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Johnny Mnemonic

Tracked down by both the dangerous Street Preacher and the American Sector of the Yazuka, Johnny, a bio-enhanced data courier,


Blindsided 246

“I see you watching me.  You’re trying to remember when we met.  It’s ok, I wasn’t sure whether you would.  It was years ago that we first met.”

“You going to give me a clue?”

“Not yet.  It’s really immaterial.  We’re together now, that’s what counts.”

“Where to now?”

“A little island, Helmcken Island, not far but well stocked and easily accessible but still out of the way, a quick stop on our journey to make sure we aren’t being followed.”

“Is all this subterfuge really necessary?”

“It wouldn’t have been until Max and Craig moved in.  I could have dealt with Maggy.”

“Why now then?  We haven’t had any contact in years.”

“I couldn’t wait any longer.  We connected, I followed you everywhere … …attended the same events, enjoyed the same music, the same political outlook.  You turned and smiled and my world flipped upside down.  We spoke, you touched my arm and said thank you for…”

“It must have been a long time ago…I have a good memory, I’m sure I would have remembered our … connection.” Cassy’s mind raced through time, to any encounter she could think of, but still he didn’t come to mind in any of the scenarios she considered.

Ill give you a hint … your father didn’t like me and threw me off the front steps, told me never to come back again.”

Shocked, the incident came front and center.  She’d been 16.  This random guy showed up on her doorstep with flowers proclaiming his love for her.  When her father had asked if she knew him, she’d hung onto his arm and shook her head, for indeed, she didn’t.  She recalled seeing him around school, but that was all.  They hadn’t exchanged but a few words.






A metamorphosis has taken place

Life seems brighter bolder with added grace

Surrounded by delicious bright light

Mornings come, long gone the night

Winter’s dark edges giving way

To a welcome happier day

Full of promise with renewed life

Digging in the earth seeing wildlife

Grow and emerge seeking reprieve

From all that was dismal a sigh heave

I insist you come with me to see

All that is changing for you and me


I was thinking about writing….




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Long, hard slog today writing the Great American Tweet.
(That was it…what do you think? Pulitzer?)
– Greg Tamblyn

When Thoreau wrote: “Simplify, simplify, simplify!” shouldn’t he have edited it down to “Simplify!”?
– CrankyPappy ‏@CrankyPappy

I am a writer. If I seem cold, it ‘s because I am surrounded by drafts.
– (Unknown Author)

Blindsided 245

Making her way to the kitchen, she smelled coffee first, then the delicious scent of pine and cedar along with the damp fresh air of the forest through the half opened window.  Spotting her, he said, “Help yourself. Breakfast choices are meager since I wasn’t expecting company.  There are bananas, some fresh strawberries and bagels.”

Cassy murmured a subdued thanks and pouring coffee added cream then reached for a bagel and strawberries.  Settling on the edge of the seat placed diagonally in front of a small wrought iron breakfast table, the sudden isolation of her situation settled over her. The vermin even knew what her favourite breakfast was. 

Imprisoned in this makeshift abode alongside a lunatic, she wasn’t sure she could stomach food, half afraid she might choke. Although she hadn’t looked directly at him since entering the minute kitchen, she felt him watching her intently and made a show of nibbling on the bagel and sipping her coffee.  It was important to hide the extent of her discomfiture. She must guard her emotions and act carefully.

As she munched, he cleared away their used cutlery.  When she’d finished, he washed and stored her used dishes.

“You have enough time for a quick shower before we go. We have a small journey to undertake.”  Cassy said nothing in response, simply rose and returned to the bedroom to retrieve what she required. 

Although the towels were lush, it made her skin crawl, thinking of using them.  She scrubbed her body quickly then rubbed vigorously trying to bring warmth to her chilled body.  It didn’t work.  For the chill came from within.

Brushing her hair and sliding on the clip attached to the overnight bag, she brushed a modicum of make up on and packed her previous clothes into the bag.

