I remember a time when stories, tv series, movies and tv shows elevated the spirit, left you coming away thinking, “that’s something to strive for, aspire to!”. These days, it’s ludicrous. I don’t have a tv, and I haven’t had one (and cable) for 30 years. I can’t say as I’ve missed much after watching cable at other people’s houses.

Touched by an unknown woman.

“Unconnected solitary.   Whether in a room full of people or by yourself, it can happen.”  As I read this I wondered, how in the world could that possibly occur?  To have personally felt the depths of loneliness on several occasions to the extent that you felt completely disconnected with anyone? I read on:  “Once


Last night I was wondering around wondering what was new. I found Holland’s “The Voice” and clicked. Imagine my surprise at finding what I think of as their tribute to the talented elders who can really sing and or belt out a tune. I kept going and low and behold there were dozens of videos. I kept clicking and clicking and decided I had to share my find with all of you.

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