Organize, it’s a good thing

To keep ideas ever flowing

Everything’s on track

They all think what a crackerjack

It’s second nature to me though

Now engulfed in afterglow

I had a plan, it was good

Before me the parade now stood

In a line, ready to start

Oh be still my beating heart

I smiled with delight, I’d done my part

Never the horse before the cart

Now all could relax and enjoy the show

Concerns, worries now forego

It went off without a hitch

My eye, it did not twitch

Would I enjoy as much

From the sidelines as such

No no I, I think to myself

It was a joy in and of itself






Blindsided 72


Page 72 –  It gets personal for Max and Craig

“Now you’re here, the party can begin,” Craig quipped.

“Right on.”

“Here, Cassy, allow me.”  Myerson took the kettle from unresisting hands prepared to make tea.  “Where do I find the makings?”

“Bags are in the cupboard above the stove,” Maggy told him.

“Listen, do you think anyone will get back to sleep tonight?” she asked.

“Doubtful,” Cassy replied. “I’m as wide awake as a cat on a cold night.”

“So, why don’t I, make us breakfast then?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Cassy agreed appreciatively.  Before long the sun was shining brightly, and well fed, they took turns showering and changing.  Cassy decided to inspect their handiwork on the flowers outside.  Myerson was right behind her.

“Cassy, wait!” he ordered.

Chapter 7

Having preceded her out to the front steps, he found an envelope laying on the stoop.  “Inside,” he commanded, “now!”  Half pulling half leading her, they hurried around the back and entered the way they’d come.

“He’s been here, wanted to rub it in our faces,” Max informed the others. Carefully opening the envelope with a handkerchief, he was shocked at the pictures he found inside.  “God damn!”



Blindsided  73                                                                           Blindsided 71








I waited longingly for the UPS delivery

Inside, hopefully a  world of discovery

Including the hoped for expression of love

Sent from the man I adore far and above

Together, our lives forever spent sharing

All that was new amid great caring

Flying to far off geology digs

Whether Colorado, Canada, I didn’t give a fig

For we were destined to share time and space

All to be cherished, nothing common place




Blindsided 71


Page 71 –  Placing an arm around her

Returning inside, an intensely fun game of Canasta ensued.  Cassy called it, she was done.  Her eyes couldn’t handle any more.  “Sorry, I’m done.”

“I’ll join you shortly, Cassy,” Myerson promised.

While Cassy tucked in, her trusty knight at her side, Myerson made his rounds.  The house was quiet.  Once completed, he settled onto his make-shift bed and watched Cassy.  Although their acquaintance was short, she’d made an impression.  She had guts, smarts, determination; all qualities he admired.  He found her quiet elegance and style just as appealing.

 He allowed himself to doze, instantly awake the moment she got up.  “Everything ok?” he asked concerned, hopping up to join her.

“Yes, fine, my eyes are really bothering me.  I need to use the night-time cream.  It means I won’t be able to see much and I hate it, but it’s essential, so Dr. Jamison says.”

“I was thinking of making some tea.  Care to join me?  It means you’ll have to literally be my guide because it’s impossible to see with this stuff in my eyes.”

“Absolutely on both counts.”

 His watch said it was five twenty-five.  Placing an arm firmly around her shoulders he helped her down the stairs and into the kitchen.  She claimed she was ok making tea and he completed a quick sweep before joining her. Craig was already up and at Myerson’s questioning look declared, “Nothing so far.”

Hearing the movement downstairs, a sleepy Maggy dressed in a bright pink robe and slippers, joined them.  “Hey, were you going to party without me?”


