Tears of Rage 14

Jenna signed the documents in Mr. Harewood’s office and by the time she arrived home, was still feeling discombobulated. Dropping her purse and keys on the table next to the front door, she turned toward the kitchen, intending to make tea but instead, plunked down on one of the kitchen bar stools lost in thought, staring at the floor. It was huge, it was monumental and she was flummoxed. Not by his gracious gift but the totality of what it. It was life-changing.

Dr. Greg’s home was a beautiful log cabin built over 50 years ago. Exquisitely designed, spacious, modernized and updated over the years, the plumbing and electrical could handle any changes in appliances for the next decade at least.

She only wished her parents were here to share this momentous occasion with her. Over the years, they’d become close to Dr. Greg until they’d passed in a car accident five years, ago. One of those freak accidents, involving a slick road, a runaway truck and an unavoidable collision. She’d sold the family home, paid off the taxes and used a large portion to pay off student loans. Dr. Greg had been a godsend throughout the ordeal, and she’d often shared her fondest memories and moments of loss with him.

A knock at the door heralded an unknown visitor and had her peering through the front window and spotting a now-familiar gray sedan, thought ‘Ah, Detective Manor.’ Opening the door, she invited him inside.

“This is a pleasant surprise.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“Coffee or cookies?” she asked with amusement.

“Both if you have them,” he responded with an amiable smile.

She began prepping the coffee by grinding the beans, adding the water then plating peanut butter/chocolate chip cookies. The grin he wore spread from ear to ear. “My favourite!”

Smiling in return she remarked, “I remember.”

“Anything new on the investigation?”

“It’s progressive. All I can say at this time.”

Hesitantly she said, “I’m not sure whether what I’m about to share with you will make the situation more or less complicated and place me back on the suspect list.” Noting the wary look that invaded his eyes, she plunged ahead anyway thinking better to get this over with. “I spent the last hour and a half with Dr. Greg’s lawyer, Mr. Harewood. He informed me, to my utter shock and amazement, that Dr. Greg had arranged to leave the clinic, his home and a large amount of money to me. He also bequeathed funds to Linda, and Jessica and the truck and some money to Marty. “

“Were you aware about his intention?”

Total shock flashed across her face, “No. The idea couldn’t have been the furthest thing from my mind. I still can’t believe it, and at this point, haven’t wrapped my mind around it sufficiently to decide what to do about it.”

“Accept!” he stated.

“That easy?”

“That easy. He obviously cared about you and wanted the best for you. Certainly having the clinic and a home to live in would make your life easier and ensure his legacy.”

“I never thought about the legacy part, but your right of course.”

“Do you think the others were aware of his intentions?”

“Heavens, no. I had no idea, and we were close. My parents and Dr. Greg spent hours together. I’m not sure how close he was with Linda and Jessica but I don’t believe he spent a great deal of time outside of work with either. I wasn’t aware of the extent of his relationship with Marty. He was a private man and shared only what he wanted to when the time seemed appropriate.”

“I will have to speak with the lawyer, but I don’t have any concerns regarding your inheritance. There are reasons for that I can’t disclose at the moment.”

They shared a comfortable hour together and before he left, he reiterated, “Accept his generosity, Jenna. It was meant to be. Besides, if you don’t what will happen? The clinic would be sold, your job would be tenuous. The house gives you a solid home to live in, and the money, an opportunity to make necessary changes.”

|Hustling outside she called out, “Want to take a ride?” At his questioning look, she said, “I have a burgeoning desire to see the cabin, but I’d prefer some company since…well, Dr. Greg…”

He nodded and she grabbed her purse and keys and headed toward her car when he suggested they take his. He had already been to Dr. Greg’s house, gone through it, shortly after his death. He understood what she meant, his presence would be felt, especially by her.

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