Hanna dropped her head in her hands. God! It was going to be one of those days! Eric was as eccentric as they came. It seemed that most “famous or infamous” depending on how you looked at it, were. The list of demands that had to be met before their arrival could be as long as it was varied. Eric’s was no exception. The interesting thing was that he didn’t appear eccentric.


They’d been sailing for several hours when a sudden calm struck. The waters were placid. It happened but it was annoying since they’d been looking forward to sailing the coastline for weeks and finally their schedules aligned, and they quickly took the opportunity provided. Not that it didn’t make for a beautiful scene, it was indeed idyllic.


Amos had often heard people speak of kindred spirits. It was an unfathomable concept and had been since he’d first heard the term. His sisters were all about kindred spirits. He hadn’t scoffed at the idea, but he hadn’t embraced it either. His idea of kindred spirits were people that had known each other for years and years and understood and accepted the other’s foibles. It was learned, it was habit.


He was a peculiar sort of chap
With his backward baseball cap
Raggedy jeans and slouchy top
And his oh so unruly mop

Some looked slightly askance
Wearily questioning his circumstance
Little did many realize
He was here to supervise

Although sporting the latest fashion
He was indeed full of passion
Carrying out his duties so well
Raising quietly an alarm bell

Should the need arise
He would could instantly revise
Instituting and creating a new game plan
As though he were a chameleon

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