I can just hear Dr. Greg’s booming voice suggesting we pull our socks up and get on with the show. ” Snickers abounded. It was exactly what he would do

An hour after arriving at the clinic, Jenna received a rather frantic call from the mayor asking if she’d consider subbing for Dr. Greg at the annual craft fair. “I know it’s short notice, but I can’t think of anyone more capable, or suitable for the job.”

Jenna knew how much Dr. Greg loved handing out the animal husbandry awards and did it with panache and a flair that only he could pull off. Every participant walked away feeling like a winner and it was always as a result of Dr. Greg’s heartfelt expression of gratitude and appreciation. He acknowledged every person’s contribution and they felt worthwhile and valuable as a result. He’d always taken time to validate their contribution while encouraging and ready to use any opportunity to inculcate young minds and hearts to become involved in caring for animals in whatever capacity they could. young minds a

A variety of emotions stormed through her at his suggestion. First shock and surprise, quickly followed by loss and sadness like a sudden slap in the face – Dr. Greg would never again participate in this treasured event he considered such an honour. Suddenly big fat tears filled her eyes and rolled down her cheeks. The mayor continued, “We all miss him Jenna, but I can’t think of anyone more suitable for the job. He often told me he thought of you as the daughter he’d never had. You worked alongside him, knew him well, and just as importantly you care about this event as much as he did. I’m sure he’s watching from somewhere in the great beyond overjoyed you’ll be the one standing in for him. Please say yes.” Her reluctance stemmed out of concern she wouldn’t do him justice. His were, after all, shoes too large to fill and she would never dream of trying. She was trying to work through the loss and anguish so incredibly fresh and painful and she wasn’t sure she’d manage to pull it off.

The following three days flashed by in the blink of an eye and she found herself on the makeshift stage welcoming spectators and participants alike. “Before we get started, I’d like to take a moment to address the absence of a gifted veterinarian, a wonderful caring man, who gave unselfishly of his time ability and effort not only in his chosen profession but as a citizen friend and colleague who will be forever missed, our own Dr. Greg,m” She waited until the clapping and hurrahs calmed before continuing, ” I’m sure each one of us can recount endless anecdotal stories filled with humour, compassion, thought, deeds of kindness, and giving in his professional and personal life.”

“I can just hear Dr. Greg’s booming voice suggesting we pull our socks up and get on with the show. ” Snickers abounded. It was exactly what he would do. “Let’s put our best foot forward and with the deepest of respect, show him what we’re made of, what he meant to all of us, and make this a year to remember in celebration of Dr. Greg.”

The evening was nearly over when Detective Manor silently approached to stand beside Jenna and ordered a hot chocolate with marshmallows. “That was eloquent and showed how much you cared for Dr. Greg,” he observed. “Although I didn’t know the man, I was left with a definite impression of how much he meant to you and to everyone in attendance.”

“Dr. Greg was a very sweet man. He cared about the community and was involved on every level. My concern in standing in for him was that I wouldn’t do his memory justice.”

“From the response so far, I’d say you managed very well.”

“Thanks, that means a lot!”

“Anything new on the case?”

“We’re making progress.”

“Good to know.”

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