Who could ask for more

Devoted trustworthy to the core

Unwavering until the end

That’s you my most loyal friend

Always close to my side

Walking on land or at the tide

Those beautiful unwavering eyes

Glowing with love, an eternal prize

Curled at my feet sedate and serene

Waiting for our next jaunt you now preen

Until that day far far from now

I’ll love you forever that is my vow





Blindsided 133

“It’s so damn frustrating!  I can’t move on.  My hands are tied.  He’s still got all the control here which is exactly what he’s looking for, what’s more he knows it.”

“Then you also know he doesn’t have the kind of control he thinks he has. He’s reacting, to every incident he doesn’t like.  Our methodology is working.  He’s going to slip up, big time.  I doubt he’s adhering to his original plan and I’m sure he had one since this whole thing has been well orchestrated from the get go.“

“I’m sure it’s the relationship angle between you and me that’s pushing him over the edge,” Max continued.

“You know there’s another angle we should consider,” Craig suggested.  “What if it’s not really Cassy he’s after, but destroying Cassy is an off-shoot of his goal.”

Max asked, “Where you going with this, Craig?”

“What if he’s lost someone, someone important to him, and you’re simply a target of that misplaced anger!  You’re a scapegoat if you will.  A replacement target for someone else, someone he’d like to attack but can’t.”

“So what did he do, pick me out of the phone book?”

“No, he knows you and resents your life, what you have, what you’ve made of it.  While all he sees are losses for himself.”

“Craig, that’s a god damn possibility.  I’ve been focusing on Cassy as the intended target, but you’re right, she could just as easily be a random choice.”

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There are those who live on the edge

On the precipice, standing on a ledge

Ready willing and able to deceive

It comes naturally, intent to interweave

Charlatan, quack, phony and shams

These are not quiet little lambs

Perpetrating lies, deceit and deception

Lies are the rule, never the exception

The trust once broken, never regain

As they hitch their star to a gravy train

Once bitten, certainly twice shy

And even though you wish them goodbye

A stain they leave in their wake

Forever branded a rattlesnake

On the innocent they often prey

Turning other’s lives into mad disarray




Thanksgiving is a special day

Full of fun, games, child play

A day to appreciate

Even to anticipate

Gathering of friends and family

A day without anxiety

Air to breath, food to eat

A day that was oh so sweet

Filled with appreciation

Even heartfelt supplication

Nothing superficial here

Though we may yet shed a tear

Reaching out to others who

Felt so much the same as you

Sharing caring loving being

Memories sometimes fleeting

We hold on to them so strong

Often gathered singing songs

Thankful though we be

Mindful of others less carefree










The sculptures of British artist Sukhi Barber frequently display figures in meditative postures, with parts of their physical structures erased, rendered totally blank. The emptied portions appear in the form of holes, layers, slices, blocks and lines within a metallic frame. These cancellations do not make the bodies weak or hollow, rather they illuminate the […]

via Representing Contemplation, Portraying Negative Space: Sculptures by Sukhi Barber — On Art and Aesthetics



