Tornado in Italy?

Someone posted me on fb to say tornado warnings are going off in Italy.  Can anyone verify because I’ve been searching.  Two comments – one said it’s faked and sirens are added, other said there ...

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 145

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 145   Randal mentioned a new co-worker and that he’d invited her to dinner.  Sherry was delighted when upon meeting Brenda she found a caring sensitive involved woman who ...

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 152

Phase Shift – Part 3 Page 152   Time was counting down and quickly.  They had managed to connect Campbell and Damara and were working on a plan to intercept the meet.  Timing was key ...

Kerfuffle – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

Sometimes incidents occur that cause a sudden commotion in your life, unsettling disturbing concerning.  As some of you know, my son got a beautiful Black German Shepherd and he’s grown from a very large dog ...


Your Daily Word Prompt – Flower – April 10, 2019 The day dragged by slowly due to lack of sleep.  That and the hypervigilance that dogged every footstep.  June was especially on edge and it showed; ...


Ann had worked for the August Sentinel for five years and enjoyed writing articles on any and every subject sent her way. She’d moved up through the ranks quickly with an ever-growing readership. Anne believed ...

It was so On!

Amanda Vine was becoming frustrated at Hugo’s Farrier’s antics. She wasn’t sure what spawned his habitual snide remarks and innuendo but she’d finally had enough. It was one thing to take potshots at her, she lived in the limelight as a result of her modelling days and subsequent photography of influential types.

No Time for Thought

Muriel Carrington was shaking in her boots as was everyone else in the restaurant. Imminent danger literally upon her, all coherent thought fled and she hit the floor instantly; her body seemed to react of its own volition.

Was this Personal or Professional?

He watched her go, head held high, long elegant strides, conviction in every movement. He knew without a shadow of a doubt, this had lit a fire under her and she was invested in finding out the truth. He’d have to watch her back, because of this had connections, she could be in danger…sullying her by implication was one thing, and could be just the start of things to come.


“I don’t, I make them, every day.” Surprise showed in his eyes. Did women bake anymore? The ones he knew didn’t, in fact, they probably hadn’t touched a stove – ever – and he often wondered if baking was a dying art.

Charlie O’Connor was an amalgamation of her parents and she was okay with that. Tall and slender like her father with his vibrant red hair and green eyes along with her mother’s elegant style; she automatically drew attention wherever she went.

Sophia Fuller loved her grandfather. He was a pistol. His sense of humour was dark but hilarious. He was feisty and fun, game for anything, and up for everything. He wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but she adored him.

Moxie was Julie Barns’s middle name. Ok, it wasn’t but it should have been. She had courage determination and perseverance in spades. It was reflected in the characters she wrote about.

The Woman of my Dreams

First, let me introduce myself. I’m Detective Calvin Greer and I met the love of my life, Miriam Archer while covering the murder of Bob Mortimer. Miriam had been the first to arrive and had found the deceased and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

Fodder for the Masses

Zack Irwin was scheduled to meet Tanya Porter in half an hour to discuss the fundraiser; an assignment he wasn’t excited about. He had personal reasons for disliking journalists and reporters. Although they weren’t all low-life pieces of crap, the ones he’d met definitely were.

Reaching Out

Detective Ronan Booker held his badge in his hand, ready to identify himself the instant Esme Sanford opened the door. When it opened, he found himself face to face with an attractive blond-haired blue-eyed slender woman, nearly as tall as he was, which put her at about five foot eight inches tall.

Losses and Change

Jack and Lucy West attended the conference because the renowned speaker giving the keynote address was their father. They’d long ago agreed to give each other the moral support required when dealing with their dad. Not that they didn’t love him, but he could get carried away on any particular subject, and when giving a speech, it was guaranteed he could be loquacious eloquent even verbose.

Graceful Insight

Annie Cummings wandered through the rest home searching for Maggy Gifford. She’d been given directions and made her way toward the covered lounge where she’d been told Mrs. Gifford was resting and toward the inevitable. She sighed.

Standing Tall

Lauren Anderson stood on one side of the two way glass divider and watched Sammy Horton bawl. The overwhelming heartbreak nearly undid her. It wasn’t often that a case got to her, but this one surely had. Sammy Horton, a fifteen year old blond blue eyed innocent displayed a mixture of sadness, betrayal and deep agonizing pain. “This is not a typical teenager’s drama scenario,” she commented aloud.

Pertinent Information

Part of a detective’s duty was sifting through the deluge of information, most of which wasn’t pertinent to the case, but which had to be considered evaluated and either dismissed as so much fodder or investigated further.

Guff and nonsense! That’s what it amounted to Hannah Jackson thought angrily. Tabloids magazines and social media were full of the twaddle! Speculation intended to inflame exploit confuse or titillate the masses. Surely thinking people wouldn’t put any trust in this drivel.

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