Janey had experienced a harrowing year, unlike any other she’d lived through before. It had been a time of testing, that’s for sure. If it could go wrong, it had. One miscommunication after another had led to this precarious place in time. The situation called for a resolution to end the unending confusion. Time to take the bull by the horns, she decided. As a result, she’d made an appointment to meet with the head of the programming department herself…no more going through middle-men to obtain answers.

She’d heard via the grapevine that Stanton Bradley was a fair and decent man and he was known for weighing his decisions with logic and reason. So she was a little apprehensive about the meet, but not overly concerned. She was sure that when she presented her case for the changes to the current scheduling, he’d understand her reasoning. At least she hoped so.

Stanton Bradley was pleased with the outcome of the upcoming year’s proposed lineup. He’d been diligent about the programming he’d gone with. It was a balance of humour, mystery, education, and entertainment. The line-up should appeal to a cross-market of age groups and interests. According to the feedback he’d received so far, it appeared to be working.

The only fly in the ointment was one Janey Ferguson who had lobbied for several changes to the upcoming year and he’d handled her input with aplomb but she’d insisted on a meeting. For the life of him, he couldn’t understand why. His decision was pretty much set in stone. He could find no flaw or change that was necessary.

When she entered his office, a tiny woman no more than 5 feet tall, with vibrantly rich red hair and sparkling emerald eyes, with a determined if sexy walk and marched directly up to him and held an outstretched hand, he’d been slightly taken aback. He’d been expecting an older woman, set in her ways, the type he’d have to win over with grace and charm. Instead, he had a feeling he was in for an amusing and definitely entertaining exchange.

“Welcome, Janey, if I may be so bold.”

“Certainly. If I may call you, Stanton.”

“Quid pro quo. I like that.” He smiled his most beguiling smile.

“Coffee?” he asked politely.

“Certainly, I’d love a cup. Double double if you have it.”

He smiled, “I do.” He walked to the sidebar in his office and poured two steaming cups before adding the extras she’d asked for returning to her side and offering her a steaming cup.

She sipped enthusiastically and smiled her appreciation while closing her eyes. “Mhm, great coffee.”

He couldn’t help but grin. A woman who knew what she liked, obviously and it seemed coffee was the way to her heart. They sat for a few moments without comment, enjoying their coffee, before getting to the business at hand.

“Janey, I’ve been reading all the communications from your department regarding the upcoming year’s proposal and I understand you have some questions and suggestions.”

Setting her coffee aside, she agreed, “Yes, I do.” She set about explaining her suggestions with passion, logic, and excitement. “So you see why I am lobbying for these specific changes. I really think it would be a great mistake to cancel these particular shows. The rates are climbing and the feedback my department is receiving suggests that the only place the ratings can go is up. I sincerely believe we should give these particular shows another six months. I really think they are going to become winners. I believe the problem has been the time slot. It has been moved a few times and viewers are having difficulty keeping up. If we place them back in their original time slots, I think you’ll have three absolute winners on your hands.”

He could find no fault with her logic and her enthusiasm was contagious. “I’m glad we had this meet. I wasn’t sure where you were coming from. The outline was good, bold, determined, but lacked the passion of your presentation.”

She smiled. “I can be persuasive on occasion. I’m hoping this is one of those. moments in time.”

“I can’t guarantee anything, of course, I haven’t offered the upcoming programming to the powers that be, I have a few days yet before the deadline, but I’ll definitely give your input more thought. Recheck the numbers and at that point, I’ll give you heads up on my decision. Of course, the final decision isn’t mine; I can only present my reasoning behind my conclusions…and let the chips fall where they may.”

“Of course, I understand that, but I’m hoping that you’ll see the reasoning behind my suggestions and give them your best shot.” Standing, she added, “Thank you for seeing me. I know your busy and I know your fair so I’m truly hoping for positive results here.”

He rose and took her hand, held it a fraction longer than necessary and added, “I’ll definitely consider your input and I’ll get back to you.”

Janey left with a positive feeling. Dang, but he was easy on the eye. She couldn’t help the immediate and overwhelming attraction she’d felt. She’d had to settle herself down while he’d poured the coffee because all reasonable though had momentarily departed, something that rarely if ever happened to her and which she’d found completely disconcerting. Looking back, she hoped she’d made sense. Her thoughts had been more scattered than usual. “Phew! Attractive or what!” she whispered then looked around hoping no one else heard.

Stanton smiled. What a fireball…in a tiny package. He’d definitely give her ideas more consideration, but he also planned on another meet. She was a tiny dyn-a-mo he wanted to meet again socially. Time would tell… he thought picking up the papers she’d left sitting on his desk, “indeed, time would tell.”

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