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Path Divided


Standing and walking to her side, Higgins hunkered down in order to look her straight in her eyes, “This ends differently. You have the backing of family and friends, not to mention a police force on your side. What’s more, you have an intrepid detective ready to leap into action.” At the whine from Loki, and the paw he placed on her knee, Higgins added, “Correction, two…” and when Jersey joined in, continued, “Make that three intrepid warriors, ready willing and able to lend a hand slash paw.”

Annabel couldn’t help but smile. “Yeah,” patting both heads and looking Higgins in the eye she couldn’t help but remark, “I’m the lucky one yet I feel awful saying it.”

“Annabel, you were quite literally in the wrong place at the wrong time. Someone would have found her. If I’d been a couple of minutes earlier it would have been me.”

“You’re not to blame for what happened, you’re as innocent as she was. It’s all on him! He will be caught and incarcerated and we’ll make sure the full weight of the law is brought to bear. Her murder alone means he won’t see the light of day, but once I’m finished tagging him with all the other crimes he’s committed against her and now you, he’s more than done!”

They rose, cleared their plates and settled into an evening of cards with accompanying banter that had both laughing and enjoying the evening.

The following day, Higgins was sitting at his desk finishing up paperwork relating to another case when a call came in alerting dispatch Walters had been spotted outside a downtown restaurant where the Freemans were eating lunch. He’d managed to escape in a red sedan with the same Alberta plates Higgins had caught.

“Damn it!” Higgins barked before jumping to his feet rushing to his car and impatiently making his way to the restaurant. He probably figured the Freemans were his best bet at reaching Graham. He’d seen them together, knew they were close. The second Amber and Ted spotted him, Amber rushed toward him, a worried look on both faces. “Is Annabel ok?”

“She’s fine,” Higgins assured her.

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