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Path Divided


She mentioned her findings to Kealan when he returned. Straightening his tie, he replied, “Murder and mayhem is always newsworthy. We made sure they didn’t know about your involvement. We hold some information back either to protect the innocent or to catch the guilty. I’m on my way to question her neighbours and see what information they might have and we’ll take it from there.”

“Ok, you have a good day. I’m sure Loki will eagerly assist in teaching Jersey the ropes and showing him around. There are plenty of toys in the backyard to keep them entertained. If you have any questions or concerns, call me. I mean that Annabel, don’t hesitate.”

“Ok,” standing she agreed, “I will.”

When Loki moved to his side, he hunkered down, “You stay here today, ok pal? Guard. I’ll be back later.” Loki responded immediately, settling back on his haunches, ready to obey the command while watching his friend leave. He turned and made his way to her side and settled.

“It’s ok, pal, you can go play. I’m perfectly alright.” Although the sound that emanated was more a sigh of resignation, she patted him and as she walked toward the bathroom, Loki followed, one step behind her.

Since she’s already observed there were no extra towels in the bathroom, she searched the hall closet and grabbed a set and turned into the bathroom to prepare for the day. As she closed the door, Loki plunked down in front of the bathroom door to wait. She grinned; he certainly took his role to heart.

Wrapped in the loveliest most luxurious towel in a delicate shade of yellow that had her wondering if he’d bought them with someone particular in mind, she laughed aloud at her curiosity – it really was none of her business. Geeze, girl, get a grip!. After cleaning and straightening the bathroom, she made her way to her bedroom and sat before a lovely old desk with a pretty oval mirror to apply a smattering of makeup – mascara and lipstick since that was all she ever carried with her.

Bed made, she dressed in a pair of low-rise black pants, an oversized sweater and pretty matching aqua earrings. ‘What the hell!’ she had no idea how long she was going to be here and decided she might as well make use of the chest of drawers and placed her items inside.

Once again in the living room, she glanced around the room. Everything was in order and didn’t require maintenance for the moment. Curiously sauntering over to the beautiful modern but well-built bookshelves, she perused several titles before choosing a mystery by Agatha Christie and curled up on the sofa with a second cup of coffee and settled in to read.

The two pooches chose to meander outside and she watched as they chased each other around the backyard. She’d never entertained the idea Jersey might be lonely for another of his kind, but he certainly seemed to enjoy the company.

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