landscape with green forest

Path Divided


“Yeah, the seedier side of life.”

“How do you stay so positive? You have a definite twinkle in your eyes, you enjoy a great sense of humour, so it obviously doesn’t get you down…”

“It’s my job. I try to leave it at the door and I surround myself with good people.”

“Except in this instance, you invited it right inside your house,” she pointed out.

“Not it, you. There’s a difference.”

“Classy, very classy and quite a distinction.”

They settled in to watch a hockey game and when it was finished, retired for the night.

A new day dawned bright and clear and they enjoyed some homemade bran muffins Annabel pulled from the oven. She hadn’t slept well and was up early as usual and decided to bake. Kealan woke to the delicious aroma that had him scurrying to the kitchen. “Well damn!” He poured their coffee and they enjoyed a breakfast of muffins, fruit and yogurt before he cleared up and hustled to get dressed for work.

Annabel couldn’t wait to get at her painting as ideas swirled through her mind and without hesitation began setting up her art supplies and her paintbrush began to fly across the canvas capturing the idea first and foremost in the front of her mind. Instantly the painting began taking shape and suddenly a young woman was standing on a sandy beach holding her straw hat festooned with flowers, on her head while staring out across inviting blue sparkling waters. A peninsula jutted out behind her where waters lapped seductively onshore. Overhead, warm summer skies promised the impossible. “Yeah, that sounds about right.”

She didn’t realize that the woman she’d painted was a caricature of the unfortunate woman Jersey had found only the day before. Kealan brought lunch for them both and when he asked what she was working on, looked at the painting and remarked, “There’s a striking resemblance to our victim.”

His words startled her and when she again peered at the painting conceded he was right. “I guess she’s been on my mind more than I realized.”

“Our subconscious has a way of pulling us in sometimes, doesn’t it?”

“Yeah, I guess it does.”

“Very impressive considering you only saw her for a millisecond from a phone but you captured her likeness incredibly well from her colouring to her height and bone structure.”

“She made an impression.”

“Yes, it seems so.”

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