I have found a circle of friends

People I want with me to the end

Smart fun witty and sometimes wise

Even though I can’t see their eyes

They, each and everyone

Bring a ray of bright sun

Into my life on a daily basis

Offering me a bright oasis

Of understanding, acceptance too

Easily a special place to view

Stories and tales, verses and rhymes

Many of which speak of days and times

That brought them joy and sorrow too

Each one adding a different view

Whether they be old or young

Their stories they’ve boldly sung

To any wise enough to witness them

Each and every one a gem

Though some may come and some may go

Your value to me, I must share so you know

That all you share is special to me

Like the branches of a beautiful tree

I include all the bloggers here

For each of you is very dear



Early Autumn

A soft warm breeze

Gently rustled the leaves

Blue sky above

Whispered it’s love

Surrounding us with pleasure

Moving our spirit, such a treasure

On this early autumn day

Winter seems far away

Gliding on swiftly changing leaves

Churning colour marking all it perceives

Late afternoon sun

Held naught but fun




He focused on the woman

A jewel to any cameraman

Her beauty knew no bounds

Even as a backdrop surrounds

The lens could focus on no other

He couldn’t help but stutter

Breathless, spellbound and awed

She captured him, her beauty to applaud

An allure that stemmed from within

To encapsulate the truth built-in

Honesty integrity fair play and more

In her was found full score

In a glance a move a stance

She held him as if in a trance

Surely others saw with clarity

The epitomy of transparency

He’d love her forever more

Oh that he had a larger repertoire





The whole idea of pamper is lost on me

I didn’t have time to waste you see

Raising children, keeping them safe

Issues pressing, and didn’t chafe

Call me frugal or call me cheap

I was only interested in beauty sleep

Each day dawned pure and sweet

If sometimes a little bittersweet

I wouldn’t have it any other way

My family was always my mainstay







Have you ever felt irrelevant,

Completely out of your element

Third wheel in a group of two,

Going back in time, your promise undue

It wasn’t your scene, certainly not your thing,

Reading a favourite book perched upon a swing

Curled up at home, listening to jazz,

Instead, supporting your best friend as

Inscrutably time goes by unchallenged

At a distinct uncomfortable disadvantaged

Your feel so immaterial, outside, peripheral

A whimsy, fading like smoke, ephemeral

A promise is a promise, so here you will stay

At her side,throughout, come what may







Every season has beauty,

With it’s own tour of duty

Spring usher in fresh and new,

Along with it’s own delicious hue

Summer warms us up adding fun,

Long hot days in the noon day sun

Fall whispers of things to come,

Vibrating with a gentle hum

A fallen leaf, crunches under foot,

It’s secrets now afoot

Hinting at colder weather so near,

Rich red golden hues it’s beauty revere

Leading into winter, surely best of the year,

With mistletoe, crispy walks, warm gear

Maxine, Tentative?


She was tentative at best

A firm answer you’d be hard pressed

To receive before the deadline

Always hedging her bottom line

Well aware of the game plan

Crafty, aware, a great contest ran

Few played the game as well as her

About her, nothing demur

Plot, venue, like a game of chess

Many skills she did possess

Keep your head in the game

Brilliance was her acclaim

You’d lose your shirt without a doubt

For she played to win, she no girl scout




Sunrises and sunsets

Singing as a quartette

A beautiful vista surrounds

In shades of exquisite sound

An orchestra’s notes swelling

Creating a scene so compelling

I stretched my eyes across the horizon

Awed I could only stare in silence

Such beauty was mine to behold

Richly colourful, delightfully bold

I couldn’t get enough, my spirit soared

Watching as waves crashed and roared

Heaven, quite simply put

As I stood staring barefoot

Never would I take it for granted

The sky’s brilliance forever painted

In my memory to live forever more

Lifting my spirit, asking for an encore








As we go through life

Sometimes filled with strife

There are rules for everything

At home, at work, even the highland fling

Some seem just, some seem fair

Others have us pulling our hair

We rant, we rave, we resist

To make a point, we insist

We disobey, we reject we fight

Perhaps well into the night

On soap boxes we often stand

Together with others band

As we contest unfairness strong

Never willing to play along

Within us always exhibit

Strength to fight and a determined spirit







We have overcome the impossible

For us, there could be no obstacle

Just stepping stones sweet sugar plum

Hearts united, positive in the outcome

As we dance among the stars my love

Whispering for all to hear of our truelove

The universe has become eyewitness

The depths of which are endless

Through the valley of darkness

Nothing was able to supress us

We carried on, undaunted

No matter that tragedy assaulted

To the other side, free at last

Sure that nothing in our past

Could stop us from reaching out

Neither flood nor dreaded draught

We found each other and held fast

Our love for each other forever last

Overcoming friend and foe

Who’d stand in our path never letting go

Holding on to each other

Together, we were the buffer

Knowing we were meant to be

Our love simply set us free






As the crescendo moved over me

I sat in total and complete ecstasy

Eyes closed, head swaying

A massive orchestra playing

Filling my heart and soul

Lifting me up, I felt whole

Depth emotional and new

Billowing sailing carrying me through

Another nuance and delight

Every sound a delicious highlight

Renewed ferver and strength renew

Beautiful music through and through

Blindsided 96

“It’s ok, Cassy.  No problem!”  Craig said.  “I’ll just to do a quick sweep of the grounds.”

Cassy went upstairs, showered, and changed.  Feeling a little concerned about Craig, she went to ask Max why it was taking so long.  “Max, I thought Craig would be back by now, it’s been nearly a half an hour.”

“Your right, stay put, I’ll go see what’s taking so long.  Maybe he wanted alone time.”

Cassy stood outside the bathroom door and called Maggy.  “You ok in there?”

“Yep, just fine thanks.”

“Listen, are you about done?”

“Yeah, does somebody need the bathroom?”

“Ah, no, but Craig went outside a half an hour ago and hasn’t returned.  Max has gone to see if he’s alright.”

“Oh shit!  I’ll be right out.” She must have set a record for drying, and dressing, so concerned was she.  Rushing down the stairs, Max was just entering through the back door.  They knew immediately something was desperately wrong.

“Max?” Maggy asked urgently.  “What is it?”  Taking a hesitant step towards him, she asked, “Where’s Craig?”


