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Path Divided


“Ok, thanks, sounds good.”

He was out the door without another word, eager to find out more about their perp and the unfortunate young woman, see how and if it connected.

Forensics had already gone over the apartment. As he walked through, he realized she’d led a quiet life. Everything was neat and tidy and in its place. She had a nice array of clothes, but nothing like you’d expect from a woman her age. According to his research, she made good money as a radio talk show’s assistant. So why live such a minimalistic lifestyle, unless she was accustomed to moving at a moment’s notice? Packing boxes filled a hall closet, broken down but readily available. A thought began to fester and had him wondering if she were the victim of a stalker.

There was one picture set aside on the fridge and oddly his face had been blacked out. He bore an uncanny resemblance to the man Annabel had described. He was standing at a distance from the young woman and the look on her face indicated she was either scared or nervous. Taking the picture, he headed to the radio station to see if he could learn more there.

Higgins sat in the waiting area listening to the radio host, Donovan Black, as he finished his segment.

Higgins followed him into his office where he flopped into his chair and scrubbed his face the pizazz, suddenly gone. “I’m devastated!” Looking Detective Higgins directly in the eye he said, “Marcia was bright, bubbly, always had a good word, ready to jump in and handle any mishap and always with a beautiful smile that melted you to your toes. It was pure, sweet, sincere and from the heart.”

He choked up again. When he’d regained his composure he continued, “We knew there was a problem, a stalker we figured, but she refused to talk about it, said she’d left him behind when she moved from Alberta.”

“Did she give you a name, a description, anything that suggested he might have found her again?”

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