When she’d finished, she found him standing at the end of the hall, still masked.  Quietly informing him she needed her drops, he held out a hand indicating she precede him to the kitchen.  Opening the fridge she gathered up her drops and after using them, stomped once.  It wasn’t as painful as before, thankfully.

He took them from her and placed them in a small insulated bag.  Grabbing the handle of her suitcase, she opened the door and moved outside.  “The van is parked out back,” he gestured to the far corner. “It’s not as comfortable and spacious as the RV, but it has plenty of amenities so I’m sure you’ll enjoy for the short term.”

After ushering her into the passenger seat, he tucked her gear in the trunk, alongside his own, climbed in started the car and reversed.  She waited patiently.  He had to take the mask off!  He’d create attention dressed as he was. 

Upon reaching the highway he removed the mask and low slung hat.  She peered at him, but didn’t recognize him, at all.  Now that was frustration!  If he was known to her, it might make some sense, the pieces might fall into place, but they didn’t.  She sat quietly staring out the front window, unsure of her next move.  Would he welcome or be affronted by this fact.  Whenever their encounter had occurred, it was considerably long ago. He’d obviously changed.  At least that’s what she told herself.




It was time to say goodbye

Less is more so simplify

I couldn’t explain I just understood

Delight in boxing up all the deadwood

Packing the nothingness, sending it away

Made me feel lighter and brighter today



Blindsided 244

He returned momentarily, “I’ll put the drops in the fridge for the night since you won’t require them and make more ice for the trip tomorrow.”  He’d picked up the drops and was walking away when she asked, “Where are we heading?”

“Down island.  I won’t disclose our destination quite yet.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy it since it has all the conveniences of home and more.”

Realizing he wasn’t going to give her any clues, there was no incentive to remain awake and she burrowed down under the covers and watched his shadow move away then disappear.

She would have to play the game with finesse and stealth.  Max intimated he was crazy, not stupid, practicing great skill thus far, so she knew this to be true.  Foiling him was going to require some dedicated thinking.  Since she’d escaped quietly into the night, it was doubtful the others would find her quickly, if at all.  They had to be searching by now.  She desperately hoped that someone had witnessed her abduction and alerted the police.  If not, she was on her own.  She’d never felt more desperately alone and frightened. 

She thought she’d covered all contingencies when she’d made her rash decision.  The one thing she hadn’t counted on, was him capturing her.  In her vision, she’d reached her parents where other constables were waiting and she was able to formulate a plan to tease him out of hiding. 

When she woke the following morning she was stiff having laid in one position all night.  She rarely slept on her back. 

She eased into a sitting position and ran her hand through her hair, then across her face.  Time for the drops.  At some point he’d entered and placed them on the nightstand.  She applied them, waiting for the sting to stop.

He must have the ears of a cat because she’d barely moved, the bed hadn’t squeaked and yet he was standing outside the door.  “Coffee’s made as soon as you’re ready.  I figured you might want the bathroom facilities first.”  He slithered closer and unlocked her chains.

“Please join me when you’re ready.  The rooms are secured so I wouldn’t bother attempting an escape,” he notified her.  “We’ll decide on breakfast and then we need to move.”

Cassy heard but didn’t want to believe him, and after washing her face, brushing her hair and teeth, she inspected the tiny window, hopeful that although small it may provide a possible escape.  It was secure alright, there was no budging it.  




The neighbour watched intently

As each day she would tend gently

The garden of roses close to the house

Not once deterred not even by a mouse

Her rich reward, an abundance of roses

A lavish display of aroma for our noses

I smiled broadly and she waved back

A gracious wave, her instant comeback

She loved her garden, it was clear

Finished, she’d quietly disappear

Sitting upon her veranda to enjoy

The gifts of her garden exploit



Blindsided 243

Her knees were about to give out on her so she plunked her ass on a chair and leaning forward dropped her head in her hands.  “I feel so helpless!”

“I got work, Maggy, you mind making us some coffee?  Pretty sure we could both use a cup right about now.”

