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Long, hard slog today writing the Great American Tweet.
(That was it…what do you think? Pulitzer?)
– Greg Tamblyn

When Thoreau wrote: “Simplify, simplify, simplify!” shouldn’t he have edited it down to “Simplify!”?
– CrankyPappy ‏@CrankyPappy

I am a writer. If I seem cold, it ‘s because I am surrounded by drafts.
– (Unknown Author)



Slam dunk football strut

Shake your booty shake your butt

Models strutting on the catwalk

While wearing a gorgeous frock

Fred Astaire strutting his stuff

Debonair sure enough

Villains huffing and puffing

Strutting while bluffing

A peacocks beautiful feathers

Preening for good measure

Will Smith in Prince of Bel Aire

Nothing can quite compare

John Travolta remembered well

Strutted without parallel

Awe yes strutting can be fun

With a cocky smile and your done




A ghoulish apparition stood before me

My knees knocked and I wanted to…plea

In my sleep deprived altered state

I wasn’t sure what I saw and began to fixate

It was ghoulishly late as twas meant to be

Strange laughter sounded like a banshee

Stay still don’t move it will pass by

As I crouched still silent unmoving nearby

Please keep going I muttered in my head

Oh how I’d rather be home in my bed

Than taking up the gauntlet to prove

I would not scare easily thereby reprove

All the neigh-sayers who boldly scorned

I coudn’t last the night in the ghost town

The challenge placed on my face a frown

I would win, all bets stood in the balance

Not just my silly pride, trying for nonchalance

Oh hell no, I’m so out of here

I turned to run and fell on my rear

A hand reached out to help me up

With hands shaking I was a grownup

Never intending to grasp hold

Feeling far less than sincerely bold

Accepting the challenge I held on tight

Eyes shinging brightly a shaft of moonlight

Lit the apparition before me so tall

He was not ghostly not ghostly at all

I knew him from the tour taken before

He was the tall gent from the bookstore

I know not whether I won the bet that night

But we surely had fun dancing in the moonlight









He was a comic true

Witty through and through

He left us all in stitches

With laughter and hitches

Laughing until we hurt

So delightful was his mirth

He hid his own pain well

It was impossible to tell

The depth of sorrow felt

And where he often dwelt

Compassion care and love

Second nature, like a glove

Yet deep within his psyche

Lived sorrow oh so mighty

He left us all too soon

From his death, we’re not immune

Leaving in his wake

Both laughter and heartache







Conincidence is define as” chance fortunity serendipity happenstance fate.

Therefore brought to mind one of my favourite movies.  Serendipity.  So, that is my response to coincidence.  Particularly as I don’t believe much in coincidence – they are few and rare to my way of thinking.  But I loved the movie!  🙂









I was all set to amble through the mall

When I smelled a pure siren’s call

Amble became hurry, hurry became rush

Making my way through all the hush

I sniffed, I inhaled, I smelled the aroma

Be still my heart, there was mocha

Teasing, taunting, drawing me forward

The scent without let-up moved me onward

A line-up at the counter I stood exposed

As my nostrils flared, I all but bulldozed

Into the midst of the ever growing line

Until I was holding my little goldline

Delicious, aromatic, heaven in a cup

Don’t talk, don’t speak, don’t chat me up

Those first testing samples landed on my tongue

Glorious, wonderful, delightful my bell they had rung

A momentous moment to be sure I extolled

My first cup of coffee I lovingly behold

All is right with the world now you see

Never would I so yearn for a cup of tea

Delicious coffee wrapped in my hands

Decidedly all was good in the land