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Path Divided


When he re-entered the front door, it was to find both dogs standing guard. He couldn’t refrain from smiling. “You make quite the pair.”

“I think I’ll turn in, I’m tired. It hasn’t been a busy day, but definitely involved.”

“Where should I put Jersey’s dishes?”

“Right next to Loki’s is fine.”

As soon as she’d filled his bowl, she grabbed her overnight bag and headed to the bedroom, “Ok, see you in the morning.”

“Night.” He watched her faithful companion follow behind.

After checking the doors were locked, he turned out the lights and headed off to bed himself. with Loki at his heels.

While he undressed Loki took the opportunity to hop onto the end of the bed. “Ok, this one time. I realize you have a clear view of the other bedroom from here. It’s all good.” Patting him affectionately he flopped down on the bed and pulled the covers up while facing the door himself. “Interesting turn of events. Interesting woman,” he commented before sleep claimed him.

He woke to the smell of coffee and found himself alone since Loki had abandoned him in favour of their guests. Throwing a robe on tightening it as he wandered down the hall to the kitchen. Annabel was preparing a breakfast consisting of eggs bacon and toast. “Dang, it smells good in here.”

“Good morning, thought I should make myself useful. I’m usually up early and out and about by eight,” she paused thoughtfully before adding, “which I imagine won’t be possible for a while.” At his shrug, she added, “What are the chances we could retrieve my painting gear? I enjoy movies but I’ll go insane without something worthwhile to do. Not to mention, painting isn’t a hobby it’s my livelihood.”

“I’ll have someone drop by your place and grab what you need if you’ll give me a list. They can bring it to the station, we’ll exchange it there and I’ll bring it by later.”

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