He was everything she desired

Trustworthy honest inspired

Creative thoughtful and fun

He could certainly be the one

Assay the situation carefully

In control of my own destiny

I wanted him in my life

Forever, with or without strife

He brought to the table something good

You always knew where he stood




The most enticingly beautiful walk

Down the path leading to the dock

Beyond the sandy beach to the shore

A walk that filled her soul and more

Sand-encrusted toes squelching silently

The sun offering its warmth, vitality

Fresh sea breezes whispering on by

Seagulls soaring always on standby

Idyllic days and moonlit nights

Encrusting the earth with delight





Constant is my love for you

With all you say and all you do

There isn’t a favourite hue

Whether red, green, gold or blue

With each moment that passes by

I am thrilled you are nearby

Sharing all that life offers

Filling up personal coffers





Compromise, word of the day

Not included in his vocabulary

All or nothing, that was his plan

Stealthily moving against this clan

Playing it by ear, innocents unharmed

Once everyone’s positions confirmed

That was his goal, to extricate all

Down on their knees, they would crawl

One by one he ushered them out

Determinedly moving throughout

Now to put his plan into action

Indeed it brought great satisfaction






Of all the presents before me this day

None was more special on this holiday

Than the sight of my dearest friend

Walking nonchalantly around the bend

Toward me with great presence

A gift so longed for, now present

Surrounded by that air of joy de vivre

I’d yearned for, wished for, for over a year

And as he stood expectantly before me

I was completely tongue tied, yet filled with such glee

I could only stare with pleasure and delight

He’d finally made it and we could unite

Aglow in friendship happiness insight

Exchanging memories, all the fun times we’d shared

Amid an abiding friendship, long ago declared



Mind numbing fear grasped her tightly

She gazed about ever so politely

Wondering if any could read on her face

The sheer terror that held her in its embrace

One wrong word or movement could result

In the death of family, friends and catapult

Everyone present into chaos and harm

She must make her presentation with charm

Hoping against hope “he’d” understand

Act accordingly, able to withstand

Consequences immediately unleashed

Walking to the mic, heartbeat increased

Her gate was steady and with head high

Determinedly searching for her ally

There he was strong and fierce

Wondering if he’d managed to pierce

The network of malcontents using

This occasion in which they were fuelling

Their unjust cause at the cost of others

He nodded and her gasp she smothered

She went on with her speach as intended

Nothing was changed, nothing amended








In my day a “mark” was a  rube

Easily taken advantage of, a “boob”

Someone trusting, innocent and nice

Easily fleeced, therefore enticed

Into a game of wits, in which he’d loose

Everything he owned, someone obtuse

To the workings of those making a living

Off the hard work of others willing

To lift a helping hand to those in need

Making it easy to plan and proceed

In stealing everything they owned

By those whose skills were so honed







As she walked out the door

She knew what was in store

Everyone dressing up today

Unrecognizable in every way

She’d surprise them all she thought

Wearing something they were not

Expecting from her at all

Straightening, she stood tall

Her costume comprised

Of a delightful disguise

Purples red blues and greens

Eye catching colors replacing jeans

Ah yes, she would have fun

Scaring all, putting all on the run




Her friends told her he was suspicious

That his actions were duplicitous

She went with her heart instead

They dined on wine and french bread

Cheese grapes apples and more

A veritable feast to be sure

Many nights they wined and dined

The man her friends often maligned

But in the end he was the one

He filled her days with bright sun

So glad she’d listened to her heart

He’d been her one and only sweetheart





The lecture was boring

Two factions in mind warring

I’d signed up for this true enough

Determined, I’d called his bluff

Now I was stuck listening

To a subject uninteresting

Suddenly the seat beside

Was instantly occupied

I lifted my head and smiled

Completely utterly beguilded

He wasn’t letting me suffer alone

His fingers caressed my cheekbone

He whispered gently in my ear

I’m not into this subject either

Clasping my hand he tugged me up

We walked away with our heads-up



She hadn’t seen him since her late teens

After moving, writing for magazines

That took her on a journey round the globe

So many exciting questions to probe

Yet there he was as though conjured by desire

Looking far more handsome than a tiger

Sleek, dangerous, elegant and thrilling

Barely closing her mouth surprised unwilling

To let him know how absolutely delightful

It was to see him, her once undisputed idol

She’d followed him around like a lost pup

He’d never been angry, always willing to sup

Sharing whatever he’d brought for his lunch

Taking her under his wing, nothing could expunge

Her complete and utter joy, he was her new boss

Nothing could dampen memories as she stared across

The waiting lounge as he strode purposefully toward

Her, smiling that smile that couldn’t be ignored

He offered her his hand in a welcome greeting

His warmth enveloping her, excited at meeting

The beautiful woman he’d once known as a child

Eager to recapture the memories he’d compiled

Inviting her into his office, new beginnings unfold

It would be an interesting ride, that he would behold





Although I know the word, I couldn’t come up with a plausible poem today so this is my entry instead…. hehe

