5th Anniversary

Hello and hi to all you lovely people. Thank you for popping in and sharing the bits and bobs I offer on my blog. I truly appreciate it. Can’t believe five years have already passed since I first signed on.

In that time, I’ve truly enjoyed so many of your blogs and the variety of offerings from stories to art to photography to thoughts on life. Its been so interesting, informative and fun. So many of you have such a delightful sense of humour too.

I haven’t written as often as I used to, mostly because when wp changed, I lost a huge number of readers and I have to admit, most of those readers became good friends. We chatted regularly and it was so much fun and a huge plus and part of my day.

Unfortunately, I’m unable to find so many that used to be here daily. Life constraints, changes, and demands make a huge difference to all of us and how much time we have to spend and therefore what we choose to spend it on. Time is so precious so finite and flits by in the wink of an eye.

That’s why I am so delighted you have chosen to share a few moments of your time viewing my blog, leaving messages or just acknowledging the site.

Please take care all, enjoy the upcoming summer and all it has to offer. Hope you enjoy family and friends with verve and luster, a joke and laughter, the beauty of life and surroundings.

Talk to you all soon. Love and affection, Phyllis

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