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Path Divided


It was nearly lunchtime when she heard Kealan’s vehicle outside. Peering through the front windows, she smiled as he hauled a massive load of art supplies toward the front door. “Ok, now the fun begins.”

Opening the door she said, “Wow you outdid yourself!” She laughed as she grabbed a bunch of supplies from him, a look of surprise on her face. “What’s this?”

“Decided it might not be wise to return to your place for your supplies. He could be watching and that would give the game away. So, I went and bought the items on your list. Might not be the same quality you’re used to, but I’m hoping you can make do in the meantime.”

“Sounds good to me. I’m eager to get started. If I’d known you were going to be here, I could have made lunch.”

“No need, I brought some with me. There’s a fabulous deli a block from the station, so I stopped by and snagged a couple of sandwiches. Hope you aren’t allergic to anything. I got a Reuben on Rye and a Ham and Cheese with Lettuce. You are free to take your pick. Back in a minute,” he remarked before returning to the car. She watched as he retrieved a lunch bag and two coffees in a holder along with a few remaining art supplies.

“Here let me take those from you,” she reached out for the food. He laughed.

“A woman after my own heart, food first!” Stepping inside he closed the door, “The coffee is a special brand I love.”

Setting the rest of the supplies at the end of the chesterfield, he sat down and snagged the lunch she’d set out on a plate. She’d chosen the ham and cheese so he opened the other sandwich.

“Can I ask how your morning went?” she asked between bites.

“Good. I have a few cases on the go but we did find a stolen vehicle that matches the description of the one used last night, minus the plates. We checked the VIN number and we’ll have an answer soon enough.”

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