Detective Marianne Martian had to laugh, seriously laugh. The guy had changed his story at least a half dozen times, and its “epic” stupidity simply grew along with the tale he told. How could he not see how ludicrous the story was?


Your Daily Word Prompt – Flower – April 10, 2019 The day dragged by slowly due to lack of sleep.  That and the hypervigilance that dogged every footstep.  June was especially on edge and it showed; ...


Ann had worked for the August Sentinel for five years and enjoyed writing articles on any and every subject sent her way. She’d moved up through the ranks quickly with an ever-growing readership. Anne believed ...


Harrison had gathered his team together ready to tackle the vast cavernous area comprised of hills, valleys, dense forest, cliffs and waterfalls in search of the missing men.


Quick-witted and such a delight, Bella had constantly amused him.  Darren enjoyed her company, her infectious humour that sparkle.  Never a dull moment.


They’d been sailing for several hours when a sudden calm struck. The waters were placid. It happened but it was annoying since they’d been looking forward to sailing the coastline for weeks and finally their schedules aligned, and they quickly took the opportunity provided. Not that it didn’t make for a beautiful scene, it was indeed idyllic.


Dawn re-read the letter a dozen times. It still didn’t make sense. She knew there was more than was being said but even reading between the lines didn’t help because there were a half dozen takes on what was possibly happening.


One word described Shadowhaven – zealous. Its citizens were passionate about life in general. As cliché as it might seem, there was a real kinship here, people looked out for one another, checking in regularly on shut-ins and the elderly assisting in times of trouble or sickness.


Brandon’s feathers were truly ruffled. What the hell? Optimum, optimum??? His work was always optimum. He gave 150% on every contingency for every program he worked on. It was a given. His supervisor knew that and had chosen him for this promotion based on his excellence.


“Incorporate your love desires thrills excitement hopes and dreams and all will come to you.” That’s what the fortune teller had haltingly said. Although she’d never been interested in nor believed in fortune-tellers, when the woman had said it in a startled quivering voice, a cold chill had run full length down her spine.


The company was known for modern forward-thinking and that meant perpetual change; it was inevitable within the company and admittedly, Samantha found the proposed changes exciting.


A triumphant cheer rose from the crowd. People were on their feet jumping up and down waving arms and cheering uproariously. The camera panned the crowd to capture couples kissing and hugging as other high fived each other. It was an exciting long-awaited moment. Five long years since they’d captured the title!


“Yes.” Vince’s answer was extremely abrupt. “I don’t have time for this, I have urgent work to do.” His tone wasn’t even condescending, it was dismissive.
“I realize you don’t understand or recognize what I do, but none-the-less, I’d like to see the family’s dog. What can it hurt? If I’m a quack, five minutes won’t make a difference…”


Alex asked she phone upon arrival and notify him the second she knew what was going on and she quickly tapped his picture and within seconds he answered. “You’ve arrived safely. You wouldn’t have called this quickly if you hadn’t spotted a problem. How long have you been there, five minutes?”


Although I’ve had dogs before (in my youth particularly and one or two when I was older) I can’t remember another pooch with quite such an animated and eloquent face and voice.


Throughout history, one group of people has attempted to change another group’s actions so they are in align with “their” idea of what it is to be civilized whether it related to behaviour, religion, activities.


The company was sliding downhill into inevitable destruction without an upgrade in operations, and without an infusion of cash, there was no stopping the downward spiral.

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