fun while it lasted. However, I would like to see you again. I’ve enjoyed our time together more than all the others put together. Would you be interested in seeing me socially?”

“Surprisingly, I would. I’ve enjoyed my time with you as well.”

“Good. I have to go, I have a meeting in fifteen minutes, but I promise, |I will call you. Do you have another number I could reach you at?”

She handed across her business card after scribbling her private cell number on it. “I’m looking forward to meeting you again.”

“As am I,” he replied.

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