Blindsided 72                                                                   Blindsided 70



He sat glaring, in silence as he noted

Nothing had changed here, as life unfolded

This whimsical sleepy town was as before

From coffee shop to quaint old bookstore

He’d longed to leave the sleepy hollow

Never in his father’s footsteps to follow

Although his father with pride decreed

He’d find a place here, he would succeed

In seeing it for the potential it had

Encouraging him to use it as a launch pad

For the latest novel he’d written

He’d left it all behind he didn’t fit in

Yet in the depths of his soul

Intrigue he couldn’t quite control

For she caught his eye, red hair whipping

About a face that was beautiful, interesting

Laughing and smiling her joy for all to see

Arms outstretched to a child on bended knee

Perhaps he’d stay awhile and discover

If this town really had something to offer








As tears coursed down her cheeks

The chili was spicy, she couldn’t speak

Oh it was heaven indeed

Magnificent she degreed

A chili cook-off before her spread

Twenty or thirty she needed bread

To clear her pallet to taste the rest

Somehow she’d been eternally blessed

Tasting a variety of chili of all kinds

All prepared to the rules and confines

Of the contest pure and simple

Her eyes were atwinkle

This was a day that certainly won

A smile of approval and a well done




Blindsided 70

Page 70 – Craig arrives


 She laughed, “Canasta.”

“Sure, I’m game.”

“I understand you know Myerson, and this is my best friend, Cassy.”

After shaking hands, she offered, “There are left-overs if you’re hungry.”

Taking Myerson’s hand, he replied, “Thanks, just ate.”

“It’s been awhile.”

“Yeah, that thing in Nanaimo a few years back.”

“That turned out well.”

“It sure did.  Before we get started, let’s take a walk.  We’ll be right back,” Myerson informed them.

He led Craig outside and as they walked the perimeter, Max filled him in explaining his plan.

“This is a little more serious than your normal stalker then.”

“He’s out of control and it could get pretty nasty, Craig.  The ladies are in real danger, especially Cassy.  Keep your eyes open and monitor everything.  The pics received from Cassy’s grandmother, while an excellent description, were evaluated.  It seems our friend is a master of disguise; he was wearing a wig, probably coloured contacts, and other enhancements.  We showed the picture around all with the same results; he seems vaguely familiar, but no one can explain why.”

Blindsided 71                                                              Blindsided 69

Blindsided 69


Page 69 – Your back, he’s back

Myerson had always been a dog person, but he didn’t mind cats either.

Maggy cleared the table and strolled outside.  “He’s back!  omg, I’m so glad he’s ok.  Hey, Porsche remember me?”  Turning his green eyes her way he mewed and continued eating.

“Guess that’s a yes.”

The outdoor garden next to the dining room was in good shape requiting a little water while the other gardens required a bone meal and fertilizer which Cassy hauled out from the garage.  When they were finished they turned their attention to the front yard.  The urns, bordering the front perimeter received some tlc after which they mowed the lawn.  d Myerson took that task on finishing as dusk settled upon them.  “Not a bad day’s work.”  Myerson said.  “I now see why people get into gardening.  It’s relaxing and fun, with the right person.”  He walked to her side and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

“Game on?”  Cassy asked.

“Your back, he’s back, guaranteed.”

“Well then, is this what you want?”  Cassy grabbed hold of his shirt and drew him closer, inching toward his lips her eyes on his.  What started out as an experimental kiss quickly changed into hot need.  Maggy popped out the front door to join them and they broke apart.  “I seem to be getting better at interrupting.  You’d almost think I had a game plan,” she smirked.

“What are we up to for entertainment?”

“I have several decks of cards.  We could try another game of canasta when the other constable arrives.”

They finished putting the garden gear away and entered through the French doors in the dining room to set up the table as the doorbell rang.  Maggy announced, “Got it!”

Opening the door, she greeted him with, “Hey.”

“Hi, Craig Garrison and you’re Maggy?”

Maggy offered her hand, “Maggy Davidson.  Pleased to meet you.”  Once inside, she said, “I hear you’re my love interest.”

“Couldn’t have pulled a better assignment!” he responded with a broad smile ‘and how’ he thought.

“We were just about to play cards.  You interested?”  Maggy asked.


Blindsided 70                                                                        Blindsided 68




Children laughing gleefully,

Eagerly awaiting their turn to play

Amused and happy as could be,

Running to each display.


A kaleidoscope of colour,

The carousel seemed plain

A merry-go-round in multicolour,

Around they twirled again.


