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Path Divided


“Not in so many words, but she was on edge, always made sure to leave in a group. Some of the excited, the bubbly had diminished, seemed forced; she was different, She tried to hide it of course, but her smile wasn’t as bright or ready. I tried talking with her about it, but she blew me off, said she wasn’t overly concerned.”

Holding out the picture he’d removed from her fridge, Higgins asked, “You ever see this guy hanging around?”

“Hell yeah, we had security escort him out of the reception area because he was a nuisance. They made a point of standing guard out front of the station until he left. He’d stay gone for a few days then he show up again and they’d escort him off the premises threatening the cops. In fact, I heard they did call the cops a couple of weeks back when he became rowdy and started yelling. I’m sure security will have a record of the incident.” He stopped for a moment, squeezing the photo tightly, “You think this is the guy, the stalker? You think he’s involved in her death?” he asked shaken to the core.

Surging to his feet he said, “God damn it, why didn’t I do something about him? Why didn’t we do more?”

“Not your fault Mr. Black. These types once fixated on a victim, can and often continue the onslaught for up to 14 years and if they stop, it’s because they’ve become fixated on another target. Our laws are far more rigorous now and he’s going to jail. If he was involved in her death, I’ll make damn sure he stays there.”

“I guess,” he sighed heavily, “it’s some consolation, but it won’t bring her back, will it?”

“No, sir, I’m afraid not.”

“Keep an eye out, I’ll inform security and I’ll have a police presence swing by daily in case he returns. I wished I could assure you that isn’t a possibility, but unfortunately, it’s his last connection with her and he could return in an attempt to keep that connection alive.”

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    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate your comment, truly. When nothing is said, just a click here and there, it’s difficult to tell whether what your writing is worthy or not. You re-write and write so many times, it sometimes becomes a bit of a haze. I appreciate your comment so much.

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