I remember a time when stories, tv series, movies and tv shows elevated the spirit, left you coming away thinking, “that’s something to strive for, aspire to!”. These days, it’s ludicrous. I don’t have a tv, and I haven’t had one (and cable) for 30 years. I can’t say as I’ve missed much after watching cable at other people’s houses.


I wished I could transfer some of the exquisite gardens that I see on my FB Gardening Chat. They are so beautiful and leave me in complete awe. Some (quite a few actually) show the before and after…what the space

Lindsey should have felt sad, upset, disturbed, concerned. Yet not one of those emotions had found a home in her. Instead, she felt relief, the greatest relief of her life. As she sat on the park bench overlooking the lake, watching the skies hues change as the day became warmer,

Touched by an unknown woman.

“Unconnected solitary.   Whether in a room full of people or by yourself, it can happen.”  As I read this I wondered, how in the world could that possibly occur?  To have personally felt the depths of loneliness on several occasions to the extent that you felt completely disconnected with anyone? I read on:  “Once

To whom it may concern:

To whom it may concern… what a lonely sentence. Or perhaps beginning would be a better term, a more apt term. Doesn’t it carry the idea of, indeed the weight of, loneliness…as in…if there is someone out there that cares, might care, should care, in fact does care (but


Last night I was wondering around wondering what was new. I found Holland’s “The Voice” and clicked. Imagine my surprise at finding what I think of as their tribute to the talented elders who can really sing and or belt out a tune. I kept going and low and behold there were dozens of videos. I kept clicking and clicking and decided I had to share my find with all of you.


Apparently, all German Shepherds have dysplasia that occurs in their hindquarters. My son had read up on GSD’s before-hand and purebreds don’t or aren’t supposed to have this problem.


I have a thought-provoking question for you. What do you consider fundamental in life? Some would say a strong work ethic, others, personal growth, willingness to change, and still others, values and principles. Some would say finding your purpose or quality relationships.


It’s my son’s birthday today. For years the running joke was “when did you get old, I didn’t”! We’ve chuckled forever over this one, can’t explain why since we all know I’m that much older and thankfully still getting older and perhaps wiser too, but it stuck.


A remnant of sadness remained in her heart. Grieving was a process that took place at its own time and pace and the process was different for every individual going through it. Some managed to maneuver through fairly quickly, with but a few remnants remaining behind.


When someone pays you a sincere compliment, are you able to accept it? Or do you brush it off? I’ve noticed a number of people who do that. If your the person giving the compliment, isn’t it like a slap in the face when your statement isn’t acknowledged?


I’m not sure about you, but when times are difficult, problems arise, there are issues to deal with and we sometimes feel overwhelmed and over our head, I find it easier to lighten the mood with levity – a joke, a funny meme, a humourous moment in time.


Since I’m retired, long weekends mean little in one sense, for me at least. Life continues on as usual to a degree and doesn’t change my lifestyle overmuch. The pleasurable part of a long weekend is spending relaxed downtime with family. So to some degree, I am touched by them in that there is a more languid feel about them.


Often these gardens are so tenderly and lovingly cared for and are so exquisite they take my breath away and I sit and stare at the screen in complete and utter awe.


As those of you know who are older, it getting around gets more difficult with time and age (something no one mentioned and I somehow missed as a kid, I saw it, just didn’t realize ...

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