My heart stopped when I spotted you,

I was unable to explain

I’d felt nought but an old shrew,

Joy filled my heart, removing my distain.


Upon a unicorn so beautiful

While standing alone, epitomy of grace

Until I thought I was delusional

As a distant memory I would trace


Something in your stance beckoned me,

I could not resist and to you quickly went

My heart suddenly filled with so much glee,

Upon reaching you, I was clearly spent


Standing, staring with loving affection

One I certainly could not explain

For though sidelined you were perfection

As childhood memories flooded me again


Remembering the fun I’d shared

My arms tight upon your neck

Countless rides,  once paired

Nothing here was circumspect


My love for the carousel though long forgot

Was instantly brought back

The joy of riding you no longer afterthought

Details bright and clear no longer a flashback














Blindsided 68


Page 68 – A Woman after my own heart

“Ooops, sorry.”

“How are we going to arrange the sleeping situation?”

“I brought a sleeping bag and blow up mattresses, which I’ll put in Cassy’s room but the detective and I will take turns bunking in the front room.”

“Got ‘cha.”

“Well, the radio still works, so we can probably catch a tune or two.  “And, I brought dinner,” Maggy offered.

“This looks good.  A woman after my own heart,” he suggested, winking at her.

“What have we got here?”

“Barbecued chicken, coleslaw, macaroni salad, and donuts.”

“How did you know?” he asked.

“An educated guess!” She winked back.

Cassy had a few dishes left so they loaded them into the dishwasher then sat on the few remaining chairs around the dining room table.

“That was good.  Thanks, Maggy, my treat next time.”  Myerson offered.

“I thought I’d go and play round in the gardens for a bit.”  Cassy suggested.

“I’ll help!”  Myerson quickly offered,” But you’ll have to direct me, I know little to nothing about flowers.”

“Deal!” Cassy instantly agreed.

They were putting around in the garden, when Cassy spotted Porsche.  “Porsche, baby cat!  Come here!”  He peered about assessing the situation before hurrying to her side.  He mewed and rubbed against her, obviously as happy to see her as she was to see him.  Picking him up, she said, “Oh baby cat, I’m so happy you’re safe.”  She hugged him close, patting every piece of him she could reach.  “I was so afraid for you.”  He ate up the attention, and rubbed and licked her hands and when he’d finally had enough loving, pushed out of her arms and headed to his bowl.

 Myerson smiled, “He obviously adores you.”

“I adore him too!  He’s 91 now, but he’s as agile as ever and smart as a whip.  You’ll see soon enough.”

Blindsided 69                                                                           Blindsided 67









I was all set to amble through the mall

When I smelled a pure siren’s call

Amble became hurry, hurry became rush

Making my way through all the hush

I sniffed, I inhaled, I smelled the aroma

Be still my heart, there was mocha

Teasing, taunting, drawing me forward

The scent without let-up moved me onward

A line-up at the counter I stood exposed

As my nostrils flared, I all but bulldozed

Into the midst of the ever growing line

Until I was holding my little goldline

Delicious, aromatic, heaven in a cup

Don’t talk, don’t speak, don’t chat me up

Those first testing samples landed on my tongue

Glorious, wonderful, delightful my bell they had rung

A momentous moment to be sure I extolled

My first cup of coffee I lovingly behold

All is right with the world now you see

Never would I so yearn for a cup of tea

Delicious coffee wrapped in my hands

Decidedly all was good in the land




Blindsided 67


Blindsided 67 – Making appearances

“You think that will work?”

“I believe so; he’ll be crazed with jealously and the need to prove himself to you.”

“Who do you suggest?” she smirked.  “I don’t have any lovers hanging around to call in on short notice.”

“Then we create one.”

“If he doesn’t know I’m a cop, and it isn’t likely, I can pose as your significant other, and protect you as well.”

“Really, you’d do that for me?” She simply couldn’t resist and he found the Cheshire grin covering her face absolutely delightful.

“Of course!  Some sacrifices are worth the risk,” he smiled.

“Seriously, Cassy, it will work.”

“What do you suggest we do?”

