Oops has so many definitions, doesn’t it? Sometimes you can insert (lol) and sometimes not.

Several weeks ago, my oops wasn’t an insert lol here. I was using a cutting tool and as I can’t see that well, had an accident with it and cut my fingers to the bone. One is healed, the other although healed, is still tender when I use it.

My son bought me a laptop for my birthday two years ago, but I have had great difficulty using it, both because I can’t see that well, and because the keyboard was so small.

I bought a new one (to me) from my granddaughter, who upgraded hers, and this one has a full sized keyboard and a much larger screen, and it’s also crystal clear so I can see so much better. It’s a win win for both of us.

As you can imagine, not being able to type has been a great frustration. I tried the talk to text programs, and they seemed to work, but I’m happier typing. Gives me an opportunity to think a second beforehand, lol.

Have enjoyed numerous oops moments with the pooch. He’s been a great companion and often by my side throughout the healing process. As a result, I’ve watched his oops moments with humour.

Being a German shepherd, he’s all about hiding and finding. Loves hiding his ball and finding it again. Loves solving problems especially about how he’s going to retrieve said ball once he’s launched it and it goes behind and under the sofa. He’s become remarkably adept at launching said ball sending it across the room. Sometimes it intentionally ends up under the sofa in order to get you to interact.

We enjoyed a lovely if altered Christmas and enjoyable for all that. We exchanged some very thoughtful gifts. My one granddaughter bought me a little automatic food choppers (so I wouldn’t have to worry about trying to use a mandolin or anything like it again). My son bought me a (can’t think of the name of it) piece that plugs in and massages your back as you sit in the chair. It is absolutely remarkable and really makes a difference to my back. It works it’s way (according to whatever settings you prefer) from lower back to neck and can be set to work waist up or waist down or the entire length of your body. Talk about relaxing and comfortable. My daughter bought me a magnificent knitting bowl with a lid made of wood. It truly is exquisite. My other granddaughter bought e a set of towels for the bathroom (much needed) and my grandson bought me several types of soup starter. (I’ve been making soups as in the near future I’m having dental work done and won’t be able to eat solid food for a time). If you make homemade soup and want an absolutely amazing Mushroom soup recipe, I have one to die for. I’ll copy it out for you.

He had a go as well, and released a oops pinched nerve he didn’t know he had and the tingling continued for several hours before relaxing. He can’t believe how much better his back feels. I was teasing him about needing it more than me.

We lost three kitty cats in two years. Abbey the tabby was a delight, and we loved her so much, as well as Sugar and Porsche. A new addition is Oreo, an elegant little cat with long legs and tail and a tuxedo and a bow on her nose. Adorable. She’s bent on bringing in presents. Birds, mice, snakes, whatever. My daughter got a bell for her neck hoping it would scare her prey away before she had an opportunity to capture them. It worked for a time but she overcame the problem (by getting rid of the bell) and then becoming even more adept at hunting. Oops….

So everyone, that’s my take on oops. Hopefully, it gave you all a moment of amusement.

Delighted to be back, and I hope to post daily as before. I’m truly looking forward to it as I’ve missed you all so much!

So, since I didn’t have the opportunity, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate. I hope you enjoyed a lovely time even though it probably was an altered holiday for everyone concerned.

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    1. Sorry to say I was disheartened and didn’t take much time to look in on anyone else which was very remiss and shortsighted of me. Thank you so much for dropping by. Love it, love you!

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