Rising she responded, “Yeah, sure.”  Like an automation, she moved stiffly across the room and into the kitchen.  Even the Elixir of life couldn’t lift her spirits high enough on this night.  But it was something to do, it filled time.

That done, she pulled up a chair close to Craig and watched as he worked.  His movements were quick, precise as he whipped from one screen to the next, speaking quickly, answering every question directed his way.

Max returned with an offering from Dubs and they ate automatically, the food tasteless, their thoughts elsewhere.  They ate for fuel for energy, nothing more.

Cassy finished her coffee and looking cautiously at her captor said, “I’m tired, I’d like to get some sleep.  I need my drops throughout the day.  I can’t afford to sleep in.”

Walking her back to the bedroom he said, “I’ll give you ten minutes preparation time.  You usually shower at night I believe, but I think we can forgo that pleasure for another night.”

He walked to the end of the hallway and she collected her pajamas, grateful she’d packed actual pajamas and not a nightgown as she’d intended.  Brushing her teeth then her hair, she donned the pj’s and opened the bathroom door and carefully peeked out.  He was standing in the same spot prior to her entry.  He motioned for her to enter the bedroom, and walked behind her.

A chill ran down her body at his closeness and she couldn’t hide it.  “You cold, Cassy?  I can add more fuel to the furnace, it has a blower attached.”

“No, I’m fine, I appreciate the bedroom being cooler at night.  I sleep better.”

When she sat on the bed, he walked up to her and re-clasped the cuff.  “It may make sleeping a little difficult, but it is what it is.”

Waiting until he retreated, Cassy lifted the blankets and crawled into the cool sheets.  She wondered if she’d ever feel warm again.  Pulling the covers up to her chin, she laid on her side hoping she’d sleep.




Bewildered baffled and mystified

Described emotions tumbling inside

As she walked toward the love of her life

Standing tall waiting to make her his wife

She loved this man with all of her heart

Enjoying every single day in every part

Because they’d share their life together

The ups, the downs together weather

Whatever came their way good or bad

Together solidly wrapped in and clad

In love, the answer to all life’s ills

So simple so real it still gave her chills


Blindsided 242


“Does she know what’s been going on?”  Maggy asked hopefully.

“Cassy didn’t tell her much, other than she was trying to lay low and get to her parents in Victoria.”

Craig asked, “Does she remember anything about the vehicles parked around them, seeing anyone suspicious?”

“Only that there were motor homes parked on either side of them.  She didn’t see anyone lurking about.”

“A car is driving her back as we speak, and we’ll go over this again, see if we can jog her memory.”

“That means he got to her.  More, he’s got her!”  Maggy’s voice shook.

Craig cast a sympathetically look at Maggy, “Yeah, I’m afraid it does.”  Maggy turned to Craig and buried her face and sobbed.

“They’ll be at the office in less than fifteen minutes.  I have to go.  I’ll let you know if there’s anything new to report.”

“In the meantime, Craig, get ahold of all detachments from Sayward to Gold River – all the way to Victoria.  Update them.  Let them know, she’s now with the perp, and should they come in contact, approach with extreme care, get all pertinent data, but do not let on!  Let them go. Note the direction, vehicle and every last bit of information they can get.  You know the drill.  Make sure they do!”

After he left Magg asked, “Why?  Why not apprehend him?”

Craig didn’t want to explain, but knew he had to. ”Our overriding concern is he’ll kill both of them before he’d let her go.” He stared at her taking in the look of horror in her eyes, the quivering chin, shaking hands and wished he could spare her.  “You deserve to know.  Its better you know what we’re up against.  That’s worst case scenario Mags.  Hopefully, god willing, it won’t come to that!”

Maggie dropped her head in her hands. “I’m terrified at what he might do, could do.  Do you think she was remotely prepared for these consequences?”

“I’m pretty sure she was willing to risk it.”



