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Path Divided


“Well, I’m not sure we’re in the fast friend’s category, he’s saddled with me for the time being,” she remarked stealing a glance his way.

“Doubt that! Kealan isn’t given to providing this level of security for just anyone.” Nodding he turned and moved to the door. “Take care, all, and anything you need, don’t hesitate to call. I put my number in your phone in case you need it.”

“Thanks.” Annabel smiled her gratitude .

Once he was gone, Matt commented, “He’s smitten.”

“Yeah, I got that. He’s a very nice man, and obviously trustworthy or you wouldn’t consider him a friend.”

“He’s one of the best. Met him a few weeks after I came over from London.”

“So, you want to contact your people now?”

“Only Marta. I need to let her know I won’t be in for a few days and have her run the gallery until I’m back.”

“She the inquisitive type?”

“Yeah, but she won’t overstep if I suggest it’s personal.”

“I’ll have an undercover officer swing by. He’ll pose as someone interested in art, and he can keep tabs on the gallery, see if our man shows up.”

“You know, I had mentioned hiring a handyman, someone to re-arrange the back room, move some boxes, maybe hang some pictures. The frames are larger and heavier than most. Your guy could pose as him and I’ll feel so much better knowing she’s safe.”

“That would work. I’ll contact Ferguson now and let him know what he’s in for.” Higgins laughed, “He’ll love it. It beats surveillance from a parked vehicle which gets pretty damn old fast, I assure you.”

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