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Annabel loved to cook and scoured the cupboards looking for a roaster. Finding one tucked in the farthest recesses of a corner cupboard, she laughed, “Yep I’d say it’s been a while since you’ve seen the light of day.” After washing and drying it, she pulled the roast out and dropped it inside the pot. Grabbing a large head of garlic and cleaning it and stabbing holes in the roast, she inserted the garlic cloves individually around the roast. Adding a cup of water and several spices, she covered it and set it in the oven. “Ok, now for the Yorkshires. Yum!” She smiled pleased.

The afternoon sped by and when Kealan waltzed through the door, he was met with an amazing aroma that had him salivating. “Oh my god, this smells like heaven on earth, what have you been up to?”

“Nothing really, just dinner.”

“Nothing? That smells like something! I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed a truly home-cooked meal. I can’t wait.” Joining her in the kitchen he remarked, “Damn glad I made it home on time. I wouldn’t have missed this for worlds!”

“Sit, everything is ready.”

“Oh no, the least I can do is help set the table.”

He reached down and patted Loki who revelled in the pats then Jersey moseyed on it looking for one too. “How have they been?”

Placing the roast on the table Annabel said, “The best of friends. It’s like they’ve known each other forever. It’s been enjoyable watching their antics.”
Sitting down to dinner, Kealan used his hands to waft the delicious aroma his way. “God I can’t wait. Let’s dig in.”

They chatted amiably covering all manner of subjects and when dinner was finished Kealan said, “OMG that was good. You’re a fabulous cook!”

“Thanks. I enjoy cooking and you already had the fixings so it was easy. Help me clean up?”

“Surely.” When they’d finished, they retired to the living room with a cup of coffee in hand. Annabel was eager to find out whether he had any new information but it seemed silly to ask since it’d only been a few hours since they’d last spoken.

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