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Path Divided


“Hey, I got involved and didn’t realize how late it was. Good, you brought dinner. Here, let me help you plate this.” Before sitting to eat, she poured a second coffee and announced, “Heavenly! This smells absolutely heavenly.”

The pooches had been fed and laid at the end of the table watching with interest.

“So, how was your day?”

“Productive!” he announced between bites.

“Seems the young woman had a stalker, and after delving into her computer, we found a name and a photo matching the man you saw leaving the crime scene. We have our guy.”

“Thank god for that!”

“Now it’s just a matter of catching him.”

“Think it’s safe for me to move back home, or do you think he’s still interested in me?”

“I’d say your good where you are, for the time being. According to our surveillance, he’s tried using social media to learn where you are; pulled the ‘she might be in danger’ card in an attempt to draw out information. Fortunately, everyone close has been contacted and understands he’s an unknown, is aware he’s fishing and hasn’t handed out any information. It’s a dead-end for him.”

“He’s skilled at these tactics and because they worked on the victim, figures they’ll work as well in this situation. Which, it won’t!”

“No, it won’t, my friends and family won’t fall for that, particularly as I’ve been in contact with everyone and assured them I’m alright and it’s a temporary situation and will be resolved the second he’s caught.”

“He used every trick in the book to make Marcia McCormick’s life a living hell.” Between bites he added, “Of course from his demented perspective, he was showering her with love and affection, all the while terrifying her with threats to family and friends, even destroying property when she refused contact.”

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