Felicity doubted that although people gave consideration to naming their child, they fully realized the profound effect and influence on the emotional development and characteristic it had on the owner directly or indirectly and the cost of living up to that name. It could produce positive or negative results.

People put great store in a name. A couple of hundred years ago, it was common to “carry on the ancestry” of the family by giving their children the name of their parent (Benjamin Junior). If an uncle or aunt were considered special, a child might have been given their name. Such an example came from one family she’d spoken with that carried the name William whether first or middle, and every child of every brother and sister contained William in their name, hence their lineage incorporated three uncle Williams, two sons and two nephews with that name. This suggested that even then, a name carried weight and a certain significance.

Unfortunately, a name’s significance could change over time according to the positive or negativity attached and may well have started out benign but become synonymous with a nefarious character. With the advent of social media, most people know and associate names with well-known villains. As a result, people often make unwarranted and unfair judgements against you because of your name sassociation.

Part of her thesis had involved learning the effect and correlation between a given name and the fostering of a sense of love and respect for themselves as a direct result. Let’s face it, a core part of our identity is associated with our name whether we acknowledge it or not. It can be frustrating annoying and aggravating when someone mispronounced our name and can be seen as an intentional slight. It’s because our name is part of who we are as much as our culture and heritage.

During the “hippy” generation, it was common to see names like Moonbeam, Sunbeam, Skye Earth etc which dated the individual and quite often brought mirth or laughter at a “generation” of names that later became defunct. Then a period in history passed where everyone wanted something unique and changed the spelling of a name until you were forced to spell a simple name such as Jane because it could be spelled Jain, Jayne, Janne or any number of other variations.

Names have a way of shaping you and your experiences as similarly as external circumstances do in both positive and negative ways. What may be cute or funny now may not be so as children get older. The song “A Boy Named Sue” came instantly to mind. Although its intent was humorous and the father said he’d named his son Sue so he’d be able to stand up for himself, it probably set that child up for a lifetime of fighting.

Sometimes it’s no one’s fault their name runs afoul with another. Perhaps a name was associated with a bad childhood experience which resulted in the name forever being mired with the circumstances surrounding that individual or incident. Consequently, the individual refused to consider naming their child with that name because they hadn’t shaken the feelings associated with it. Hopefully, if someone takes the time to get to know you, these unjust presumptions will be replaced because of accurate knowledge of your traits and personality.

Yes indeed, living up to your name was often an unconcious aspiration. Decrying your name another. Dozens of people changed their name legally at the first opportunity. She questioned whether they were able to outgrow the negative outlook bestowed on them as a result of having grown up with a detested name. Another avenue she sincerely wished to look into in the future.

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