November Notes – India Arie (Break the Shell)

I want to thank Sarah Doughty for sponsoring November Notes.  I realize someone else was also involved, but for the life of me can’t find the other woman’s name so thank you as well.  Interesting collection of songs, most of which, I quite freely admit I’ve never heard before now.


Hiding is not living

Living is not hiding

It takes courage it’s true

To make the breakthrough

It hurts, it’s sad, it makes you cry

When the works done, you will fly

It’s worth it in the end, I promise

And it will bring feeling of calmness

Ability to face what’s up ahead

You’ll be stronger, prepared

To take on life’s challenges

Strong whole, without great damage

November Notes – Beacon (Into the Night)

I couldn’t hear the words to the song, but it was beautiful so here’s my take on the music only.

All alone, I search for you

Surrounded by a grey hue

No beacon there to light my way

Wandering an invisible pathway

Sending my love to guide you back

Hoping I have an inside track

And that no matter where you are

My love acts as a guiding star

Until we are together again

Celebrating with a glass of champaign



November Notes – Sleep At Last (Tethered)

Wed in a romantic location,

A beautiful collaboration

We compliment each other,

As we constantly rediscover

How we fit together so well,

Curves and plains in pastel

I am hot when you are cold,

I’ll wrap around you and hold

Onto your body sharing warmth,

And you are once again restored

You are calm when I am not,

During a crises, an onslaught

We compliment each other,

As new experiences usher

Us through from day to day,

From our love, never turn away.


November Notes – Sara Gazarek (Like the Wind)

(I left out any spiritual aspect of the song)

The wind whispers across your face

So delicate and full of grace

Bringing purity and joy

No devices does it employ

Refreshing exhilarating touch

Warm or cool it brings us such

Tranquility, its gentle breeze

Will surely all of us soon please

Rustling dancing leaves

Something we all perceive

It doesn’t matter if you believe

As long as ourselves we don’t deceive



November Notes – KT Tunstall (Heal Over)

We’ve all been through something

We found almost crushing

It takes time to heal the wounds

In order to lay new grounds

On which to build a foundation

Someone who shares indignation

Over all the personal assaults

That weren’t at all our fault

A friend to sit close by

Who will always try

To be there when needed

With utmost kindness treated

Us as we healed from the past

Even though they weren’t asked

A friend who loves us truly

Supporting us thoroughly



November Notes – Young Summer (Letter Never Sent)

A chance encounter so special

One I keep confidential

Yet I keep you close in my heart

Your were special from the start

I hope I was memorable to you

And happy memories accrue

Until one day we meet again

I hope in your thought I remain

And we can re-unite

Our love then take flight

Though different paths we took

Our future isn’t a closed book




November Notes – Jacob Lee (Chariot)

You said you’d forever be

In love with only me

Yet here we are far apart

Like abstract pieces of art

We’re frozen in time

And its such a crime

The look in your eyes

Says I’m no longer your prize

As another has taken my place

Sadness now rests upon your face

Too much baggage to unpack

I fear we could never go back

To a time when friendship was key

And our lives were filled with glee


November Notes – Sarah McLachlan (Possession)

So confused, your words unclear

An unexplainable veneer

Your smile says one thing

Your eyes don’t say anything

Safest in the dark of night

Shrouded, out of sight

I walk alone and yet want more

It’s what I’m always look for

The meaning of what is real

Even though nothing is ideal

Yet I make my own way through

And for now, simply make do

Your promises they meant nothing

I try to learn to be trusting

I’m so very sad I want to cry

And this I myself deny

Until that fateful day so far ahead

When nothing can be misread

And everything is clear

With heartfelt words sincere

And promises given will be kept

And the words I can now accept





November Notes – Birdy (Words As Weapons)

No you won’t see me cry

I won’t give in nor die

You used to hurt me bad

It seemed to make you glad

But I’m stronger than you

And all the hatred you spew

You won’t see me break

Nor witness my heartache

For I won’t give in or give up

One day from a different cup

I will drink and you’ll be gone

And I will certainly move on

To find a much better life

With a husband that loves his wife

I will not give you a thought

Nor all the sadness you wrought

A very distant memory

Is all that you shall then be.


