Hank Marks could ruminate for hours on any given subject, which made him a fount of information at the drop of a hat.


Sorry, I haven’t been around. I was using a mandoline and cut my fingers. Had to have one cauterized. I am kinda sorta able to one finger type but it is a challenge and hurts so I’m rather limited at the moment. I will keep trying.

Hank Marks could ruminate for hours on any given subject, which made him a fount of information at the drop of a hat. That was why he was so valuable to his company. That and the fact he had a photographic memory which meant a huge portion of the information he took in, he retained recalling at a moment’s notice. He was brilliant, no doubt about it.

However, with that brilliance, came quirkiness. Not that it impeded his ability to procure friends. His innate ability to fit in with whomever he was with as well as putting others at ease added to his incredible good looks, made him an instant candidate for likeability. He was real, honest, had values and looked for the good in others accepted their quirks and was non-judgemental in anything outside of work.

When it came to the job, however, he expected everyone to bring their A-game and work to the best of their ability. It was where he drew a line in the sand and although he was fair, he was firm and explained upfront what was expected and how they could deliver. And, they did!

Jenna Mario was attracted to him but she wasn’t sure whether he was attracted to her since nothing overt had been said and she hadn’t witnessed any particular interest so was wondering about making a move to let him know of her interest. It could certainly create an awkward working relationship if her interest wasn’t returned. Awe well she decided, no time like the present. Gathering her courage, she waited until he was alone and moved toward him.

“Hi, Hank.”

“Jemma, what a lovely surprise. Anything I can help you with?”


She took a deep breath and said, “I was wondering if you have plans Saturday night.”

“No, I haven’t,” he said with a smile.

“Great. How about having dinner, with me at Francescas.”

He leaned back in his chair, “I’d love to. Thought you’d never ask, and I wanted you to.”

Jemma smiled, ” So why didn’t you make a move?”

“Cause I heard about you. You are a go getter when your interested, so I waited to see.”

She smiled, “you’d be right about that.” After a pause she said, “so we’re on?”

“Indeed we are.”

6 thoughts on “Ruminate

  1. So sorry to hear about your finger. Hope you start feeling better soon. I swear, those mandolins scare the heck out of me.

    By the way, love how you weave a story together. You definitely know ho to get a reader hooked!

    1. Thank you Sumyanna. Healing niely. Still cant use it, but the others are almost healed. Enough that if im careful I can cook and sweep if not wash dishes so its getting there. So annoying and will definitely not use a mandoline any time soon.

      1. We’ve pretty much stopped using ours as well. Pretty scary how sharp those things are! So glad you are healing nicely – it has to be really hard to hurt your hands since we use them for everything! I know not having to wash dishes may sound enticing, but I’d rather have all of my fingers! Take care of yourself and know that we are all hoping for your safe return. How are you keeping yourself busy these days? I know it must be hard not being able to use a mouse or type.

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