Blindsided 241

“We don’t know that he has her, Mags.”  He rubbed his hands up and down her arms reassuringly.  “It’s possible she elicited help elsewhere.  She wouldn’t want to involve you as her best friend simply because it puts you in an extremely difficult and unenviable position.  By supporting her and remaining silent you’d be obstructing justice.  The only other option you’d have had was giving up the game, knowing full well we would stop this.  She fully intended to ensure that didn’t happen.”

“Craig, I don’t know what to do.  If I go home, I’ll be edgy panicky and freaked out.  At least if I’m here, I’m in the know and t . . . “

“Stay Mags.  We continue on as before.  Your being here is a good thing.  She may try to get a message through and you may be the only one capable of deciphering it.”  Peering up at him she smiled through her tears.

“Thanks Craig, for understanding.”

Early morning found Mags asleep on the floor curled in a blanket she’d brought downstairs.  Max and Craig were on the horn contacting the new teams brought in at the beginning of their shift. They’d all been alerted to the possibility it was a perp that had her.

His phone rang and Max answered and was up and out of his chair.  “When?  Where?  Does she know anything?  Ok, slow down, run the scenario by me again.”  Mags was up and standing nervously beside him listening intently.   They exchanged wary glances waiting impatiently for Max to explain.

When he hung up, he looked half stunned half relieved.  “We found the woman who drove the car.  She’s in quite a state.  She saw officers roaming around and flagged one down.  Her name’s Eileen Miller.”  He looked expectantly at Maggy.

“I know her, she’s one of the good ones.  Lots of volunteer work and she owns a daycare.”

“She told the officers Cassy picked her up at the highway and asked her to drive her to Victoria.  They got as far as Sayward.  Since they were both fading, she went into the gas station to get them some coffee, something to eat.”

“It took her longer than expected.  It was busy and there were line ups of vehicles coming and going.  By the time she returned to the car, Cassy was nowhere in sight. After a thorough search, she realized she was missing.”




Traffic Sign, Note, Satire, Joke

(Just a little tongue in cheek)

You need a permit for all that you do

Whether parking or tying a shoe

It’s crazy the red tape we’ve caused

Everything is authorized, embossed

Google invades even our thoughts

Suddenly popping up tying you in knots

Listening in on all you say and do

Unwanted ads constantly ensue

Technology is great I find

But there is a limit in my mind

About what and who we permit in our lives

Sometimes their liberties give me hives




Blindsided 240

Noting the consternation on Craig’s face, he added, “It’s not your fault, Craig.  She planned this.  I should have known it, there was a look in her eye when she was discussing the idea of becoming the soul target.  I messed up.  It’s on me.”

“No more you than me.  I figured something was amiss but I didn’t follow up on it.  I knew she was tired, and I wanted to give her the time.  Ya know?”

“I get it.  It’s ok.”

“Hopefully the roadblocks will catch her before she gets too far and places herself in even more immediate danger,” Max added.

“Any patrols checked in yet?”

“Just Hatfield in McNeill, but I expected that.  She’d have long since passed McNeill before roadblocks were in place.”

With furrowed brow Max said, “Considering her lack of sight, what the hell did she think she was doing?  How far did she think she could get? She couldn’t see more than a few feet.  I can’t believe she’d put herself or anyone else at risk!”

“If she were going to ask anyone for help, I would expect she’d ask Maggy.”

“She wouldn’t, Craig.  She wouldn’t involve her in this.  Besides, with both of them together, we’de have noticed sooner.”

“Then she’s found another driver, she had to.  The question is who!” Max stated.

“And when!  When did she have an opportunity?”  Craig added.

“Get back on that BOLO, add an unknown in the vehicle with Cassy.  I only hope to god it’s not the perp!” he said vehemently.

It became an all-night vigil, as they monitored all incoming calls from each roadblock located up and down the island from outside Port McNeil in case she double backed to Victoria including all offshoot roads.”

Maggy was beside herself.  She paced back and forth, round the room and back again, biting her nails.  She hadn’t bitten her nails since she was a teenager.  She felt betrayed.  That Cassy would take this task on alone, or at the very least, not tell her her plans cut her deeply.

