I did not expect this –

This unspoken bliss

Happiness found each day

In the small things you say

In all you do and all you are

Giving unselfishly, raising the barr

Surrounded by unconditional love

You fill my heart – innocent of

Expectation, demand nor imply

Payment in return – no outcry

Fairness truth justice you give

All you expect is that I live

My days filled with sunshine and warmth

Living life to the fullest forever transformed

From what once was – now living a charmed

Life – I wake to an existence full of such joy

Eagerly spending each day in your company






Engelbert Humperdinck – Please release me – 1989


Engelbert Humperdinck really had an amazing voice. It was memorable, deep warm, all encompasing.  Elvis Presley’s voice contained the same memorable qualities.  Over the years, there have been a few singers that enjoyed that depth and almost undefinable quality.  Hope the  url worked for those of you who wish to remember and those of you who haven’t enjoyed his voice.

Enjoy. 🙂



Feel the fear and do it anyway

A phrase I’ve thought of, daily

Brave to reach into the past

Seeking answers, flabbergast

Brave to reach out to the future

No longer remaining in a stupor

Brave to reach into your bag of tricks

Living each day with humour and hijinks

Brave to reach out and face

Daily battles in the first place

Brave to reach out and reach for the stars

Including sadness and fun in your memoirs

Brave to reach out, truthfully speaking

From your heart about what is appealing

Brave to reach out and simply be heard

Even when others think it absurd





If only I could express to you

Every feeling not an overview

Express as eloquently as poets do

The depth of feeling I have for you

Rich vibrant soulful and more

Yet I hang a note on your door

Avoiding everything that I feel

Content to watch and thereby steal

A moment of your time instead

Voicing my love nothing unsaid

Alas you are not in my stratosphere

And I let all my concern and fears

Hobble my intellect, thereby neglect

The truth of what I feel left unchecked

Wishing upon a star in the sky

That I was different, that other guy

The one that wraps an arm around your waist

Laughing joking teasing and has you embraced

Inside silent words, firmly lovingly delightful real

Remain unspoken, whispering all I lovingly feel





Risky business, falling in love

Hoping another cares, the recipient of

Devotion, affection, and ardour too

Throwing ones life into disorder, who knew

Your up, your down, all over the place

A silly ear to ear grin lighting your face

Risky business, walking away

Hoping you’ll find someone some day

That loves you with all of their heart

Someone to cleave to, who’ll never depart

Risky business, letting them go

As they move onward with life, you know

Growing changing taking risks of their own

Becoming someone special, each a gemstone

Risky business, this growing up into

Someone worthy of knowing, living up to

What we believe in ourselves to be right

Filled now with knowledge and much insight






Ascend into certainty

By your side most assuredly

Unwavering love devotion too

Nothing here to misconstrue

I’m yours now and forever

No matter, wherever

Two peas in a pod that’s you and me

So happy and always carefree

My love for you stands the test of time

Without reason or rhyme

You are the one I want to be with

Renewing my vow I forthwith

Deliver with open arms

Though there may be storms

You light up my life every day

My heart you often slay

With simple touches and looks

The stuff you read about in books

No it’s not a fairytale my love

My beautiful delightful morning dove







Who could ask for more

Devoted trustworthy to the core

Unwavering until the end

That’s you my most loyal friend

Always close to my side

Walking on land or at the tide

Those beautiful unwavering eyes

Glowing with love, an eternal prize

Curled at my feet sedate and serene

Waiting for our next jaunt you now preen

Until that day far far from now

I’ll love you forever that is my vow







Succumb to the draw

Of the garden so lush

That leaves me in awe

And instant crush

Aromatic aroma

Draws me in

Like a Casanova

Wearing an ear to ear grin

I am forever lost in its beauty

Gracious sway moved by the breeze

What a bountiful booty

Sitting comfortably under the trees






The panoramic view was now cloaked

By a whispy hovering mist that evoked

Eerie conjuring and unanswered thoughts

