For the for seeable future, a few weeks, I’ll only be able to peck out a few sentences. I’m looking forward to returning to full healthy fingers soon. Hope you enjoy my shortened versions for now.

A candid assessment showed deliberation intent determination ability. That narrowed the field somewhat. Taking all the suspects into consideration, there were only a few that met the criteria to pull the job off with the skill expertise and strength required.

Mason Roberts wasn’t strong or tall enough. Samantha Humphrey was a bimbo who had trouble putting two cohesive thoughts together and used her looks to further her lot in life. Eric Mosely was too immature and unable to think outside the box to pull a caper of this magnitude off. That left one suspect to consider, Jarred Formose.

He was tall, at six one, had the height required. He was incredibly intelligent and quite capable with his financial resources of putting the right crew together for the job. The question was why. He had wealth and position. Was life looking a little boring, did he require some excitement, or perhaps an added thrill?

Weeks of investigation led them right back to the beginning with no solid evidence one way or another. Then, out of the blue, the pieces began falling quickly into place.

Word on the street began filtering down and indicated that a rival, Jack Findman, was antsy, and a couple of men working on his behalf, let slip knowledge about the thefts that only an insider would know. As a result, the detectives were taking the culprits down like bowling pins and they had the evidence required to charge each and every one. It was looking good.

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