On her umpteenth circle around the room, Craig stopped her and pulled her close.  She tried to struggle free at first then wound herself around him as tears fell.  “I don’t know whether to kill her or applaud her!” she said between hiccups.  “I’m so angry she did this!  This is so damn dangerous!  What if he hurts her or worse, or what if we never see her again?  What if he holds her captive somewhere and she can’t see well enough to get away?  What about her eyes?”  She cried silently into his shirt while he held on tightly.



He’d never met her before

But she embodied allure

This creature of the netherworld

Her beauty carelessly unfurled

Striking delight into men’s hearts

Hoping wishing to be a part

Of her life and all that she was

Giving everyone instant pause

Carefree abandon in every word

Delicate as a hummingbird

Blindsided 239

“You must realize, I would not have acted rashly if it weren’t for Max Myerson.  He has no right to treat you like you belong to him!  You don’t!”  He began pacing the room in anger.  Calming himself he continued,  “Be that as it may, we can rectify that situation.  We will rectify the situation.”

“Now we are on our own, you can relax, no pretense is necessary.  He isn’t here to sway your emotions.  You’re free to be you, to get to know me as originally planned.”

Wrapping the blanket closer more for protection than warmth, she asked, “Where do you see this “relationship’ going?”

“With time, you’ll have the opportunity to get to know me, understand me and we can progress onward to something more meaningful.”

Smiling, he added, “I know everything about you.  Your likes, dislikes, what makes you happy, and sad.  I can please you Cassy in every possible way.”

“I love you unconditionally.  As you come to know the depths of my love, I am sure you’ll love me in return.  Our life can truly begin.”

Sipping her coffee silently she considered.  Her actions would have ramifications and she couldn’t risk setting him off.  Her extreme disgust for this vile man must remain her secret.  Although his closeness was repelant to her she must not let it show.  Still her actions must seem realistic considering the circumstances. 

From his perspective, she had been brainwashed by Max and his actions.  So that transformation from affection for Max to him would take time.  He would be skeptical of her motives should she moved too quickly. 

When she was finished he accompanied her back to the bedroom,  “For now, rest.  We leave at first light.”

Max rushed to Cassy’s the instant Craig called.  Fear gripped his stomach twisting it in knots.  He flew through the door stopping dead when he nearly ran into Craig. “What happened?  When did you notice she was gone?”

Craig was sick.  “I checked on her about an hour after you left.  She was sleeping quietly.  I didn’t check on her again for another hour give or take.  She was gone.  I checked the house, the grounds, and when I hustled out front to the undercover, he didn’t notice the car was gone until I went looking for it.”

“What the hell!”  Max roared!

Calming himself down he continued, “So she’s been gone over two hours?” he estimated. “You put out a bolo?”

“Immediately, then I called you.”



Tragedy struck, down in the dumps

She needed support getting over the hump

Of grief and sorrow that so entwined

Taking over heart soul and mind

Soothing words, to encourage and uplift

Those were my offerings and my gift

With each passing day the pain would subside

And I’d be right there, always by her side

Until the day the grief was much less

And she could lift up her head and address

The loss that she’d felt, knowing she’s loved

Beyond measure, walking hand in glove

Her friends by her side giving support

The agony and sadness together thwart



Blindsided 238


“Can I trust you?” he asked imperially.


“Fair enough.  Come this way, I have a fire and coffee or soft drinks if you’d prefer.”

Preceding him down the hallway, she tried to count steps in an attempt to judge lengths and distances.  As soon as the hallway ended, the space opened into a square medium sized kitchen, and a narrower gap that held a door with a window to the outside world.  Beyond was a living room with a smaller chesterfield chair, two reading lamps and a wood burning stove situated on the left of a bay window.  If the circumstances were different, she might have found solace in this room.

“Have a seat, I’ll get you something to drink.”

“Coffee sounds good,” she replied as he turned toward the kitchen.

