Gardens Galore

Even though Conny Hill was only 28, she’d spent a lifetime gardening. Having shared her grandmother’s delight in growing things, she’d planted her first bulbs at her grandmother’s knee as she’d looked on approvingly. Grandma Hill had been patient and involved. Even as a small child, a toddler really, her grandmother had taken her by the hand and they’d wandered through her immense garden and she’d take the time to point out pretty flowers. Of course Conny hadn’t understood what the names meant at the time, but her grandmother eagerly enjoyed sharing her labour of love and it had rubbed off on her.

Conny had graduated after 10 months with a horticultural certificate. Not that she felt she’d needed one, she’d learned more from her grandmother than she would at any college, but it was necessary to open her own business.

Grandma Hill had bequeathed Conny her massive home and garden and Conny had immediately set about turning it into a garden center. She’d saved enough money along with some she’d received from her grandmother, to add a large greenhouse onto the side of the beautiful stately-looking house and fenced off an area designated for personal use, and the rest she’d used for planting and sales.

Grandma Hill would be so pleased if she could see what she’d managed to do with her home and grounds, that she had cleaved to what her grandmother had taught her, what she herself loved more than anything. The fulfillment, the joy the beauty the peace that came from gardening, was huge. Impactful! That’s how she saw it as she stood gazing at the immensity of what she’d managed to create.

Her personal space included a meandering gravel path with the majority of plants flowers and shrubs encased in a variety of sizes and shapes, clay pots of every description, artfully placed so that only a modicum of pots was clearly visible and those dotted the walkway. An assortment of shrubs and grasses found a home adding texture, colour and height. Every year she added more but this year the flowers were a beautiful display of pinks, blues, deep purples, dark violets along with a mix of white to make everything pop.

Further back toward the far end of the property, she’d planted a massive vegetable garden containing everything from cabbage to kale to carrots and corn. She’d delegated a large area for growing red and green peppers, peas and tomato plants as well as cucumbers zucchini and a collection of squash. A large expanse of well manicured lawn divided the two areas and a curved edge along the far side held a garden of sweet peas and other climbing vines.

The retail space was divided evenly into sections some raised but all blocked to retain order over the garden and to easily ascertain what needed replacement. Although it was more utilitarian, it was no less appealing and drew dozens of clients, many of whom returned yearly to obtain gardening supplies or starter plants. She’d even branched out into selling fir trees as well as a few dwarf cherry trees since they were exceedingly popular.

Yes, she was sure Grandma Hill would have approved of her choices and she hoped she was looking down from the great beyond with a huge smile.

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