David Watson shook his head in disgust. It was never-ending turmoil with his father.

David Watson shook his head in disgust. It was never-ending turmoil with his father. Ever since he’d refused to join the family business, they’d butted heads. His father couldn’t no wouldn’t acknowledge his artistic abilities even though he’d become an almost overnight success.

He’d been featured in magazines across the country and in Europe. His work crossed boundaries counties and genres even. He’d finally had to put his foot down because his agent had him travelling more than working and it was the work he loved. The money was secondary as far as it went. Yeah, you need money to live and while some were proponents of living exceedingly well, and he could, it wasn’t the lifestyle he yearned for.

He enjoyed being in touch with nature, surrounded and completely consumed by it, hence his modest cabin out in the sticks that no one else knew about. The place he went to find solitude and work on his craft.

He’d found it by accident and bought it on sight. Maybe cabin was too general a term for the place. It was an incredible log cabin with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, an inside pool, and the grounds went on forever allowing him total privacy.

David had turned the adjoining workshop/shed into a work space. It was well lit with natural light, large enough to accommodate several sculptures at the same time, and he’d flown a special kiln in, the one extravagance he’d allowed himself, well needed to accomplish his art.

He was sitting on the veranda sipping coffee when he thought he heard a woman’s voice. Standing, he listened, turning toward the sound. Yep, it was definitely a woman and it sounded as though she were in trouble. Setting his coffee down, he hopped over the railing and headed toward the voice. “Keep talking so I can find you!”

“Not sure where you are, but I’m here, by some brambles and I seem to be well and truly caught, stuck tight, can’t get out. The more I try, the worse I seem to be making it.”

“Awe, I know where you are, one minute, I have to get some cutters or we’ll never get you free. Be right back, I promise.” He heard muttering as though she were either impatient or didn’t quite believe him and he smiled. It was understandable.

Before long, he’d returned and was nearly face to face with the woman and he realized she hadn’t been kidding, she was truly stuck and she wasn’t getting out without help. “Hi. I see you’ve done it up right.”

“I guess. If you want to look at it that way, I’d just prefer to be out of here.”

“Right you are, working on that now.” He slowly made his way toward her, chopping a few low laying branches out of the way then began untangling her. Her sweater had become embroiled with the vines and the thorns had grabbed hold and weren’t about to let go any time soon. As he worked methodically toward the goal of freeing her, he asked questions to put her at ease before asking if she knew where she was.

“Not really the trail I was on ended abruptly and I was scouting for a way back to my base camp a few miles back along the river. I guess I really took a wrong turn which is unusual for me. I have an uncanny sense of direction but I have to admit I was sidelined by the extreme beauty of this place, that’s my only defense for my stupidity I’m afraid.”

Once she was free he said, “Ok, that does it. Move slowly toward me. If you have something on under that sweater, I suggest you take it off since it’s filled with thorns.”

“Good point. ” She slowly lifted her arms and he assisted dragging the offending sweater up her body and off.


“Your welcome. I have fresh coffee brewing if your interested in something to drink.”

“Sounds lovely. I’ve completely lost track of time. A sit down would do nicely.”

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