As I lay awake listening
Cuddled warm, wriggling
Beneath a fluffy downy quilt
Relax comfy without guilt

Listening, listening to the silent
Whispers from streets so quiet


Guilty Of guilty pleasures, there are so many Like staying in your pyjamas all day Or the seductive movie you watch Hoping that you’ll never be caught The time you went skinny dipping Absolute best ...


He was a peculiar sort of chap
With his backward baseball cap
Raggedy jeans and slouchy top
And his oh so unruly mop

Some looked slightly askance
Wearily questioning his circumstance
Little did many realize
He was here to supervise

Although sporting the latest fashion
He was indeed full of passion
Carrying out his duties so well
Raising quietly an alarm bell

Should the need arise
He would could instantly revise
Instituting and creating a new game plan
As though he were a chameleon

Glamorous – Sheryl’s Daily Post

https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/01/31/your-daily-word-prompt-glamorous-january-31-2019/ She looked oh so glamorous It was beyond unanimous Elegant stylish and with grace A gentle look upon her face Sauntering down the long walkway Then on through the big archway Enchanting elegant and ...

Squeezable – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/02/17/your-daily-word-prompt-squeezable-february-17-2019/ The wonderful thing about dogs You could seriously fill up your blogs How delightful and squeezable How wonderfully unbeatable You can give them a hug around the neck

Marvelous – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/01/25/your-daily-word-prompt-marvelous-january-25-2019/ The birth of a child And then they smiled A baby’s first steps In a world so complex Vistas that truly astonish About which many sonnets Are written beauty lauded From mighty peaks exalted ...

Apricity – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

https://onedailyprompt.wordpress.com/2019/01/14/your-daily-word-prompt-apricity-january-14-2019/  We all find solace in different waysPerhaps comfort in reading a phraseA good friend with whom to shareConcerns worries and other caresRelaxing music that calms the soulPerhaps delicious ice cream in a bowlThe calm ...

Memories – Sheryl’s Blog

Memories we take alongJubilant, captured in song Memories some bittersweet Places events people we meet That remain deep within our heart Whether close or far apart Beautiful treasures ours to hold Filling our heart as ...

Splurge – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

When you enjoy giving, witnessing that special look your thoughtfulness brought to little faces, and adults too, it truly brings joy to your heart.  There’s an art to giving and receiving.  Some find it far ...

Snowy – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

As I lay awake listening Cuddled warm, wriggling Beneath a fluffy downy quilt Relax comfy without guilt   Listening, listening to the silent Whispers from streets so quiet Daring to sit up tall in my ...

Mistletoe – Sheryl’s Daily Post

A romantic notion, Mistletoe Meeting and kissing a beau   To take advantage of, sweet Declaring affection, lips meet   A gentle reminder life’s great And a sincere kiss carries weight   Your Daily Word ...

Indubitable – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

She believed in love at first sight A romantic notion to be sure That raised awareness to new heights Watching for the one with such allure   He’d turn her head and she’d then find ...

Your Smile

The warmth of your smile I’d recognize its beguile   No matter how you change About it, nothing strange   I’d do anything to witness Its pure joy and sweetness   The persona of who ...

Cynosure – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

  The gem of his collection A very personal selection   The jewel of his eye indeed The pinnacle meant to exceed   Over and above all the rest And he felt truly blessed   ...

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