“Ooh I can only imagine, snow, glowing fire, Christmas lights set against a winter wonderland.”

Gary and Jenna sat before a lovely fire, eating the steaks and baked potatoes he cooked on the barbeque along with a beautiful salad. “You’re a great cook, Gary, these steaks are heaven!”

Smilingly he replied, “Someone else’s food always tastes better.”

“No, those are primo cooked steaks.”

After clearing washing and stacking the dishes he asked, “Care to take a walk?”

“Love to,” she replied.

They set out walking toward a cabin barely visible in the distance, lush undergrowth teamed with songbirds or the occasional squirrel. “I remember coming here as a kid. Best days of my life, swimming until dark, bonfires, marshmallow roasts, smores. Huge family gatherings on occasion. We even spent a few Christmases here.”

“Ooh I can only imagine, snow, glowing fire, Christmas lights set against a winter wonderland.”

“Great times!” he remarked.

“Where are you family now?”

When he didn’t immediately respond she glanced sideways. “My parents died in a break and enter. The perp thought the house was empty. I was angry for a long time. Ultimately it’s why I became a cop. The senselessness of their deaths stayed with me, remains to this day. It’s why I do everything in my power to catch the villainous perps responsible in every case.”

“It’s personal,” she remarked.

“Yeah, it is.”

“It’s too cold for a swim, but there’s a beautiful waterfall around the far end of the lake. Care to take a jaunt?”

“That sounds appealing.”

“My, this place is a treasure trove of beauty, isn’t it? Every few feet, there’s something else to enjoy. The earthy aroma, the gorgeous hundred-year-old trees, the beauty of the lake. I don’t know how you could ever leave.”

“Admittedly, it’s not always easy, but there’s comfort in the fact I can always return.”

When they returned to the cabin, he plugged an old cassette recorder in. They played a couple of games of cards and when a particularly romantic song began, he rose held out a hand and asked her to dance. Jenna happily agreed. One song ran into another as they continued moving to the music. Gary looked down into her eyes and moved slowly sensuously closer and took her lips in a gentle kiss that became erotic and she responded accordingly.

They eventually moved into the bedroom and a sensually romantic interlude blossomed and escalated into a marathon of mutually enjoyed romance. Laying side by side, Jenna said, “Do we have to get up?”

Not one to balk he replied, “Not any time soon.” They fell asleep curled into one another.

The remainder of the time at the cabin, continued much the same. Both were delighting in the newness of the relationship while yearning for more.

Jenna was drying her hair in the bathroom in front of the mirror and couldn’t help but smile at the happiness reflected back at her. She liked this man. His attentiveness, his consideration, his take-charge attitude, his giving. And he sure as hell was a fabulous lover. Dang! She couldn’t get enough of him, of them together.

Gary had similar thoughts and wasn’t looking forward to returning to the day to day life since he wouldn’t be able to spend as much time with Jenna as he desired, but still, that could make for a far more interesting interlude. He grinned as he planned their next outing.

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