Evolving with sadness tying everyone in knots

What was the outcome of this tangled web

Perhaps it was sorrow or untimely ebb

Leading to dangerous sorrow and pain

Ropes that must now be unchained

By whispers of kindness hope and love

Breakthrough self-preservation tight as a glove

Digging deep, dropping the cloak

Opening up and thereby invoke

The beauty that lay underneath

So everyone could once again breath

The air of purity and truth

Never far away or uncouth

Dropping control so high on the list

Letting it go, floating away on the mist






There are those who live on the edge

On the precipice, standing on a ledge

Ready willing and able to deceive

It comes naturally, intent to interweave

Charlatan, quack, phony and shams

These are not quiet little lambs

Perpetrating lies, deceit and deception

Lies are the rule, never the exception

The trust once broken, never regain

As they hitch their star to a gravy train

Once bitten, certainly twice shy

And even though you wish them goodbye

A stain they leave in their wake

Forever branded a rattlesnake

On the innocent they often prey

Turning other’s lives into mad disarray



It was unique uncommon unexpected

At a loss for words, so affected

By meeting that someone special who

Ruffled your feathers, a sneak preview

Of possibilities that lay ahead

Truly a blistering mighty hotbed

Of potential, doors opening wide

Walking along so dignified

No longer in abject control

I almost felt the need to console

You were floating on proverbial air

Striking a pose with such care

Lest anyone see what I saw

Nudging you forward, you couldn’t withdraw

Into that shell so carefully erected

Hiding from others as you’d elected

Now was the time for a breakthrough

To try something foreign completely new

Time for exceptional with flair

Open to possibilities, now prepare

Life no longer static and still

Moving toward someone at will

Trusting that all could go well

It didn’t need to be a hard sell




Tame was a word that did not fit

The changing of seasons did not befit

The delicate spring so fresh and clean

Subtle changes whispy unseen

Until summer emerged with clout

Leaving you with little doubt

Heat sun blue sky and more

Days sitting by the lakeshore

Winter’s first snow refreshing and new

Sometimes dramatic oh what a view

Nothing boring humdrum or docile

Every day bringing something novel




I want to believe, really I do

Meeting you so out of the blue

Has me hoping for the best

Fills me with some unrest

But trusting doesn’t come easily

Others trusted, dealt treacherously

With my love affection noticeably

Now I stand back watching reflectively

Until I discern what your motives might be

No longer simple easy or carefree

I test not trust, it’s the way it is

And I’m sorry that it’s come to this

To win my heart, you must be true

Transparent through and through

It may take awhile to win my heart

I must tell you this from the start

Don’t begin if you can’t see it through

One day there could be a breakthrough

Don’t set us up for a great fall

If you’re not in it for the long haul






He had a talent, gift, a flair

Of which he seemed unaware

Everything he touched was pure

If he was on the case, it was sure

To bring positive results so sweet

The outcome so concrete

The end result would be divine

His genius was simply sublime

He quietly went about his work

Such a pleasure, his handiwork

Quietly gently carrying on

As though a silent gentle song

Played in his mind connecting dots

Quickly unraveling the knots

The end result a piece of art

Always setting this man apart



Her look said chic stylish and classy

Everything about her was so snazzy

Slender tall and fashionably set

The colours of a beautiful sunset

Rich, vibrant, alive like the season

Looking beautiful beyond reason

He quickly slid an arm around her waist

She was not happy at his embrace

I stood quickly, ready to intervene

From her expression, nothing to glean

Until her eyes locked onto mine

Her expression heady as wine

A slight nod in my direction said

I understood I’d not misread

Hoping to avoid a nasty scene

Unspoken words now hung between

I backed off, her expression understood

The fallout would never be good

As I walked back to my seat

Her reaction was oh so discreet

Raising a stilletto, she crunched down hard

His expression changed it was now marred

With pain and he quickly stepped back

He’d received undeniable payback

Moving away lest anyone saw