 “Start making appearances together, lunch here, dinner there, early morning coffee, and it wouldn’t hurt for him to see me leaving late or early.”

“Do you think that’s likely?”

“Perhaps better when you’re in your own place.”

Turning to Maggy he continued, “The plan will work better if you assist, Maggy. You prepared to stay at Cassy’s?”

 “As what, a chaperone?” she laughed.

“No,” he smiled, “as a third party added distraction.”

“Sure.  What do I do?”

“We’re going to enlist the assistance of another officer, from another division.”

“Won’t that seem odd if we both show up with newly acquired love interests?”

“It could, but then, love has its own agenda.  Don’t you think?”

“Well, I’m certainly game if you are.”

“Good, I’ll make the call.  Get it set up.”

Although she probably should have made those calls Myerson suggested, she decided to head over to her home and finish up with an all willing Maggy.

“What are you going to do for furniture, Cassy?”

“I don’t think there’s any point in replacing my things yet.  It would be pointless in case he decided on another go on the house which could prove futile and costly while giving him another way to control me.”

“Don’t you think he’s done with that little ploy?”

“No, I don’t.  I think it’s just the beginning.”

“I sure hope not, Cassy.”

“I’m so afraid he’ll turn his attention to you or my family.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about me, I’m well protected, I’m with you,” she snickered.  “And whoever Myerson comes up with. Think I should have put in a request?”

Cassy laughed, “Certainly.  Let’s see, sexy, smart, adept, good conversationalist, what else?”

“Cassy, you know me too well,” she howled.

 They attacked the bedroom and upstairs bath, and were nearly done when Myerson showed up.  “Look at you!”  Cassy remarked, “Looking all sexy in that cute little get up.”

“Hey, I’m supposed to be in love, remember?  That means, relaxed look.  Don’t tell me you disapprove,” he said a pained look upon his face.

“No, not at all.  Does the show begin now?”

“It wouldn’t hurt to practice,” he said, pulling her into his arms, “we need to look relaxed and comfortable with each other if this is to be believable,” he explained.  Before she could reply, he kissed her slowly, deliberately, teasing, seeking, tasting. His head spun and his stomach churned.  He definitely got more than he’d bargained for.  He noticed, when her eyes opened, they showed signs of shock as well.  Neither of them had anticipated this reaction.


“That was something.”

Maggy walked in and turned right back around intending a hasty exit. Ok, then.

“Maggy, you don’t have to leave.”


Blindsided 68                                                                                Blindsided 66






An evening swim under moonlight,

Waters shimmer such a delight

Beckoning, welcoming though midnight,

Refreshing scintillating oh so bright

Cares concerns each now forgotten,

As water glides across limbs like satin

Cooly sweet delightfully beguiling,

Provocative, intoxicating had me smiling

A feeling of elegance so carefree,

Recalled with delight from memory

Such were the days so long ago

Never once a turbulant underflow

Memories that brought pleasure and pain

Oh how I wished I could experience again

The beauty of the lakes shimmer

Instead recollections only a glimmer








Blindsided 66

“You think that will work?”

“I do.  He’ll be crazed with jealously and the need to prove himself to you.”

“Who do you suggest?” she smirked.  “I don’t have any lovers hanging around to call in on such short notice.”

“Well, then we create one.”

“If he doesn’t know I’m a cop, and it isn’t likely, I can pose as your significant other, and protect you as well.”

“Really, you’d do that for me?” She simply couldn’t resist and he found the Cheshire grin covering her face absolutely delightful.

“Of course!  Some sacrifices are worth the risk,” he smiled.

“Seriously, Cassandra, it will work.”

“What do you suggest we do?”

“Start making appearances together, lunch here, dinner there, early morning coffee, and it wouldn’t hurt for him to see me leaving late or early.”

“Do you think that’s likely?”

“Perhaps better when you’re in your own place.”

Turning to Maggy he continued, “The plan will work better if you assist, Maggy. You prepared to stay at Cassy’s?”

“As what, a chaperone?” she laughed.

“No,” he smiled, “as a third party, and as an added distraction.”

“Sure.  What do I do?”

