Your Daily Word Prompt – Flower – April 10, 2019

The day dragged by slowly due to lack of sleep.  That and the hypervigilance that dogged every footstep.  June was especially on edge and it showed; her otherwise fluid movement was stiff and unnatural. in her stiff movements.

“I doubt he’ll show himself again, not this soon,” Nigel commented.

“What makes you say that?”  June asked with a quick look at Nigel.

“He wanted to make a point.  He wanted us on edge, looking over our shoulders, his goal was slowing us down.

“You think we’re getting close then, Nigel?”

“We’re getting close to something, what I don’t know.”

June bent to smell a particularly beautiful flower just as a shot rang out and Nigel threw himself on top of her squashing her to the ground.  “Stay down!” he whispered urgently.  Slowly rising to his knees, pulling his piece from under his pant leg he checked each direction.  The shot hadn’t been aimed at them but at someone else.

“Ok, you can get up now.”

June did so, moving slowly.  “Where did that come from?”

“Northwest.  It wasn’t aimed at us.”

“A warning shot?”

“Not sure.  Either it was meant to draw us in, or it was aimed at someone in particular.  We won’t know until we get there.”

“I’m not sure which I should hope for.

“There was only one shot and no return fire.

“So, it could have been meant for Roland and Jackson.”

“Possibly, that or it’s a lure, a trap for us.”

“My men are moving in from the northeast sector.  They haven’t reported seeing anyone or anything.”

“We’re the closest then.”

“Yeah, yeah, we are.”

“What do I do?”

Nigel stared directly into her eyes.  “Stay close, stay loose, stay calm, stay vigilant.”

“Any more vigilant and I’ll have holes drilled in the back of my head.”

Nigel didn’t smile, when she added, “That was a joke.”

“Glad you told me.”  He smirked.

They slowed their movements to a crawl. If he’d been alone, Nigel would have moved swiftly toward the spot the shot came from but he had June to think about and protect.  He wasn’t about to lead her into any more danger than they already faced. As soon as his men caught up, he’d make sure she was led out of the area and danger. He figured it for a hard sell, but he couldn’t be as effective as he attempted to protect her and second guess what the assailants were after.

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