Just a Nosh

Time for a nosh! It might help the little gray cells work harder and faster, Nellie decided. She’d been awake for 18 hours and still couldn’t sleep. She’d taken a long leisurely walk, a relaxing bath, even listen to elevator music for god’s sake. The glass of warm milk hadn’t worked either. Perhaps a light snack would ease the hunger pangs that irked her. She’d run out of things to try!

Or maybe, just maybe something was eating at her had her brain in a turmoil and that was the reason she couldn’t sleep. Taking a cup of coffee and a yogurt bar out onto the front porch, she sat and stared at the horizon as her mind wondered.

Normally, sleep wasn’t an issue, ever. She’d simply flop into bed, and bang, gone, asleep dreaming of whatever! Unfortunately, the last three nights running, she’d managed a couple of hours and last night, not even that. Worse, she had a deadline for the gazette and she had two hours to finish and she couldn’t wrap her brain around a single idea that made sense or might interest her readers and the powers that be. What could be more annoying?

Finally it came to her. Of course, why not? She wasn’t the only person that occasionally suffered from insomnia and racing back inside, she delved into all the possible reasons sleep eluded people including all the remedies people had tried her over the years. Some of them even made her laugh out loud. Still, the data had her fingers flying over the keys and before she knew it, she had more than enough information for her article, complete with sources and the ideas that had (reportedly) the most positive results. She couldn’t help the sigh of relief and with it the accompanying yawn.

Hitting the send key, she stood, stretched and found her bed calling her name rather loudly and before she knew it, was tucked in, comfy, warm, and asleep. She didn’t hear the beep from her phone acknowledging her article had been received and accepted. She was out for the count. Possibly a whole eight hours. Who knew!? When she fell asleep jokes she’d read ran through her mind such as “People in sleeping bags are the soft tacos of the bear world. ” “There are many theories on why humans even need to sleep, but I’m pretty sure it’s to charge our phones.” “Until I started experiencing insomnia, I had no idea it was possible to be this furious with each of my pillows individually.” “My wife just goes to sleep when she gets tired and it’s the most impressed I ever am by anyone doing anything.” “Start each day with a positive thought like I can go back to bed in 16 or 17 short hours.” The joke she loved best, that had her smiling in her sleep was “if teleportation becomes a real thing, I’m just going to use it to zap myself to a different timezone and get three hours of extra sleep every night.”

Sleep tight tonight, everyone!

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