“We’re going to enlist the assist of another officer, from another division.”

“Won’t that seem odd if we both show up with newly acquired love interests?”

Page 67                                                                                 Page 65








The glance he cast was casual

Unhurried light and natural

His interest in this fascinating woman

That ellicited his ardor though not sudden

For he’d watched her days on end

An enthusiasm he need not pretend

Her laughter pure and sweet

Musical and always so upbeat

Her personality drew him in

Often leaving him in a tail spin

One glance was all he required

To make the introduction desired

His curiosity was at its pique

Knowing her would be unique













Blindsided 65

“Perhaps a little sigh is in order,” he quipped.

Several days passed without incident; no new emails, no contact of any kind. Perhaps he’d found another unfortunate prey she thought torn between hope for herself and despair for another.  Still it was a welcome relief.

Meanwhile, he was hard at work forging her signature and nearly maxing out her credit card; systematically destroying everything that gave her independence.  When she had no money or friends left to run to, she’d be ripe for the picking.  

Maggy picked up the mail from Shawna containing a pile of letters from the store along with a few personal letters as well.

Cassy sat with a cup of coffee and together they went through the stack.  She had Maggy read them out.  “That’s not possible, Maggy.  I can’t be overdrawn, I haven’t used my Credit cards lately, except for the trips down island. This isn’t correct, there’s some kind of mistake here.”

“Yeah, like identity theft.”

“Oh my god, it’s him, it has to be.  Jesus, I need to get Myerson on the phone.”

Myerson dropped by to collected the information.  “You’ll have to contact all these creditors and a lawyer.  Have him run interference for you.  You won’t be responsible for what he’s bought, and the card companies will reimburse you.  In the meantime, it’s going to make life very difficult.  Have them issue a new number for your personal use, and if any other comes up, refuse it.”

“I was going to the house to finish up but I guess this takes precedence.”

“I’m sorry Cassandra.”

“This is so disheartening.”

“Don’t give up hope, Cassy, he’s tying the noose tighter and tighter.”

Hurt at heart she snapped, “When?”

“He’s smart, that’s a given, but he’s also getting impatient and making mistakes, so, although we don’t know what his game plan is, if we push him, he’ll crack.  He figures you’re in love with him, remember. We need to push back.  Rather, you need to push back, throw a lover in his face.”

Page 66                                                                            Page 64   


Wrap your Head around This!? Not possible.






Ok, I’ve read over the past few months, more and more examples of people finding “pets” whether dogs or cats, abandoned without thought or care – the solution?  leaving the animal caged in an empty home, thrown off a bridge, or tied in a bag and left to die.  An alternative was possible was it not?  Take them to a shelter, pound s.p.c.a. and deal with the situation humanely – I mean seriously?????

I can’t, absolutely can’t wrap my head around the abandonment, the cruelty, the disregard for life involved here.  Seriously!  Every animal IS a life and deserves to be treated with utmost respect and dignity.

I have had countless cats and a few dogs during my time on earth, and considered each a part of the family.  We talked to them, taught them tricks, to interact, and welcomed them as part of our life.

One pet was fed some form of poison and we had to put it down.  The neighbourhood was under seige and a total of 25 or so pets had been systematically poisoned.  Ours was by no means the only one and my heart (then a child) went out to all the other pet owners.  I remember the neighbours talking across their fences about the cruelty and suffering.  We were one of but several casualties to the cruelty, but I remember taking no solace in that fact.

It’s one thing when a pet is suffering severe illness or in grave pain and watching their eyes tear up as they try to make it across the room for food, outside, or even for affection.

I have to wonder at what it takes to be that cold hearted, that cruel, and yes, that viscious to abandon an animal in the first place, but by adding the depth of cruelty on top of it?

Part of the problem as I see it, is pets for presents.  The cat or dog gets pregnant or sick and or the novelty simply wears off and it’s cast aside like and unused toy.

I had to rant today as the latest pictures was of a cat rescued by a captain on a ship after it was tossed from a bridge into a fast moving river all because it was pregnant.  The look of sheer terror on that little face was heartwrenching.

