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Path Divided


Sadly, she indicated, victims all too often mistakenly thought they could handle the situation themselves, discreetly, quietly, without involving anyone else due to embarrassment or the belief they wouldn’t be taken seriously or believed.

After collecting her electronics, he’d taken it to the IT experts who hacked in and found dozens of deleted emails and letters wherein Jeremy Walters expounded his deep and undying love and affection for the victim. As expected, they’d become volatile and abusive when she’d refused to respond.

There’d been a lull for about three months, during which all correspondence ended. Higgins realized the timing equated with her departure and arrival in British Columbia. She’d managed to mask her identity for a time, but he’d found her again and the onslaught began anew.

Now he had a name. Upon entering it into the database, he came up with a driver’s license, his picture and an outstanding cease and desist order. “Got you!” He immediately sent out a B.O.L.O. Hopefully his rash actions would result in his downfall.

He had to admit as he sashayed through his front door carrying dinner, he was enjoying coming home to find someone else present. Annabel was lively, friendly, offered companionship and although he attempted to deny the physical attraction, found her sexy as hell.

Using his foot to push the door closed behind him, his greeting was all-encompassing, “Hi all!”

Turning from the coffee pot, from which she’d scooped a cup of coffee, Annabel remarked, “Hi yourself. Oh yum, whatever you have there, smells heavenly and I’m starved.”

Reaching into the cupboard for plates, she placed them on the counter beside her. “I ordered lemon spareribs, caesar salad and apple pie for dessert.” He laughed before adding, “Sorry, I got so caught up at work, I forgot to call and ask if you liked spareribs.”

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