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Aunt Wanda would have called Mason Tavish raffish. The offstage persona he’d created for himself suggested just that. He’d chosen that path to add an element of pizazz to his persona and it worked. He was offered a wide range of roles and it furthered his career.

Truth be told it was just a facade since he was far more caring concerned and involved with his fellow man than the public knew. When his publicist suggested he use those endeavours and involvements to his credit he’d refused, determined to remain tight-lipped about the large donations of money regularly sent to preserve endangered wildlife and protect the oceans and waterways of the world and the trips he made to ensure the money was being spent wisely.

His six-foot-two, coal-black hair and rich chocolate eyes caught the world’s attention but it was his incredible acting ability that made him a star. People couldn’t get enough of his films and any event he was involved in guaranteed a packed house. He took on the role and played it well.

Before their personal involvement, Amanda had learned through an inordinate amount of research, about his family of origin. An alcoholic and abusive father and fragile mother meant he’d stepped up and taken on the role of ‘father figure’ when his father disappeared for parts unknown, never to be seen or heard from again.

After school, Mason bagged groceries at the local grocery store before heading home to cook the family meal after which he helped brother and sister with their homework. He’d see they were tucked in for the night and then hit the books himself.

He’d always known he wanted to act and enrolled in an acting class every Saturday night. As luck would have it, his astute and connected teacher brought him to the attention of a man who inevitably changed his life. Aston Marsh had realized both Mason’s ability and potential and it was history in the making. It wasn’t long before the small roles he’d landed became larger more profitable roles and he’d moved his entire family to accommodate his acting career.

His sister became a nurse and his brother went into business management, often visiting when he was on hiatus and he was always delighted. His mother had long since passed which saddened him. He’d wished he could have given her a better life but alas it wasn’t in the cards. An aggressive form of cancer took her in his late teens.

Amanda and Mason met accidentally; she was working on an article for the local newspaper regarding an environmentalist rally and bumped into him there. They’d hit it off instantly moving quickly into a romantic relationship that was now in its third year and going strong. Their personalities enhanced each other in unforeseen ways.

Amanda spent a large portion of her spare time hiking and hiking and although he hadn’t been keen at first, he’d soon become an avid supporter, eagerly searched out hikes they could enjoy.

He was a romantic and introduced her to the joys of unexpected gifts (which always touched and surprised her) such as an unexpected bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates or a weekend away at a spa. He was full of surprises she wasn’t used to receiving and therefore, was all the more touching.

A derogatory write-up in a local rag caught her immediate attention and she was furious. The writer had taken a bunch of nonsense, used it out of context and defamed Mason in a cruel and vicious attack. She’d immediately shown the article to his publicist and together, devised a come-back that would bite the nasty twerp in the butt. Mason remained unaware of the attack only to become aware of it when their rebuttal hit the airways. He was shocked by the innuendo and lies but incredibly touched at their combined response.

Determined to show them how much their support meant to him, he then planned an evening at a local restaurant and invited his entire staff to provide a buffet to delight anyone’s pallet and he spent the entire evening showing her how much her support and that of his close friends meant. He even stood and gave a speech that highlighted each one and the manner they supported him taking the time to publicly thank each one before personally handing out gifts he’d chosen for each person in attendance. The unexpectedness but heart-filled tribute to their support moved many to tears of appreciation and joy. Before they left, each stopped by and hugged him in thanks. Amanda could tell he was both embarrassed and pleased by their actions. Later, when they were alone, she showed her own special gratitude in a far more meaningful way.

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