It is my theory that once upon a time

We were together and you were mine

Walking the same path together in sync

Forging ahead with no missing link

What else could explain the unity we feel

In all that we do not just sex appeal

Our minds our souls oh the depth

That carries us together unto death

In a previous life perhaps we were known

Together on goals worked, never alone

The only theory that completes the puzzle

Knowing you completely though subtle

No need for words as together we live

Sharing our thoughts and forever give

The best of ourselves to each other

Our love not weighty light as a feather





Her elegance was not lost on him

It was apparent, limb to limb

It was in her genes most certainly

Staying with her an eternity

The elegance of the beauty’s structure

Would carry it’s allure into the future

Technology and art hand in hand

Standing proudly upon the land

A conceptual and structural pleasure

In each and every square measure

The same can be said about mankind

And how incredibly we are designed

Perfection in every single part

Each and every one a work of part

Our bodies a tool to carry the whole

Of all that is wonderful, heart and soul





Couldn’t resist!

‘Tis that time of year again

Stockings filled with candy cane

Christmas trees that shine so bright

Merrily glowing, ’tis the highlight

Decorated quite beautifully

By little hands excitedly

Arranging such pretty ornaments

Hung with care, a pleasant adornment

Some home-made, others bought

Worthy of a quick snap shot

Gingerbread men and houses too

Jolly laughter heard through and through

Christmas music playing quietly

Adding the right touch of merry

Creating a moment in time to treasure

Bringing with it such pleasure







There was nothing you could say

That could make this a better day

No finish, varnish or polish

Could erase the knowledge

You’d stepped out on us

No need to make a fuss

It’s over done with, caput

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

You moved into the enemy camp

You chose the wrong woman champ

I’m not the kind of person who

Let’s slide or will make do

With someone unfaithful to me

I don’t say this with any glee

Drop off the key

You are oh so free




There is a gorge nearby

Richly flowing it catches your eye

A deep gully full of beauty

A place that entrances truly

Deep rich full of the unknown

A walk I could no longer postpone

Camera at the ready, I took a shot

Walking for hours with no forethought

But to capture it’s essence somehow

To share with others,  it’s richness endow

With deep emotions I cannot quell

I continued until evening fell

A moment in time, it’s beauty behold

As all round me it’s allure did unfold




She wasn’t good at staying

Had become good at playing

Acting out the person she’d become

A figment of her imagination, numb

The person she was, well hidden

Never would she be forgiven

For taking the high road, unnoticed

Never really in total focus

Always a bit mysterious

To onlookers watching her

Out of reach, the whisperer

Of what life could possibly be

If only she could let go, be free

Was it time to run, to relocate again

Or let go altogether the ball and chain

Of the enigma that was her life

Set down roots, become a wife

Living fully day to day

Never again running away

Olde but a goodie


It was really quite maddening

Watching them all haggling

Over the old lady’s prices

While holding many devices

She was frail and she was old

And from the look of her quite cold

She was selling some of her wares

At several markets and some fairs

Not for need or want or fun

But for those who had none

The money that she did raise

Went for Christmas Holidays

For those far less fortunate

Without thought or argument

To my eyes she brought a tear

When I saw a twinkle dear

She was not saddened at all

As she headed to the mall

All the items that did not sell

She dropped into a carousel

Stuffed handmade puppies and kittens

Along with scarves and some mittens

From within her pockets large and deep

She gathered the money not a cent to keep

And into Santa’s collection box it went

For all along this had been her intent

Related image





Excitement was building

The thrill was unyielding

Expectations were high

We all looked to the sky

On tenterhooks, eager

Expectant over procedure

Delightful anticipation

Filled the air with celebration

The moment was upon us all

At the lighting of the star

At the top of the tree

Ready for all to see







First I have to tell you about a joke I heard when younger:

Age is mind over matter, if you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter!

Interesting how we revere age

Using instruments often to gauge

Fossils, findings, skeletons and more

Some proudly sit on a museum floor

Some cultures respect elder’s ages

Revered , cared for, thought courageous

Models wearing clothes at sixteen

Down long runways swiftly careen

Job expectancy oh so short

You’re over the hill, no heart

Selling beauty in a bottle tall

Touted, sold, assured to fix all

Others search the fabled fountain of youth

Whether a tall tale, perhaps an untruth

Youth is still much sought after by many

They’d sell their soul, give every penny

To remain young and never age

Still sold to all of us, still all the rage.








I love how your eyes would sparkle

At something amusing, you’d chortle

Humour was our best friend

Right up until the very end

Moments captured in time

So many moments, sublime

In which we’d share a song or two

Humming parts we never knew

Walking hand in hand through glittering snow

Chasing down a piece of errant mistletoe

In order to linger together there

Stopping long enough to stare

Into each other’s eyes with love





November Notes – India Arie (Break the Shell)

I want to thank Sarah Doughty for sponsoring November Notes.  I realize someone else was also involved, but for the life of me can’t find the other woman’s name so thank you as well.  Interesting collection of songs, most of which, I quite freely admit I’ve never heard before now.


Hiding is not living

Living is not hiding

It takes courage it’s true

To make the breakthrough

It hurts, it’s sad, it makes you cry

When the works done, you will fly

It’s worth it in the end, I promise

And it will bring feeling of calmness

Ability to face what’s up ahead

You’ll be stronger, prepared

To take on life’s challenges

Strong whole, without great damage



Night at the Museum is a 2006 American fantasycomedy film directed by Chris Columbus and written by Robert Ben Garant and Thomas Lennon, based on the 1993 children’s book of the same name by Croatian illustrator Milan Trenc. The film stars Ben Stiller as Larry Daley, a divorced father who applies for a job as a night watchman at New York City’s American Museum of Natural History and subsequently discovers that the exhibits, animated by a magical Egyptian artifact, come to life at night.

