Geraldine Walsh had to admit the situation would have looked dicey at first glance if you didn’t know the people involved. Her brother was a wild card, everyone knew and expected that. You could guarantee though he would always take the high road. There was nothing scandalous, improper or underhanded about his activities. Yet a detestable woman named Mandy Warren had declared and brought charges decrying his behaviour during her employment with his company.

Thankfully the entire office had cameras located in every hallway and every office activated upon entry. Aaron had loathed the idea since he saw it as an infringement upon personal privacy but in this instance, it was going to work in his favour.

Friends and family knew the charges were bogus because they knew him well. Business acquaintances also knew it was crap and promised to testify on his behalf if need be. That was promising and positive and as it should be and Geraldine was grateful for their support.

As a detective in the Police Force, she knew the procedure and agreed with it. However, it irked that these false charges would even see the light of day since she and everyone on the force knew that some mud stuck, whether true or not. She’d had to steer clear of the investigation since it was family, but she was glad that Joe Montage had been assigned to the case. He was honest and determined to get to the bottom of all allegations pertaining to whatever case he was working on and he wouldn’t quit until he found the truth no matter who was implicated or at fault.

They were going to court in two hours and he’d walked by her desk, and noting her slight angst winked and nodded as if to say, no worries, we’ve got this. She’d smiled back and he hoped she’d understood his message.

The woman was known to the Police Force and had tried to pull this scam on several occasions after succeeding on her first run because the man involved didn’t have decent representation. This time, however, both the police and the defence team were onto her activities and it would be squashed within moments of opening arguments. If he had his way, charges would be brought against her for the attack on Harry Monroe since there was now a slew of evidence indicating this was her M.O. He wanted that as much as seeing these charges dropped.

Support for Aaron Walsh filled the courtroom overflowing on both sides of the aisle. They were confident his counsel would have the matter dealt with speedily. They were right. Within a half hour of hearing the charges, seeing the testimony and hearing both sides of the argument, the judge threw the case out and brought charges against Mandy Warren and the judge wasn’t lenient about his statements. He tore a strip off the woman and her conduct determined to see the full weight of the law came down on her. Geraldine couldn’t help the sigh of relief even though she’d been positive justice would prevail. She looked across the courtroom at her brother who was standing tall and he pulled on his earlobe, their secret ‘love ya’ message and thanks for support.

Geraldine walked to Joe Montage ready to thank him when he held up a hand to forestall her and said, “Just doing my job, Geraldine.”

“Well I think this calls for a celebration. Dinner’s on me. Where would you like to eat?”

“How full is your wallet?”

“Full enough,” she smiled. “Go on, name it, we’ll celebrate together.”

Sighing he suggested, “Monty’s if it’s not too rich for your blood.”

“Five thirty sharp. I’ll see you there,” Geraldine promised. It was indeed a celebratory occasion.

2 thoughts on “Dicey

  1. Ah, all that scandalous behavior! Reminds one of the fodder of a million romance books, the Scandal of the Ton! And I’m a male. For me, scandal has connotations of the political, where high-ranking ministers are caught doing something off the books or under the table that they shouldn’t be doing. It’s only when you’re caught that you have to say you’re sorry!

    — Catxman


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