Although I know the word, I couldn’t come up with a plausible poem today so this is my entry instead…. hehe

Johnny Mnemonic

Tracked down by both the dangerous Street Preacher and the American Sector of the Yazuka, Johnny, a bio-enhanced data courier,




He never expected this

These moments of pure bliss

Watching her very closely

Eyes sparkling, cheeks oh so rosey

He wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry

There would not be a single dry eye

Had she simply turned it on it’s head

Leaving the viewer with humour instead


Ah, yes, grace wasn’t her middle name

But she certainly had much game

Memorable, was what they’d all see

The show remembered for an eternity

Now that’s entertainment he thought

As we watched all the tickets bought

Deciding hers was a stroke of genius

The audience laughter, momentous



Conincidence is define as” chance fortunity serendipity happenstance fate.

Therefore brought to mind one of my favourite movies.  Serendipity.  So, that is my response to coincidence.  Particularly as I don’t believe much in coincidence – they are few and rare to my way of thinking.  But I loved the movie!  🙂

Irrelevant 2


Irrelevant –

A show I’ve been watching entitled “Persons of Interest” (probably on American Netflix details who the government considers irrelevant and who they will ultimately safe.

Perpetrator or victim, we will find you.

A group of men and women seek to save the “irrelevant list” unbeknown to the government and they work secretly to come to these individuals aid.

This link will direct you to the show at least.




If you have the opportunity to watch this movie, I hope you do.  It is brilliance!  I’m not a fan of the actor, but he does a spectacular job in this.  Harold Crick! A writer has undergone a dry spell and after 10 years writes a brilliant novel!  It ends with the death of Harold Crick – vital to the storyline making it not just great, but a spectacular piece of writing.

The hero must die!  Not just any hero, this hero.  He’s not the most likely candidate for a hero, but by the end of the movie, you can’t help but love him!

Hope you can take time out to watch, and enjoy.  This, is in my opinion, brilliant writing.

I have to add, haven’t we all wondered when we are writing, a fleeting second of the “what if” this were real? haha couldn’t help it.


Delightfully captivated

The Martian

I’d heard the jokes about “saving Matt Damon” yet again, the jokes alluding to Saving Private Ryan and Courage Under Fire.  So I, with tongue in cheek sat down to watch the movie.

The movie is about a man left for dead on Mars and at first I was struck by the incongruity and immediately laughed.  The incongruity was that he was left behind (the other astronauts having left because of the enormity of the storm about to hit) and yet, this man, laying on the planet through the storm survives it.  This inevitably led you to think, they would have been fine had they stayed. Having said that, I was immediately delightfully captivated by Matt Damon’s superb acting.

I quickly became involved as I watched “Mark Watney” struggle to overcome some pretty major obstacles to survive. Subtle humour continued throughout and the movie was incredibly upbeat even though the underlying determination to survive and the creative means he used to that end was always center stage.  I knew from the moment I began watching, I wouldn’t, couldn’t walk away until the end.

The most touching moments came when he heard his friend’s voices for the first time in years and the moment when his possible rescue was about to take place. Matt Damon’s acting was so real, he drew me in emotionally.

All the while I had to applaud the charachter’s strength determination and belief he would be rescued.  And I wondered . . . how many of us could possibly withstand the absolute isolation and loneliness on a planet years away from humankind.  “Mark Watney” managed, with a few mishaps, to overcome those obstacles in creative ways which included an ingenious method of growing food to provide for himself.

All in all, Matt Damon’s acting was superb, the movie compelling and the photography captured it all.

What did you think of the movie?  I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Until next time,