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Path Divided


He smiled warmly in acknowledgement at her statement and understanding.

Picking up the remote he said, “I have hundreds of channels to choose from if your a movie or tv buff. This button will turn the outside cam on and you can watch the entire premises at a glance. Each camera is connected so you can see the back front side porch and garage. I have a tech friend who programmed this for me. I told him he should sell the idea because this is state-of-the-art. There are some options like it out there, but none come close to the detail he provides.” Taking the opportunity to show her, he flicked the outside cam on.

“Wow, that is impressive; very clear.”

“There’s an inside cam as well, which is this button!” It covers the main areas, kitchen, living room, dining room, and hallway.”

“No one is going to get by you!” she remarked with a grin.

“I admit, it was overkill, particularly with Loki around; he can, on occasion, break the sound barrier but hell, it works and Matt wanted to try it out and I was game.”

Higgins had just flicked back to the outside camera when the undercover arrived. Sauntering to the door he admonished, “Stay put, I’ve got this.” He opened the door, grabbed her gear settled it inside then joined the other officer.

“Notice anyone around the vehicle or a tail on any of our people?”

“No, as ploys go it was good and it worked. Probably scared the hell out of him that you saw him. Now he figures there are two of you that can identify him.” He paused, “What are the odds we find the vehicle dumped somewhere and he gets a new one?”

“More likely than not but I circulated a description anyway. Pass the word, will you? I’ll be in early tomorrow and we can go over what we’ve got.”

“Good stuff. Talk to you later Higgins.”

“Night Harmond and thanks for the help.” Harmond just kept walking raising a hand in a backward salute of sorts.

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