Don’t ask me why,but every time I think of this movie, I think of a zoo. Had to add this just because.

At time life is hectic and crazy

About life there is nothing lazy

Dashing here and dashing there

Always bustling with great fanfare

Attending this event and another

Rushing about, it’s never a bother

For although it’s like living in a zoo

With all the hub-bub and much adieu

It’s life and what it consists of

But it’s certainly always filled with love




 n – a small scrap or fragment    snippetiness n

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged, 12th Edition 2014 © HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2014
Had to include this as I’ve never heard snippet used this way before, ever! lol



A snippet of information

A hint and a small flirtation

Enough to whet your appetite

Intriguing, as a gigabyte

Catches your eye, you look again

To find a complete explanation

November Notes – Beacon (Into the Night)

I couldn’t hear the words to the song, but it was beautiful so here’s my take on the music only.

All alone, I search for you

Surrounded by a grey hue

No beacon there to light my way

Wandering an invisible pathway

Sending my love to guide you back

Hoping I have an inside track

And that no matter where you are

My love acts as a guiding star

Until we are together again

Celebrating with a glass of champaign





Hands over my face,

Pleading for grace

Hurtling down a one-way,

Going the wrong way

Had my heart in my throat,

With no time to gloat

Her first time driving,

And I’d given up smiling

Fear and terror took hold,

My life passed by ten-fold

As I peered through eyes,

Big as saucers, I apologize

Give me another chance,

I beg, doing a little dance

In my seat as I plead,

Please let us succeed

In getting to the other side,

From then on I varified

Which street we were on,

Never again run a marathon

Of shock awe and guilt,

And thereby nearly wilt

With fear and horror,

And never again roar

Down a one-way street,

With me in the hot seat





I would sit in my comfy chair

Pull out my wool to knit there

Row upon row until it was done

For each and every loved one

Blues, reds, oranges and more

My trusty basket sitting on the floor

Every Christmas everyone received

A handmade gift that I believed

Fit them comfortably just the right size

Cuddly warm, no need to agonize

Alas those days are now long gone

But I still keep my eye on

Precious works of art that I see

Since they are so beautiful to me

This is a borrowed picture, but an example of what I used to knit.



The music of a generation

Sets up a certain vibration

That brings back memories

With so many related stories

About what we were doing then

Capturing fond memories again

People and friends sharing

Life experiences, daring

Sometimes percussive

Most certainly regressive

Memories to lift our heart

Since they were a special part

The moments that made our lives

Acting as instant archives




November Notes – Sleep At Last (Tethered)

Wed in a romantic location,

A beautiful collaboration

We compliment each other,

As we constantly rediscover

How we fit together so well,

Curves and plains in pastel

I am hot when you are cold,

I’ll wrap around you and hold

Onto your body sharing warmth,

And you are once again restored

You are calm when I am not,

During a crises, an onslaught

We compliment each other,

As new experiences usher

Us through from day to day,

From our love, never turn away.




long shot, dark horse

You were the long shot

Solitary, in you trot

When you started to sing

Threw your hat in the ring

You were the one to watch

Your vocals were top notch

You sound gentle tried and true

And popped out of the blue

Into first place, singing with style

Winning our hearts by a country mile

Your tone was pure, sweet and mellow

All the judges then had to swallow

Surprise in their eyes as they stared

Simply no on could compare

With the underdog from nowhere

Who stole the show and won the affair


November Notes – Sara Gazarek (Like the Wind)

(I left out any spiritual aspect of the song)

The wind whispers across your face

So delicate and full of grace

Bringing purity and joy

No devices does it employ

Refreshing exhilarating touch

Warm or cool it brings us such

Tranquility, its gentle breeze

Will surely all of us soon please

Rustling dancing leaves

Something we all perceive

It doesn’t matter if you believe

As long as ourselves we don’t deceive





Some things make us clutch,

Facing a fear is one such

Event that can stop you in your tracks,

Bringing your heart rate to a climax

Entering a Halloween fun house,

Can make you suddenly clasp

The arm of a friend as you gasp

Unprepared for what might be ahead,

Trembling as you walk nothing is said

Watching the enemy in an old movie,

Skulking toward the victim, not groovy

Oh indeed much can make you clutch,

Perhaps it is someone’s soft touch

Whatever the cause might be,

It can often make you want to…plea.



November Notes – KT Tunstall (Heal Over)

We’ve all been through something

We found almost crushing

It takes time to heal the wounds

In order to lay new grounds

On which to build a foundation

Someone who shares indignation

Over all the personal assaults

That weren’t at all our fault

A friend to sit close by

Who will always try

To be there when needed

With utmost kindness treated

Us as we healed from the past

Even though they weren’t asked

A friend who loves us truly

Supporting us thoroughly



November Notes – Young Summer (Letter Never Sent)

A chance encounter so special

One I keep confidential

Yet I keep you close in my heart

Your were special from the start

I hope I was memorable to you

And happy memories accrue

Until one day we meet again

I hope in your thought I remain

And we can re-unite

Our love then take flight

Though different paths we took

Our future isn’t a closed book






Back in my day it was “Mr. Nobody”,

That was blamed for serious blarney

That mysterious little gremlin,

Brought with him such tension

Things disappeared or broken were,

The result of that little saboteur

Unexplained sounds from somewhere,

Were the result of gremlins for sure

As they tip toe around looking for fun,

Anything is game in the noon day sun

Oh those gremlins can make such a mess,

It’s easy to witness their progress

Toys, papers, make believe games,

All upturned topsyturvey, remains

Of fun makebelieve at it’s best

Oh those gremlins can be a pest