landscape with green forest

Path Divided


“I guess taking the license number slowed things down some.”

“It was a smart play on his part. That doesn’t mean we won’t find out who the owner of the vehicle is and what information they have to impart. It’s a phone call away.”

He slurped his coffee greedily. “Dang that’s good!”

“How’d you fill your morning?” he asked. “Without paint supplies and all.”

“Educationally.” Smiling she added, “National Geographic, to be precise. Oh and Agatha Christie.”

“And did you learn anything new and exciting?”

“Yes and no. My mind wandered so I didn’t get much out of it.” She laughed deprecatingly.

“Wasn’t sure whether to use my phone or whether it could be traced, so I refrained from contacting anyone, but it’s a matter of time before my people start asking questions.”

“Can you hold off until tonight? I’ll have Matt pop over and set up security for you that’s untraceable. I’d do it, but I’m not as good as he is.”

“Perfect, I can do that. I turned it off when we left Amber and Ted’s and I haven’t used it since. It seemed ridiculous to risk it after going to this much trouble to protect me.”

“Indeed. I’ll call Matt this afternoon. He works nights so he’s probably still sleeping.”

“Time’s up, Gotta’ get back to work,” he remarked edging toward the door. “Should be off at five so I’ll see you then.”

“Ok. I noticed you have a roast in the fridge. Thought maybe I could cook it for dinner.”

“Sounds delicious to me. Anything else I can pick up on the way home?”

“No, I think you have everything I need.”

“Ok, see ya later!” he promised.

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