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Path Divided


“Oh, Matt’s coming by, should be here in about a half-hour or so.”

“Great news! I know Maria will be anxiously awaiting word from me…I promised a piece to an upcoming charity event and I still have no idea which painting fits the bill.”

“This auction will support the homeless shelter down on 5th and I’m not sure what to pick. They gave me carte blanche which is wonderful but I want something that captures the imagination or is compelling enough to garner a large donation.”

“Once Matt’s set up proper security, we can take a look together, what do you think?” she asked eagerly.

“Sounds good to me.”

Matt arrived on time, all six-foot solid muscled man sporting a red beard and hair with a lilt in his voice and gleam in his hazel eyes. Kealan offered him coffee which he joyfully accepted. He was smitten with Annabel, that was obvious and immediately got to work on setting up security on her phone. It took him all of twenty minutes. “There you go, little lady, that’ll hold the bad guys at bay.”

Annabel smiled. He was definitely old school, but there was something about him that spoke of grit and honesty and she could see why Kealan liked him.

They sat together chatting about hockey and she chimed in every now and again, having been a hockey fan forever and the evening passed all too quickly. “Well folks, I gotta go, I have lots to do tonight.” Turning to Annabel he said, “Pleasure meeting you. Sorry about the circumstances.”
“Thank you for securing my phone and helping keep me safe, I appreciate it.” She shook his hand before stepping back.

“Kealan, we need to get together soon.”

“Yeah mate, we do. Before long, I promise.”

Matt’s glance strayed to Annabel, “You too, Annabel, don’t be a stranger. Any friend of Matt’s is a friend of mine, guaranteed.”

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