The encounter, noticing his faux pas

Moving away, her head was held high

Subtly she winked as she walked by












I could protest it was true

This attraction out of the blue

A decent man I’d found in him

He made me smile, it’s not a sin

Warm, funny, entertaining too

A man I found delightful who

Brought pleasure with a thought

As I looked upon gifted flowerpot

His face, his smile, his brown eyes

He’d caught me off guard, a surprise

My heart I’d guarded so carefully

Was it possible, he was my destiny

A man I could finally trust

Someone to share passion and lust

Time would tell the truth of all

I contemplated dropping the wall

Attraction I could no longer deny

As a delighted heartfelt sigh

Escaped my lips as anticipation

Filled me with contemplation










She feigned an interest in the others

A group of friends and another

He stood out, tall broad and smiling

Everything about him was beguiling

An instant attraction brought satisfaction

A newness and interesting attraction

The feeling lured her to the circle

The ongoing struggle internal

Don’t let your guard down silly one

Even though it might be fun

The bigger picture and why you’re here

To the rules of the game you must adhere

You may be enchanted, excited too

But if your not careful, it’ll be the death of you





I watched his strong athletic body

Full of grace, languid yet sturdy

Walk to the door taking all in stride

I wondered if he had something to hide

His look taking business in with a glance

I suddenly wondered if he could dance

He seemed confident solid and more

Self-assurance oozing from every pore

He was the law I’d just found out

Certainly, he should carry some clout

I liked strong men, sure in themselves

For I was no slouch myself

Our heads would butt that’s for sure

I was positive I would endure

Getting the story was my plan

I looked back, my eyes deadpan

I was a journalist he was the law

In this small town named Chippewa







Many wish to be included on an A-list

Popular famous continually persist

In finding ways to be accepted

Into a certain group, connected

Whether prominent or trendy

They pay a pretty penny

Becoming their own saboteur

Losing who they once were

Of what is real and what is true

Honest emotion they subdue







I have found a circle of friends

People I want with me to the end

Smart fun witty and sometimes wise

Even though I can’t see their eyes

They, each and everyone

Bring a ray of bright sun

Into my life on a daily basis

Offering me a bright oasis

Of understanding, acceptance too

Easily a special place to view

Stories and tales, verses and rhymes

Many of which speak of days and times

That brought them joy and sorrow too

Each one adding a different view

Whether they be old or young

Their stories they’ve boldly sung

To any wise enough to witness them

Each and every one a gem

Though some may come and some may go

Your value to me, I must share so you know

That all you share is special to me

Like the branches of a beautiful tree

I include all the bloggers here

For each of you is very dear






He was a comic true

Witty through and through

He left us all in stitches

With laughter and hitches

Laughing until we hurt

So delightful was his mirth

He hid his own pain well

It was impossible to tell

The depth of sorrow felt

And where he often dwelt

Compassion care and love

Second nature, like a glove

Yet deep within his psyche

Lived sorrow oh so mighty

He left us all too soon

From his death, we’re not immune

Leaving in his wake

Both laughter and heartache







I would launch my campaign

Beginning with the first refrain

Explaining how we met

Followed by a small vignette

Of instances that were so sweet

My words filling a music sheet

Arias, expressions, odes of how I long

To be close to you, my theme song

We were young, we were wild

So many ditties now compiled

Describe in detail our life together

Whether fair or foul weather

To the end, remaining strong

Even though we were headstrong

How I’d fight for you, and you for me

Whatever the circumstances be

Forever yours I will remain

My love for you, forever acclaim








Conincidence is define as” chance fortunity serendipity happenstance fate.

Therefore brought to mind one of my favourite movies.  Serendipity.  So, that is my response to coincidence.  Particularly as I don’t believe much in coincidence – they are few and rare to my way of thinking.  But I loved the movie!  🙂