A Delightful Blur

Dianna’s day flew by in a blur. It was her big day. The wedding had been beautifully, lovingly planned down to the finest detail and everything went off without a hitch.

As she sat huddled in her oversized black leather chair, cuddled in a blue white and black striped handmade blanket, she reflected on the day in its entirety. The music, thanks to Fred’s Bar Band, a misnomer since they were an orchestra composed of a violinist, cellist, drummer, and guitarist adept at playing a glorious mixture of contemporary, classic, rock n roll, as well as oldies but goodies, were fabulous.

The dyed handmade coffee filter flowers that hung on vines from the ceiling and draped doorways in a variety of delicate colours intermixed with twinkle lights were flawless. Large bouquets of freshly cut tulips festooned long diagonally placed tables artfully accompanied by little potted succulents and together were showstoppers. Exquisite crystal glasses and beautiful silverware along with fine china sat invitingly but not stuffily encouraging all to partake of the upcoming feast.

Large tureens filled with sumptuous food were spaced on each table along with massive pots of crusty bread buns and accompaniments. The food consisted of elegant aromatic crab and salmon casseroles, chilli, roast beef wellington and a variety of coleslaw and salads. There was something for everyone. Coffee, tea, juice, sat on the side tables.

The head table consisted of the same glorious items and family members were lined on both sides of the bride and groom in what Dianna hoped was a beautiful and happy day. And indeed it was, for Brittany and Paul.

Dianna had carefully and lovingly thought of every detail for what should have been her wedding – to John. Sadly, that wasn’t going to happen. Instead of wallowing in despair, she’d told the wedding planner to make all the arrangements as planned, and substitute the bride and groom with a lovely young couple who couldn’t afford all the trappings she’d included for hers. She’d done so and Dianna’s only request had been that she be allowed to attend and enjoy their day from the sidelines, without anyone being any the wiser.

Some might have thought the idea ludicrous, masochistic even, but Dianna didn’t. She’d enjoyed the proceedings with delight at the happiness reflected on the faces of the bride and groom as well as the guests and family that had attended the joyous event.

In her mind, it closed a chapter of her life. The life she’d lived with John and the one they’d looked forward to together. It was her way of dealing with the nightmare that had occurred taking John’s life and along with closure, provided something positive to think about when she reflected on this day, and especially with the arrangements she and John had enjoyed creating together.

Pulling the blanket closer, sipping her coffee, she stared into the now glowing embers of the fireplace John had lovingly built. She knew he’d have applauded the idea, would have teased her, but ultimately would have agreed a hundred percent.

“John, my love, I know you’ll understand it’s time to move on. Our life together was wonderful, I enjoyed every minute of it. I hope your looking down with a glint of joy in your eyes and happiness for the young couple starting out together. I’ll love you always and forever,” she promised on a sigh, a mixture of sadness, pleasure, shared hope and most of all release.

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