“This cabin has been in the family for a couple of generations.  I inherited it.  Used to come here as a kid and enjoy fishing and watching the wildlife while the adults visited.  Has fond memories.  I want new memories here, with you.”

When she didn’t respond, just sat taking in her surroundings, he continued with a diatribe about his family, and how they’d milled the land and built the cabin from scratch with the help of a few skilled log cabin makers.

Handing her the coffee, her sat across from her on the chesterfield.

“The fire feels comforting, it’s a little damp.”

“Would you like a blanket?  I have an original Hudson Bay blanket my parents bought years ago.  They never used it, just kept it stored away. You’ll find it quite warm.”

“Thank you.  I’d appreciate it.”

Handing her the blanket he said, “I want you to feel comfortable, Cassy.  My home is your home.  You have no need to fear me.”

“While I’d like to believe that, there is a great deal of evidence to the contrary to consider.”

“It’s true I’ve acted rashly on several occasions, but certainly not without provocation.”

She waited him out until a response was forthcoming.




Puzzled and discombobulated

Life suddenly complicated

His sudden interest bemusing her

So that she was quickly transferred

Into someplace new and unknown

Transported to another time zone

How had this happened she wondered

Clearly flummoxed and bewildered

She’d loved him from afar so long

Now knowing his interest was strong

She’d certainly reevaluate the scene

For there was now no smokescreen

She’d stay the course see where it led

Insecure no more, no more tears shed

Blindsided 237

“May I?” he asked, motioning toward the bed.  Before she could answer he took a position on the end of the bed and sat down.

She made a show of reaching for the glass of water and gingerly, carefully, edged away, before gratefully taking a sip. She was trying to recall in detail all that Max had said about stalkers and their thought process patterns and beliefs.

It was important to keep him occupied.  Quickly rummaging through all Max had mentioned at their first meeting, one thought stood out starkly from the rest.  If he couldn’t have her then none would.  Should he become disenchanted with the chase or suspect her feelings he would leave her stranded, or worse, dead. Her heartbeat quickened.

The panicked thought that no one would find her or reach her in time and haul her to safety, threatened to overwhelm her.  She gulped the water down too fast and nearly choked.

After centering herself, she asked, “Is this your place?”

“Yes.  It’s been my hidey-hole for several years.  It could use some freshening up, but for my current purposes, it serves me well.”

“So what do you plan to do with me?”

“For the short term, we’ll change vehicles and move on.  To our home.”

“Where might that be?”

“All in good time, Cassy, all in good time.”

“I need to use the washroom.”

“No sudden moves Cassy.  I wouldn’t want to hurt you, that’s not what this is about.”

“I just need the bathroom,” she reiterated.

He moved closer, stretched forward to carefully unlock the shackle from her wrist before stepping back.

Cassy moved gingerly, stiffly up and off the bed. “First door on the right.”

She moved carefully out the bedroom door and quickly peered left and right, noting a long narrow hallway and then the door he’d indicated.  Stepping inside, she closed the door.  Taking stalk, she noted one small window, too narrow to escape through.  The bathroom was meager in size, with the essentials small and cramped.  Finishing she washed her hands and opened the door to find him leaning against the far wall.



His words profuse

Meant to defuse

She wondered aloud

And with head bowed

Questioned him more

As his eyes hit the floor

She wasn’t making this easy

Though adoring her completely

He wanted to give her a shake

So she’d understand and awake

To the reality he wouldn’t change

His intentions solid, not strange


Blindsided 236

From what she was able to ascertain, she was in a cabin.  Obviously old, but well maintained even though it smelled musty from lack of use.

She had no idea how or when she got here and could only assume her stalker had finally caught up with her.  The thought filled her first with concern, and then rage.

She was about to find out who her captor was. The battle had just begun. It would clearly take stealth and conniving to outwit him.  She admonished herself with Max’s words, reminding herself how essential she not react to them. 

Hearing movement from the other room and then footsteps growing louder coming closer, she thought, time’s up. 

He placed a hat on his head and a mask on his face before entering the bedroom he’d designated for her.

