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Path Divided


“That’s one I’ve never tried, but it sounds interesting since I’m a huge parm fan!”

“One night I was home alone and I just didn’t want to go to the effort of making dinner. A friend made it for me and I was hooked. It became my Friday night dinner ever since I moved out on my own,” she laughed.

“I suppose I could call Chicken Ceasar Salad mine. I still enjoy it and it was a favourite growing up.” He laughed, “It was the only way my mother could get me to eat rabbit food, as I called salad and veggies,” he laughed heartily at the memory.

“I have to ask, any updates on my case?”

“We found the owner of the stolen vehicle. He couldn’t confirm the person responsible for the theft, but he suspect a low-life by the name of Jeremy Walters. He lived in the neighbourhood and was constantly in trouble. He saw himself as a wannabe gang member with connections. None of which materialized according to our investigation.”

“I take it the description fits!”

“Yeah, it does and with his history, it’s pretty clear he’s our guy. Apparently moved here about six months ago.”

“So all the threats and attacks on me, my friends are what?”

“He thinks he’s playing it big time but he’s off the rails. Fortunately for us, he’s digging himself a hole the size of Manhattan. The same fingerprints have been uncovered at every crime scene connected with you and the case.”

“Do you think he’s responsible for that young woman’s death?”

“Nothing to tie him to it directly, yet, but I haven’t got forensics back on cause of death and I’m on my way to her apartment now.”

“I hope you find something concrete.”

“Me too. Thanks for the treat. I’ll talk to you later. If I don’t make it home for lunch, I’ll be here for dinner. I’ll pick something up on the way and give you a call.”

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