I look at Porsche and Abbey and cringe when they tackle an unknown foe (usually racoons) and bravely soldier on, (Porsche is the worst for standing his ground) but he does so time and again.

We’de moved into a new apartment.  He’d never talked.  He’d been a birthday present and for the first year of his life, said nothing, not one single mew.  Then, just before his first birthday, he spoke, well, yowelled.  Who knew, it was a male not a female.  He was neutered and suddenly came to life, mewing, cooing, purring, and running as if reborn.

The second most surprising thing was listening to him growl like a dog.  The manager came to inspect the apartment and said she’d heard we had a dog.  I opened the door as she was immediately on attack mode when Porsche rounded the corner headed her way and growled.  I laugh still remembering her backing to the apartment door across from me and saying, “You don’t have a dog, you have a cat that definitely growls like a dog!”  And yes he does.  He chooses who he believes are friends and those that should not darken our doorstep and he’s still my little guard cat walking the perimiter of the house, guarding us as well as bringing us presents whether it be mice or birds.

I can’t imagine harming this “little” fellow for anything in the world, not when he newly arrived or now that he’s instilled as part of the family. So no, I can’t wrap my head around cruelty to animals, well any creature whether human or not.

Rant over.










You are my partner in crime,

A partner I cherish for all time

Never first, never last,

Loving you so unabashed,

My partner in life,

Whom I glad call my wife

And through all the ups and downs,

My love for you still holds no bounds

Through life’s journey we have trod,

Sometimes interesting, always awed

By the love that binds us still,

So many dreams we have fulfilled

And though our time is now short,

Our life together, a work of art,

A canvas full of bright new colours,

Always filled with hope and wonder








Blindsided 64


Page 64 –  A sigh of relief


Some glitch in the system delayed the police and they hadn’t visited her regarding the situation.  However, when they arrived, it was to find a ruffled, feisty older lady and her nurse, only too willing to give them a description of the blatantly obvious “rap-scallion” who’d shown up calling himself an insurance broker. Following an in-depth description of the incident and all that transpired, they promised to go to head-quarters the following day and meet with an artist for a composite.

The officers smiled at each other as they left; between the two tough old ladies, they probably could.  Myerson was contacted and a patrol car assigned to guard the ladies until such times as they could meet with the police artist and until further notice.

Constable Shaw received notification and phoned Myerson and explained.  As suspected, Myerson tore a strip off Shaw.  He’d expected that.  Well, at least he’d put a guard on the ladies and that simmered him down a bit.

With the artist’s rendering in hand, Myerson visited Cassy.  “We’ve reached phase two.”

“Now that’s a very cryptic remark!” she noted, a question in her eyes.

“The perp has been to see your grandmother in Parksville; the local police just called.”

“How did that happen?” she asked alarmed.

“It’s ok, Cassy,” he said reassuringly.  “In fact, it’s better than ok.  Both your grandmother and Mrs. Wilson have given an excellent description to the officers and an artist.  They sent a copy to me; tell me if the face seems familiar,” he suggested.

Taking the picture from him she said, “No, I can’t say it is. Perhaps Maggy might recognize him.”

“Mags.  Come see what you think!”

“I don’t know, there’s something vaguely familiar about him that I can’t explain.”

“He probably keeps a low profile.  He would skirt facing you directly until he’s ready to make his move.”

“Once the description is circulated to all your friends, relatives, acquaintances, anyone and everyone who might know who he is, he won’t be able to hide.  He’s marked.”

“Dare I breathe a sigh of relief?”


Blindsided 65                                                                            Blindsided 63




A symphony of beauty met my eyes,

Sunrise the thing for which I arise

A symphony of melody, beauty, and colour,

A gift so wonderous it made my heart flutter

A symphony, soft, elegant, then rich and bold,

Such an exquisite event to behold

A symphony, its abundance free to all,

On canvas, I wished to capture a windfall

This symphony of beauty filling my soul,

That played on, it’s beauty extol

A symphony I’d never tire of,

As each day I once again fall in love

With the symphony of promise it held,

As a joyous whisper I quickly expelled

A symphony bright beautiful and clear,

As each day I waited for it to appear.