She wasn’t startled exactly, she’d expected his arrival but still her heart pounded.  She blinked then blinked again, taking in the disguise.

Her first word was, “Why?”

“Isn’t that obvious?  Haven’t I explained endlessly?  My love for you holds no bounds. I’ve loved you always!  I’ve watched and waited, hoping for some sign but nothing came since that first connection.  I’ve devotedly followed you through college, university and then work.”

“I have a collage of your accomplishments.  I must show you sometime.  I think you’ll be impressed at how extensive it is.  It does you justice.”

“What else have you been doing with your life?”

“I graduated, completed university and got a job with the R.C.M.P. located in Victoria.”

Omg, Max had been partially right.  He didn’t have an insider, he was the insider offering him the perfect opportunity to infiltrate and sabotage their efforts, to mislead them into other avenues. 

He walked closer, assessing her emotional state.  He couldn’t quite tell if it was surprise.  He hoped so.  It augured well for their future. He wouldn’t expect otherwise. 

“Your parents are to blame.  I know that.  I knew that from the first moment.  They deliberately kept us apart.  You never received any of the letters birthday wishes or presents I sent, did you?”

“I couldn’t say.  I was caught up in university, my new job and travel.”

“I figured.  I knew it wasn’t you.  I knew you weren’t that heartless, that you felt something.  I always suspected that was the truth.”



She watched his elegant approach

Stealthy, always above reproach

A conveyor of important news

Eyes danced upon his face to peruse

An indication of what was to come

Hinting at which possible outcome

Was in store for her this fateful day

Would the answer bring joy or dismay

Was she welcomed into the fold

Stepping over a new threshold

He held out a hand and with a smile

Said they liked her work she had a style

That embodied what they sought

And her stomach, it did unknot

This new chapter held such possibility

She’d stretch her wings, flourish in fertility




Blindsided 235

Having stashed another vehicle behind the cabin was fortuitous and he hurriedly prepped it for use.  Too bad he had to ditch the mini home, it would have made traveling far easier.  Still the van contained nearly all the required amenities.

Back inside the cabin, adding some finishing touches, he heard movement from the bedroom.  Time to reintroduce himself?  Not quite yet, there was more to do.  Since she had her drops and something to drink, she’d be fine for the time being.

He built and stoked a fire in the small wood burning stove, the ambiance cozy and warm to ward off the slight chill due to the damp forest surrounding them.

It was a stroke of genius, obtaining this out of the way cabin.  It was a safe distance from the road, unmarked and surrounded by 100 year old trees that speared upward and outward.  He’d stayed here often in the past, but this was his second sojourn here in three years.  He’d obtained the property outright in his dead uncle’s name.  The inheritance he’d received covered it and updates. 

Cassy woke feeling dazed and confused.  Her eyes hurt and her vision was worse than usual.  She raised her forearm and rested it on her forehead and lay with her eyes closed regrouping as her mind cleared.

When she tried to move her left arm and couldn’t, panic moved in and took over.  Trying to sit she was pulled backward.  Her immediate response was to yank, harder with her captive wrist.  The sudden pain stopped her in her tracks.

Only then did she survey the room, taking stock of the situation and her current circumstances.  Suddenly it all came back in a rush.

She recalled the drive and stopping for a coffee and something to eat.  Instantly her mind returned to the moment when someone grabbed her from behind, her struggle, then sudden complete darkness enveloping her.

Turning her head to the left, she spotted her medicine and squirmed and slithered until she could reach it.  The bedside clock indicated it was just after 2 am.

Pinching the bottle between her fingers, she managed to twist the top to loosen it off before carefully dropping it on the nightstand.  Lifting her head up and back, she administered the usual two drops in each eye before setting the vial down and just as carefully replacing it and turning the lid until it was tightly closed.

Then as her eyes cleared, she spotted her belongings at the far end of the bed.

The room was dark except for a meagre lamp sitting beside her spewing broken rays of light a few feet into the room.