Castlehaven By the Sea

The plan was already in place and all that was left was timing…it had to be played precisely with the most effect…and he was just the man to pull it off.


Throughout history, one group of people has attempted to change another group’s actions so they are in align with “their” idea of what it is to be civilized whether it related to behaviour, religion, activities.

Embouchure – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

I freely admit I had to look this one up as I had no idea what it meant. 🙂  “The aperture of an instrument you blow into”.  Pretty vital in the grand scheme of things ...

Belated – Sheryl’s Daily Prompt

  He’d been tardy in meeting her Thinking her but an amateur A belated greeting he’d given After all he was on a mission   Then they met and he was amazed She was the ...

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