Assiduous (Tears of Rage 2)

In his capacity as a detective, Manor was assiduous in his attention to detail. since they could break a case wide open or allow a perp to go free. That wasn’t about to happen on his watch!

After ushering Jenna Montgomery out the door promising he’d call and inform her the second she could return, he re-entered the clinic to take another look around.

Dr. Greg was well known in the community. He’d been a resident his entire life and opted to open his veterinarian practice the second he’d finished university here in this place he loved so much. Of course, he’d have to notify next of kin and when he’d checked, found what few relatives Dr. Greg had, lived clear across the country. He seemed to recall that Dr. Greg had had a love interest when he was a teenager but couldn’t remember why the relationship had dissolved. He’d been completely dedicated to his job as a vet, perhaps that made up for anything that might be lacking in his life.

Silence surrounded him until he reached the back of the building and a barn door, then the noise level rose considerably. A cacophony of sounds he interpreted as whines and woofs from pups to the mews of kittens to…standing stock still he could have sworn he heard a goat. Sliding the door open he looked inside and sure enough, in the farthest stall stood a miniature goat barely able to peer at him above the divider. He understood Jenna Mortimer’s concern and need to return as soon as possible. They’d all be hungry soon enough and probably required medicine too.

He wandered along the passage between the stalls examining the floor. Noting a few drops of blood on the floor nearest the wall where a cabinet hung askew he wondered if it were animal or human. Reaching out with a gloved hand, he moved a few items around. Something was missing. Although the place was fastidiously clean, there was a ring that indicated the bottle ta missing bottle. He’d have to check with Jenna Mortimer and ensure whatever it was had made the list of missing items she’d mentioned.

To his practiced eye, a scuffle had ensured but he wasn’t certain whether it was from attending to animals or had occurred during a struggle.

Forensics would give him a clearer indication, especially regarding the time of death, but his observations told him Dr. Greg hadn’t anticipated the attack, certainly hadn’t expected one since there were no defensive wounds.

Their small community of about four thousand people, although they weren’t drug or crime-free, had a modicum of disputes you’d find in any city or town but nothing that led to murder.

The M.E. showed up and after staring at Manor for a moment as though the idea of Dr. Greg’s dead was inconceivable, he shook his head and grumbled, “What the hell’s the world coming to when a man as dedicated as Dr. Greg could get himself killed?” He didn’t wait for a reply but stomped inside to where Dr. Greg’s body lay.

They’d been friends for over 40 years. The last thing he’d expected to do was stand over his dear friends dead body at a crime scene. It only made him even more determined the scum bag wouldn’t get away and he was eve more fastidious than usual if that was possible to gather every piece of possible evidence at the scene. If it took all night, so be it!

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