Blindsided 63


Page 63 – Grandma fights back



 “Why didn’t she call me?”

 “I’m sure I don’t know, Mira.  May I call you Mira?”

 “No, you may not.”

 “What do I have to do?”

 “Just sign these forms, and we’ll get the paper work under way so she can begin replacing her things.  Too bad about the antiques though; I doubt they are salvageable.”

 “All of them? “she asked” her sharp eyes missing nothing.

 “It would appear so, from the claims she’s put together.”

 “How did the insurance lapse?  That’s not like Cassy.”

 “Perhaps an oversight, or perhaps something happened at the office.  I’m still investigating.”

 “I’ll call her right now.”  Mrs. Jeffreys said.

 “That won’t be necessary.  I said I’d take care of this so she didn’t have to worry about it.  Quite frankly, she didn’t want you to know.  She was concerned about your health.”

 “My health, pah!  Fit as a fiddle, I am.”

 “You do what you need to Mr. Evers.  I’ll get in touch with Cassy later give her a piece of my mind.”

 “Well, if you’ll sign here, I’ll be on my way.”

 “Ain’t signing nothing, Mister until I talk to Cassy.”

 “Have it your way, Mrs. Jeffreys, just thought you might want to help out so she doesn’t have to outwait the red tape.”

 “On your way, Mr. Evers.”

 “Show him the door, Mrs. Wilson.”

 “As you wish, Mrs. Jeffreys.”

 The nurse was stronger than she looked, and grabbed him by the upper arm, and dragged him toward the door.  “Let go of me you battle axe.”

 “Get out!” she said, opening the door.  He only had one choice, leave of his own volition, and save face, or allow her to throw him out. 

 “You’re going to regret this!” he promised.


Blindsided 64                                                                           Blindsided 62







Annie had lived on the small island for years. She loved it here.  Untouched 100 year old forest surrounded her home.  Their homes.  In total 500 homes dotted the island.  Everyone knew everyone’s business.  It was a given.

Her closest neighbour was a half mile away; elderly cranky, tough widow Laferty.  Having made an effort to get to know her, Annie knew the outer shell covered a gentle soul that shone brightly the more you knew her.

Foggy weather was common, expected, usual for this time of year.  Today however, as she gazed out over the ocean and watched the fog roll toward them, she felt a difference.  It neither felt right or the same, but held an eerie quality she couldn’t explain.

It wasn’t the colour, although that could be why feelings of unease rose.  A mix of haze, white on the outside but centered with a deep gray blue disquieted her.  This wasn’t the usual mottled gray plume she’d witnessed over the years and was used to.  It was menacing, menacing in a way she couldn’t explain.

Not one given to histeria or flights of fancy, the idea struck her as completely odd.  She turned walking inside her cabin letting the screen door slam behind her.  Picking up her half filled coffee cup, she returned to the clay sculpture she’d been working on.

Fired by the odd mood she worked feverishly without let up, moulding, sculpting, correcting, smoothing.  As she stood back to inspect her latest work of art, her eyes were drawn to the window.  It was formidably dark and she was forced to amp up the generator for added light.

Again drawn outside, she wiped her hands, poured a fresh coffee and returned to the front door. The eerie foggy mist had closed in surrounding the cabin and the trees.  It was impossible to see 10 feet in front of the door.

Still unsettled, Annie turned, grabbed a flashlight and headed outside.  She felt an unclear but urgent need to check on Mrs. Laferty.  Dawning a heavy jacket with a fleece lined hood, she moved down the porch and onto a well marked path.

It was impossible to hurry, the fog was too thick, yet she felt impelled to do so, as if she were being called.  What insanity was that? she wondered with a shiver that rolled down her body.  Still she couldn’t shake the feelings of desperation that dogged every step.

Noting the ground cover and signs of passing trees and underbrush, she knew exactly where she was, knew she’d reach Mrs. Laferty in another five minutes.  She listened as her feet crunched on a mix of gravel and needles.

