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Path Divided


The rest of the day sped by and Kealan phoned to tell her he was picking up dinner on the way home. Afterward, he had paperwork to attend to and she returned to her painting. As usual, when she was painting, time flew by and Jersey was letting her know he wanted to tuck in. When she checked her watch, she was stunned to find it was after midnight. “Well damn, time flies when you’re having fun, Jersey. Give me a second to clean up and we’ll head off to la-la land, ok?”

Kealan was gone before Annabel woke the next day. As she prepped coffee she wondered if this was an occupational hazard. Coffee had finished perking and she was pouring herself a cup when he hurried through the door. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself.” Nodding toward the coffee maker she said, “Coffee’s hot and fresh.”

“Great! I need a gallon to keep me going today.”

Turning to face him she asked, “How early were you up? I confess I never heard a thing.”

“Up and out by five-thirty. A case I’ve been working broke wide open and we nailed the bastard!”

“You eaten? There are a few muffins left. Oh, and I made scones.”

Eyebrows raised he said, “Scones? Well damn, scones it is!”

He dropped a couple on his plate, grabbed a coffee and joined her in the living room. “There no ends to your culinary expertise? These look and smell delicious.”

“Thanks, they’re good. I’ve made them since forever. Quick, easy and well, comfort food. That or a big old bowl of popcorn.”

He smiled, “Popcorn hey?”

“Yep. Can’t get enough of the stuff. I’ve even been known to eat it for dinner.”

Laughing he asked, “Seriously?”

“Yeah. Every Friday night, come hell or high water, it’s buttered popcorn with parmesan cheese sprinkled over the top.”

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