As some of you may know, my blog went down, crashed into oblivion, disappeared, just gone.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my exceedingly heartfelt thank you to those of you who have stuck by me through all of this.  I was admittedly devastated.  I didn’t realize how much the loss of my blog meant until a few of you managed to get through even though the site was iffy at best.

It took some time to get wp up and running again.  In that time, I learned a very heartfelt lesson.  How much being here, reading and communicating with many of you, sharing your thoughts, my thoughts, events, poems, stories means the world to me.

I felt incommunicado, cut off, and the longer it went on, I have to say, the more hurt at heart I felt.  Strange I thought at first.  Then I realized exactly how much being here, with you, has come to mean to me.  It is invaluable and priceless.

In the past, before blogging, my window on the world, included fb sharing gardens, ideas, pictures.  A quick hello to friends and family. Searching the web for interesting information and ideas.

Now, my day doesn’t feel quite complete until I’ve been on the site, connected with you through Reader, or checking out your blogs for all the amusing, anecdotal bits and pieces, thoughts, introspective (in some cases) stories as well as tid bits of your lives while sharing bits of mine.

For this, I must humbly thank each of you for sticking with me, for being there. Often through out this mind blowing experience, your words of encouragement have meant worlds.  Because I can’t get out and about as easily or readily as I would like, this has become an important form of communication for me.  I would love to thank you individually, but that is an impossibility as there are so many of you that have stuck it out and continue visiting my blog.

I look forward with complete joy to continuing and sharing. 🙂

Until next time,



This is a poem I wrote eons ago and I thought it appropriate for “Elevate”.

The Song

Deep inside well hid from view

Exists the essence I call you

Sometimes full of pain and sorrow

One looses sight of a better ‘morrow

Without the aid of one’s true friends

Disaster waits around the bend

Please feel free to call on me

For there I’ve been assuredly

On other’s shoulders I have lent

When my head in sorrow bent

‘Tis not a crime to call out

When one is filled with pain and doubt

Soon my friend, you will be strong

Then to you, belongs the song






Comparison is never good

It leaves a path of I should

Instead of valuing what was

Giving yourself some applause

You continued on no matter the odds

Even though you kissed some frogs

One foot in front of the other

Constantly searching to discover

The real you and who you are

Even tho life sometimes left a scar

With fortitude you moved on through

With laughter and tears and tissue too

Remembering the good times enjoyed

Happy positive thoughts employed

Though simple steps one two three

A blessing now cupped in potpourrie

Memories full rich and fun

Recalled now under the setting sun





She had a magnetic personality

Appealing irresistible no banality

He’d felt it the moment she arrived

Nothing about her contrived

He wasn’t alone in his deductions

Others entranced by unwitting seduction

It wasn’t an act, put on like a glove

Part of her nature as if from above

It was inherent, natural and charming

He found her appeal completely disarming

He couldn’t wait to know more about her

Even if it took a lifetime, he’d defer

His interest until she was ready to receive

Until such time, he’d take his leave









Dear Friends and Bloggers



I’m hoping some of you will see this, although at this point, it seems unlikely.

For future reference, since I am unable to reach most of ou, see reader, or communicate, download FVD speed dial.  It is the only avenue I have of communication at this point and I’m so pleased that I am using it. Here is a link so you can read up on the values of FVD.


Once downloaded, you go to your favourite bloggers sites, open and cut copy and paste their url onto the plus sign and you will be able to connect seamlessly.

Fortunately, I had this installed prior to the problems with wordpress, and it’s how I am able to communicate with a few of you.  I didn’t have as many added to this list as I would have liked.  Still it has been a godsend and I am able to contact a few of you to see what you’ve written.

Give it a try, see if it works for you as well.  Then if wordpress explodeds into a nonentity, you can still communicate a little.

Hopefully this will be resolved soon.  I miss all of you.  Communicating, sharing, seeing your posts.

Until we’re able to meet up again, please take care, hopefully your enjoying the last vestiges of summer for those with kids going back to school, and for the rest of us, chillaxing.  Although I must say, at this point, I m finding that difficult.

Your friend, always, Phyllis.








Organize, it’s a good thing

To keep ideas ever flowing

Everything’s on track

They all think what a crackerjack

It’s second nature to me though

Now engulfed in afterglow

I had a plan, it was good

Before me the parade now stood

In a line, ready to start

Oh be still my beating heart

I smiled with delight, I’d done my part

Never the horse before the cart

Now all could relax and enjoy the show

Concerns, worries now forego

It went off without a hitch

My eye, it did not twitch

Would I enjoy as much

From the sidelines as such

No no I, I think to myself

It was a joy in and of itself