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Path Divided


With that, Higgins departed, returning to the station where he dropped into his chair and lamented the loss of such a lovely young woman with her whole life ahead of her. “Damn it!” he cried as he slammed a file folder on his desk. He was even more determined to catch the vile creep and ensure he never enjoyed another day of freedom the rest of his natural life!

His next stop was the coroner’s office. Brewster nodded hello and said, “No rest for the wicked. With you in a minute.”

Higgins leaned against the door jam waiting.
After cleaning up and removing his gloves, Brewster asked, “What’s up?”

“The McCormick case, got anything for me?”

“Hang on, ” he walked over to his desk and shoved a few files around, finally coming up with the one in question.

“Yeah, lovely young woman.” Opening the file, he shared the photos with Higgins, “See these marks here and here? She was strangled after being attacked. Someone shoved her, hard and she fell and hit her head on something, a rock from a look of the contusion, then she was shaken so violently that alone nearly snapped her neck. Then adding insult to injury, hey strangled her.”

“So a man did this?”

“Yeah, the brute force required alone suggests a man, and if you bring me the perp, I can guarantee you I’ll match his hands to the marks on her neck.”

“Thanks, Brewster, thanks very much.” Higgins was relieved.

“You got someone in mind?”

“I think so. Hopefully, when we catch the bastard, you can nail his coffin!”

Looking down at the photo of the young beauty, through gritted teeth Brewster remarked, “Such a waste of youth and potential. Pisses me off!”

“Couldn’t agree more, Brewster. I intend nailing this ass!”

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