She felt more than saw the gate to Mrs. Laferty’s home.  Opening the white picket gate, she hurried toward the door and knocked rapidly and loudly.  When there was no answer she tried again.  Three times in fact, each with more intensity than the last.

Suddenly the door flew open and a tall dark and mysterious man stood before her, dressed casually in jeans, heavy boots and T-shirt.  Her eyes traveled to his face, a beautifuly face, one any artist would gladly fervently sculpt. Shockingly blue eyes, dark hair with a fringe hanging over his forehead, dimples and swarthy skin met her eye.  He was eye-candy for an artist.

“Who are you?” she asked a mix of shock, appreciation and anger laced through her voice.

“I live here.  Who are you and what do you want?”

“I’m here to check on Mrs. Laferty.”

“She isn’t here.  Her kids came to take her to the mainland.  I bought the place.”

“When?  When did this happen, I was here only last week.”

“You are wrong.  I bought the place a month ago and moved in yesterday.”

“That’s impossible!”

“Not debatable as I’m obviously here!” he smirked an unsettling smile.  Not one of amusement or welcome, but decidedly unsettling to her mind and oddly her heart.

“Care to come in?”

“No, thanks, I was checking on Mrs. Laferty but since she’s gone, then, no need.”

“Oh I think there is a need.  Perhaps you haven’t felt it yet, but it will come.”

She stared momentarily, both intrigued and disturbed by the remark.  Lifting a hand in fairwell, she turned to retrace her steps.  She let the gate slam behind her and only then turned to look back.  He was leaning one arm over his head against the doorframe, his legs crossed nonchalantly, a smile on his face, his itense blue eyes watchful.

What was she supposed to make of that?  His remark, his virile looks and the studying gaze he watched her with?

Blindsided 62


Page 62 – Thinking ahead

 He’d head down island tomorrow morning, early.  As long as she was staying at her friend’s place, he wouldn’t have the access he desired, a slight miscalculation on his part, but one that could be rectified. 

 Granny Jeffreys lived in Parksville.  He brought up Map Quest and input the address.  Ah, there she was.

 He’d dressed in a grey business suit and knocked on the door.  He was a little surprised when a nurse answered.  Nice property, probably had money.  It made sense.

“Is Mrs. Jeffreys in?”

 “Who are you?” she asked pointedly

I’m Stan Evers from Qualified Insurance.”

 “What’s your business here, Evers?”  Nasty old bitch, it’s none of your business.

 Outwardly polite, showing no real inner emotion, he continued, “Ms. Jeffreys policy is about to expire.  We have an appointment.”

 “Well she…”

“Who is it, Mrs. Wilson?”

 “He says he’s your insurance agent, says you have an appointment.”

 “No, I never made an appointment.  What is it you want, Mr. Evers?  You’re not my agent.”

 “Mr. Franks is ill.  I was called in as a replacement.”

 “Come in Mr. Evers and state your case.  Then I’ll decide whether to call your head office or not.”

 “Certainly.”  Tough old bird he thought.  He hadn’t counted on that.  She’d remember him he was sure of it; might have to do something about that, he decided.  Either way, he was in, and about to drop the bomb shell.

 “Your granddaughter, Cassy is it, has listed you as next of kin on her insurance.” the old woman started.  “There’s been an accident with her car and her insurance is null and void.  Since you are both covered by Qualified Insurance, it is a minor technicality to add her to your coverage for the time being until we get the matter sorted out.  Her house was ransacked as well and that insurance lapsed a year ago.”


Blindsided 63                                                                                Blindsided 61


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Three







Three wise men of old,

Captured for eternity in gold

They have strong faces,

Although not famous

A story captured in their eyes

Of open spaces and clear skies

A history of a people’s journey

Secured in a photo, not wordy

Nameless now but not forgotten

Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn

They stand guard over the past

Their likenesses forever last

So others may continue the tale

Their story and struggles to prevail

This picture is of a painting in Chemainus ( a mural to be exact), one of many I have taken there.  Each time the picture speaks to me of something different, another story, another tale to be remembered.  It lingers in my thoughts forevermore.