Summer Baxter walked in and said, “What in the actual hell Is going on?” Her small office, just large enough to hold a five-foot desk and one chair along with a filing cabinet squashed into a corner had been ransacked.

Assiduous (Tears of Rage 2)

They’d been friends for over 40 years. The last thing he’d expected to do was stand over his dear friends dead body at a crime scene. It only made him even more determined the scum bag wouldn’t get away and he was eve more fastidious than usual if that was possible to gather every piece of possible evidence at the scene. If it took all night, so be it!

False – Alan’s Daily Prompt

False promises were suspect And he was a grand architect Of falsehood half-truths and lies He no longer had any allies   Clearly all could see the truth His words once honeyed and smooth No ...

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