November Notes – Dave Barnes (Headlights)

Do you remember when

When we were young and then

We held each other tight

Spooning together at night

Wrapped up in our love

Like a couple of

Dreamers entwined into one

We didn’t need anyone

I remember those days so full

Together alone in a room full

Of friends acquaintances too

I only had eyes for you

I loved that feeling warm and sweet

Sitting together on a love seat

Feeling delight quiver on through

Neither of us willingly withdrew

Our hands entwined together as one

No one else existed not anyone


November Notes – Wolf Larsen (If I Be Wrong)

‘What if’ will stop you in your tracks

No way forward and no way back

Indecision is it’s cruelest sport

Leaving you alone and in short

Frozen in place no way to move

With nothing lost nothing to prove

Living alone with no sacrifice

Adrift on the cold endless ice

Colder and colder as time passes by

Never a hello, never a goodbye

Time to break through and take a chance

Live life to it’s fullest, and yes dance!



November Notes – Sam Smith (Too Good At Goodbyes)

I’d rather say goodbye

Than open up and fly

Accepting your love I try

But I’m way too good at goodbye

I push you to leave instead

Never bothering to look ahead

Willing to find the love you give

I go on alone and so live

A lonely existence

Without resistance

Too afraid to take the chance

Unwilling to engage and dance

Im far too good at shutting down

Alone I go on completely shutdown



November Notes – Bon Iver (Holocene)

Life can be oh so confusing

Sometimes calm, sometimes amusing

At times, it seems straight forward

At others, it feels much more awkward

The calm before the storm

A life in which we perform

Rituals we’ve been taught

Often other’s school of thought

There will be calm confusion gone

It all depends on what you feed upon



November Notes – Sara Bareilles (Wild Heart)



To that someone who

Is out of reach yet within view

We yearn to break through

To reach the real you

That resides deep inside

We’ll make the journey side by side

Your real heart is pure and sweet

Please stay here, don’t retreat

Your precious, loved beyond measure

In you, there is so much to treasure

Look through my eyes dear heart

No reason to fall apart

See your beauty, heartwarmingly precious

To all who know you, please don’t be reckless

Wrap yourself in our love for you

To have and to hold never make do





November Notes – Tori Kelly (Unbreakable Smile)

I really REALLY love this song!


Your reality is based on belief

It doesn’t have to be surreal

I once was called Pollyanna cause

Life is what you make it, fill it with applause

There’s always a light and dark side

Its all in what you want, you decide

Happiness in a beautiful smile

Lifts your spirits not meant to beguile

An inner glow that warms your heart

Will always give you a fresh start



November Notes – Jon Bryant (Wilderness)

I shall love you forever more

Please will you open the door

The first time I saw your face

I was filled with such grace

The touch of your hand in mine

Emotion I could not confine

I wanted so to tell you all

Oh how me, you enthrall

Take a chance on you and me

And you shall surely see

A future together for all time

For without you it would be a crime.

November Notes – Dua Lipa (New Rules)

We have all been there

In love with the guy with flair

He’s not into you he’s just using you

You’re never going to breakthrough

He’s in love with himself

Don’t answer that doorbell

He’s simply using you for

In between moments for sure

You deserve better than this

You don’t need hit and miss

Stay strong and true to yourself

Remember to assert oneself

Relax the one that’s meant for you

Will come through don’t make due!

November Notes – Lord Huron (The Night We Met)

I still feel the loss of you

If only I knew what to do

To erase remnants that remain

Moments that now pertain

To the best of you and me

That once filled me with such glee

I’m so over you so I tell myself

Yet I sit alone as though I’m on a shelf

Not willing to meet someone new

Even though I know we’re through

Remnants of us still remain

From involvement I abstain

Days weeks and months go by

And still I remember why

We were once so good

Sitting alone on driftwood

I tell myself to let go

Read aloud my own memo