Johnny Mnemonic

Tracked down by both the dangerous Street Preacher and the American Sector of the Yazuka, Johnny, a bio-enhanced data courier,




A metamorphosis has taken place

Life seems brighter bolder with added grace

Surrounded by delicious bright light

Mornings come, long gone the night

Winter’s dark edges giving way

To a welcome happier day

Full of promise with renewed life

Digging in the earth seeing wildlife

Grow and emerge seeking reprieve

From all that was dismal a sigh heave

I insist you come with me to see

All that is changing for you and me




It was time to say goodbye

Less is more so simplify

I couldn’t explain I just understood

Delight in boxing up all the deadwood

Packing the nothingness, sending it away

Made me feel lighter and brighter today





The neighbour watched intently

As each day she would tend gently

The garden of roses close to the house

Not once deterred not even by a mouse

Her rich reward, an abundance of roses

A lavish display of aroma for our noses

I smiled broadly and she waved back

A gracious wave, her instant comeback

She loved her garden, it was clear

Finished, she’d quietly disappear

Sitting upon her veranda to enjoy

The gifts of her garden exploit






Bewildered baffled and mystified

Described emotions tumbling inside

As she walked toward the love of her life

Standing tall waiting to make her his wife

She loved this man with all of her heart

Enjoying every single day in every part

Because they’d share their life together

The ups, the downs together weather

Whatever came their way good or bad

Together solidly wrapped in and clad

In love, the answer to all life’s ills

So simple so real it still gave her chills





Traffic Sign, Note, Satire, Joke

(Just a little tongue in cheek)

You need a permit for all that you do

Whether parking or tying a shoe

It’s crazy the red tape we’ve caused

Everything is authorized, embossed

Google invades even our thoughts

Suddenly popping up tying you in knots

Listening in on all you say and do

Unwanted ads constantly ensue

Technology is great I find

But there is a limit in my mind

About what and who we permit in our lives

Sometimes their liberties give me hives






He’d never met her before

But she embodied allure

This creature of the netherworld

Her beauty carelessly unfurled

Striking delight into men’s hearts

Hoping wishing to be a part

Of her life and all that she was

Giving everyone instant pause

Carefree abandon in every word

Delicate as a hummingbird



Puzzled and discombobulated

Life suddenly complicated

His sudden interest bemusing her

So that she was quickly transferred

Into someplace new and unknown

Transported to another time zone

How had this happened she wondered

Clearly flummoxed and bewildered

She’d loved him from afar so long

Now knowing his interest was strong

She’d certainly reevaluate the scene

For there was now no smokescreen

She’d stay the course see where it led

Insecure no more, no more tears shed



His words profuse

Meant to defuse

She wondered aloud

And with head bowed

Questioned him more

As his eyes hit the floor

She wasn’t making this easy

Though adoring her completely

He wanted to give her a shake

So she’d understand and awake

To the reality he wouldn’t change

His intentions solid, not strange




She watched his elegant approach

Stealthy, always above reproach

A conveyor of important news

Eyes danced upon his face to peruse

An indication of what was to come

Hinting at which possible outcome

Was in store for her this fateful day

Would the answer bring joy or dismay

Was she welcomed into the fold

Stepping over a new threshold

He held out a hand and with a smile

Said they liked her work she had a style

That embodied what they sought

And her stomach, it did unknot

This new chapter held such possibility

She’d stretch her wings, flourish in fertility






Splunking is certainly not for me

Give me the seaside and chablis

Climbing mountains, that I’ll do

Or make you a delicious stew

Wandering rivers and lakes

Or making you a birthday cake

Skating round and round on a rink

Doing all the dishes in your sink

But delving into the bowels of the earth

Into cavity or craters, there is no mirth

Please believe me when I say

I’ll never try again, this or any other day




Her excitement she couldn’t stifle

Seeing her manuscript’s arrival

With long hours, some tears shed

Thoughts swirling through her head

An exhilarating moment for sure

An instant to enjoy feeling secure

In the knowledge she had merit

And she could certainly cherish

All the kind words sent her way

Her book was now on display

All the naysayers could jump in the lake

As she sat sipping coffee, eating cake

With a smile of sheer enjoyment

She whooped aloud her excitement












There was no inkling not a clue

That this was the day I’d meet you

The clouds had opened and unfurled

A torrential downpour on the world

You’d been caught in it’s wake

As I walked in I saw you shake

The umbrella had given up the ghost

And lay broken and could not boast

It had done it’s job to keep you dry

You heaved a sigh and from your eye

A look of amusement at your plight

Even though you looked a fright

I offered you a handkerchief, dry

In me you’d found an instant ally

We talked and walked and talked more

As we wandered from store to store

Waiting for the storms ferocity

To die down to escape its velocity

We shared a coffee and our time

A memorable beginning to our lifetime